Blissoma is a rather underrated brand, in my opinion. With complex formulations designed to target specific skin concerns, using 100% natural, botanical and potent herbal ingredients, Blissoma's skincare is gentle, yet highly effective. The range isn't widely available in Australia (here's where you can purchase it), but if you're in the USA, there's a few in-store options as well as online.

I'd been using the Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser for quite sometime before I finally tried something else from the line.  

The Smooth A+ Serum is a natural acne treatment and anti-ageing serum. I originally switched to this serum from the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst (which has similar results) when the aforementioned serum was out of stock. Blissoma's Smooth A+ Serum is brilliant for keeping my skin smooth, clear, evenly toned and radiant. With a natural form of retinol (sans the irritation), it also contains 13 anti-inflammatory herbs to detoxify and purify blemished skin, effectively healing existing blemishes and preventing their development.

Paired with the rest of my skincare, this serum is #1 in keeping my skin clear, and I think a serum of this nature (vitamin A, natural retinol or chemical exfoliant) is essential to every skincare routine. If your skin is rough, uneven in tone or texture, congested and/or suffering from frequent breakouts, try incorporating a natural retinol into your routine. Next time you cleanse, once you've pat your skin dry, run your fingertips over your skin and take note of the texture. I used to be able to feel little bumps under the skin, or have a lot of blackheads (not visible, but I could feel them all across my cheeks - so touch your skin!), which would show up under makeup in certain lighting.

Since I began using a natural retinol, my skin has been SO smooth. No texture at all and makeup sits flawlessly. If I go without it for a few months, the texture inevitably comes back. 

Do you use a retinol serum or something like this? Share your experience below!

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