Wotnot is an Australian natural skincare & baby care brand. If you haven't heard of them, you are seriously missing out! All of their products contain Certified Organic ingredients, and some are even Certified Organic. Wotnot has all of the essentials covered — which can be surprisingly hard to find in an all-natural, good quality yet affordable option — from bio-degradable baby & makeup wipes (I love these), to sunscreen and tanning lotion.

Wotnot is more than just a natural skincare & baby brand - they also donate a percentage of sales to Bear Cottage (a children's hospice for terminally ill children and their families), Women's Community Shelters to support women experiencing domestic violence, and they also support Carbon Neutral. You can read more about that here.

I recently received the complete Wotnot Certified Organic Tanning range, which includes their Certified Organic Self-Tanning Lotion, Flawless Tan Application Mitt & Body Exfoliating Mitt.

Wotnot Certified Organic Self-Tanning Lotion  / Review

I recently spent a few weeks away on the Sunshine Coast, and these arrived just before I left so I packed them up with me.

I'm going to start off by letting you all know that I don't really do tanning. Why is this important? because it equals total lack of experience, which we'll get into in my review.

The Self-Tanning Lotion contains Australian certified organic Kakadu plum and camellia oil to provide antioxidants and nutrients to help slow the ageing process while certified organic aloe vera softens, moisturises and soothes, leaving a beautiful even tan that fades naturally.

If you want to cut to the chase, you can read a review summary at the end of this post.

I began with good intentions, following all the directions, having shaved and exfoliated 24hrs before. My weekend didn't go exactly to plan and I didn't get around to doing the tan until 48hrs later.

So I ended up applying it in less-than-ideal circumstances.
There was no patchiness, no tell-tale orange tint and no streaks. Several days later and my tan still looks brilliant. Unless I told you, you wouldn't even guess it wasn't 100% natural.

I quickly exfoliated on dry skin using the Body Exfoliating Mitt — I love this mitt. Usually, I exfoliate before shaving to keep my skin smooth and bump-free with a coffee & sugar scrub, but this mitt makes it SO quick and easy and mess-free. Even if you don't tan, this mitt is a must-have if you exfoliate your body.

After exfoliating, I did apply a bit of moisturiser as my skin was feeling a bit dry and I wanted the tanning lotion to apply smoothly.

On with the Flawless Tan Application Mitt, which is velvety-soft heaven and feels delightful to sweep over the skin. I applied the Self-Tanning Lotion directly to the mitt in a small dollop and applied to the skin in circular motions. The mitt made the entire experience effortless. There was no need to scrub my fingernails afterwards to avoid tell-tale tan spots, and it applied the lotion so evenly. I think this was 50% of the reason for the result I achieved.

I admit I was a little terrified of the medium golden tan shade description — I'm light-medium skinned at the best of times, but with Winter and the fact that I've been hiding under at least three layers for months, my skin is now pretty fair.

Because of this, I used what is probably considerably less than I should, so I was mildly concerned I might end up with a streaky/patchy finish.

There was absolutely no offensive scent one usually associates with self-tanners (yay!), and after letting it dry for a few mintues (it felt dry immediately, but I gave it time just to be safe), I dressed in fairly light colours with no transfer or staining whatsoever.

Eight hours later and I was pretty pleased with the results. A light, sun-kissed golden glow that looked natural and even.


My overall impressions? The Wotnot Certified Organic Tanning is bomb-proof — which is precisely what you need (in my opinion) from a tan. Something you pretty much can't muck up and will look naturally gorgeous no matter how little time you have to do it all right (or how skilled you are!)
My advice is get both the exfoliating mitt + flawless tan application mitt alongside the lotion for a truly flawless, effortless tan. And come Spring, I think I just might reach for Wotnot for that golden glow.

You can also currently get 20% off the entire tanning range at www.wotnot.com.au - no code required, the discount will be applied automatically at checkout. 

Kelsey xx
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