Below you will find the details for discounts to my favourite shops and brands that can be used at any time, along with any current sales happening in green beauty! These discount codes can be used on any & every order, unless otherwise stated.

♥ Beautiful Because - 15% off your first order when you become a VIP

♥ Earthwise Beauty - 15% off use discount code libertygreen

♥ Edible Beauty - 20% off any order use discount code libertygreen20

Eve Organics - 15% off use discount code libertygreen15

♥ Indagare Beauty - 15% off use discount code libertygreen

♥ Mermaid Cove Organics - 15% off use discount code libertygreen

♥ MOTD Cosmetics - 15% off  use discount code libertygreen 

♥ Plume Science 15% off use discount code libertygreen or for Canadian residents, code libertygreencad 

For current sales & other limited time discounts, see here.