Hello, welcome to Liberty Green! (formerly Megsy-Jane)

I am passionate about beauty, health and well-being.
I don't consider these things to be mutually exclusive, but rather each is as important as the other.

Self-love is an important part of our health and overall well-being - self love does not mean you have to spend hours a day on yourself, just as health does not mean that you must exercise 6 hours a day (I don't know about you, but there aren't enough hours in the day as it is).

I began Liberty Green as a way to share all of the wonderful brands and products I have discovered in the world of natural, non-toxic, organic and green beauty. I want to help YOU discover them too, and realise that there is absolutely no need to be putting your health at risk for the sake of wearing your favourite lipstick or mascara. 

Did you know that on average, women apply over 300 different synthetic chemicals to their bodies daily? Many aren't tested for safety, and have health concerns regarding endocrine (hormone) disruption, organ toxicity, neurological disorders, infertility, birth defects, environmental toxicity, allergens, irritants, neurological toxicity, and carcinogens (cancer-causing).

"Green" Beauty has come a long way in the last few years; when I first began searching for alternative options, there wasn't a great deal of information available, limited brands and I found myself purchasing everything from the USA, because it simply wasn't available in Australia, let alone locally. Now, I can list dozens and dozens of brands, most of which are available in Australia, and even available in gorgeous naturally-oriented brick-and-mortar stores!

Organic beauty certainly does not mean that you're stuck with limited choice and beige packaging - nope. I'm here to show you that green beauty can be glamorous, and you needn't sacrifice your health for beauty. 

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