The harmful effects of blue light from our digital devices is something that has been well documented. Whether for work or play, we are all spending hours a day looking at a screen. As a blogger and freelance designer, I spend hours a day working on a computer or iPad, and even when I'm doing photography, again my DSLR has a digital screen.

Digital eye strain is a real thing, causing headaches, neck pain, dry, sore or itchy eyes, fatigue and more.

That's where Baxter Blue comes in. Available in both adults & children's styles, their chic, lightweight frames and lenses are specially designed to block harmful blue light (and not the beneficial blue light), reducing eye strain and associated side effects.

The Baxter Blue glasses also greatly reduce screen glare, filter harmful UV light, and look stylish. The glasses are non-prescription, but are also available in a reading magnification as well as just the blue-light blocking lense.

I chose the Lane in Maple Tortoise style. They look cute, and feel very lightweight yet sturdy, although it did take me a bit get into the habit of wearing glasses when at the computer.

There is the slightest tint to the lenses, which is barely detectable when you're wearing them. My eyes feel so much more relaxed (as in less strained) when wearing my Baxter Blues, and don't feel as worn out at the end of the work day if I've had several hours of screen time.

Aside from wearing the Baxter Blue glasses, to further reduce eye strain and care for your vision, Baxter Blue also suggest you adopt the 20-20-20 rule which says that for every 20 minutes of screen time you should look at something 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds.

Baxter Blue have partnered with RestoringVision to provide a person in need a pair of reading glasses for every pair of Baxter Blue glasses you purchase.

And if you still aren't convinced, Baxter Blue offer free shipping within AU & NZ, plus they have 30 day returns to ensure you are happy with the style & fit of your glasses.

Have you experienced digital eye strain? What style would you choose? Let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram!

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