1. Penelope Sach Organic Tea 'Petal' / Buy now use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off
These delicious teas are all organic and made from Australian grown ingredients to support your well-being. In a beautiful reusable tin, and available in a variety of flavours, Penelope Sach Teas are a tea-lovers dream!

2. Golden Grind Tumeric Blend / Buy now use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off
Handcrafted in Melbourne - organic, fairtrade and ethically sourced - Golden Grind is a perfectly proportioned blend of 100% natural, unmodified turmeric (with 5% active curcumin), cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. A delicious alternative to regular chai tea, with anti-inflammatory gut healing benefits!

3. Loving Earth Turkishly Delightful / Buy now
A delicious little stocking-stuffer, Loving Earth's chocolate is my all-time favourite brand. Raw, dairy free, refined sugar-free, it is creamy, decadent and luscious. Once you try one you'll never go back.

4. Pana Chocolate Orange Bar / Buy now
Another utterly delicious raw, organic, refined sugar and dairy free chocolate, the Pana Chocolate Bars are like a dessert-meets-chocolate bar. The Strawberry & Pistachio is divine, but so are the other flavours. Perfect little treats for everyone.

5. Soda Press Co Organic & Natural Syrup Concentrate / Buy now use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off
Christmas in Australia. Cold drinks are a MUST, but the sugar-filled fizzy drinks from the supermarket aren't the only option. Flavoured with actual fruit, you can mix up your own drinks by mixing with soda water, cold water as an alternative to cordials or search Pinterest for some fun cocktail (or mocktail) recipes!

6. Bee One Third Honey Set with Bambu Dipper / Buy now use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off
Edible items are a great product to give to that person who has everything, as a stocking-filler or something to add to the table on the day! The beautiful presentation of the Bee One Third 100% raw honey products make them perfect for gifting, and reusing afterwards! 

Kelsey xx
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