This look is one that is relatively simple to achieve, but the addition of the red lip makes it high-impact. A look that is suitable for all occasions - but particularly fitting for this time of year!

The key to a great red lip comes down to a few things. One, finding the shade that suits your skin tone, colouring and undertone. Ensuring your entire look is cohesive - there's nothing worse than when your lipstick and blush clash! And lastly, one that I don't find mentioned all that often, is a bold, bright lip can often bring out any redness in your skin or in effect highlight any blemishes you may have, so if you're going for a bold lip, make sure to opt for full-coverage, if or where you need it.

I'd also recommend ensuring your skin has been thoroughly exfoliated – if you are already doing this 2-3x per week, that's enough, but if not, make sure to do it at least the evening before. Good skincare is always the foundation to good makeup.

The foundation and concealer combination I've chosen for this look provide seamless, full coverage — there is concealing work on my cheek that you can't even see in this close-up — and also photograph beautifully.

A little trick to have your lipstick & blush looking cohesive every time is to use your lipstick on your cheeks - do this by dabbing the colour onto the back of your hand first, then picking it up with a brush or your fingertips the way you would a cream blush.

If you're trying to match blush, however, you need to be looking at the undertones of both colours, and ensure both are in the same family. This rule applies with all lipstick colours, really, but is particularly relevant when choosing bold, bright or dark shades.

  • If your red lipstick is cool, with a blue undertone, then look for cool-toned pinks in your blush. Shades like Embrace and Demure work well. Unsure as to what cool-toned red looks like? Often it will lean slightly towards the pink range, or be a pink-based red, such as NUDUS Ruby Rose.
  • For warm, earthy tones, either a warm pink, peachy-pink such as Kjaer Weis Blossoming, or coral will work well. You can also skip the blush and just do bronzer, if that is more your thing.
  • When you have a shade that has both warm and cool undertones (Kjaer Weis Adore falls between them), you can go either way with your blush, depending on how the shade pulls with your colouring or your desired look.
  • Don't be afraid to mix colours if you need to warm up a shade or cool it down.
  • And remember, there are no hard-and-fast rules, as long as you're happy with the overall look! These tips can just help prevent you finishing your look only to find something feels "off" ;)

Get the Look: Old Hollywood Red Lip, Glowy Skin & Winged Liner

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  • For the lips, start by applying a light layer of the Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Adore. Just enough to create your shape. I then use a brush to refine the shape I'm after, before applying the colour to fully opaque.
  • Blot your lips so that just a stain remains (this is key with a red lip!)
  • Reapply the lipstick, and blot again, lightly this time.
  • Press the lipstick lightly (straight from the bullet) back onto the centre of the lips, if desired.

You can of course always begin (or end) by lining your lips with a pencil of matching shade. I do this if I want it to last even longer (I use Kjaer Weis in the shade Classic), and also fill in my lips so I have a good base to start, before doing the above.


The reason I do lips before blush with a bold lip, is so that you don't overdo the blush, and it can give you a better idea of the finished look as you go. Start with light layers and build up if needed.


To Finish

  • Using your fingertips, apply RMS Living Luminiser to the high points of the face - cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone and bridge of the nose. Make sure to blend well.
  • Finish by taking the Kjaer Weis Foundation/Concealer Brush & a tiny amount (you may not need any more product on the brush) of Hynt Beauty DUET Concealer and lining around the outer edges of the lips, to tidy up any little mistakes and create a very crisp, clean lip. Set with your powder brush (no extra product is required) and you're done!


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