Sometimes you just come across a brand that instantly wows you; everything from the branding and packaging to the formulas and results. 

La Bella Figura was that brand for me. I tried their products for the first time a few weeks ago, but I am in love with everything and what it has done for my skin. 

Available from Integrity Botanicals, La Bella Figura Beauty is:

The new luxury is global beauty, and nowhere is that more evident than the experience offered by La Bella Figura.
Drawn to the integrity of premium natural ingredients sourced directly from small producers worldwide, La Bella Figura creates products that redefine luxury for every woman. Uniting both traditional and cutting edge ingredients for a timeless experience that delivers results.

I have been using the Modern Radiance Concentrate, Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment and Purifying Manuka Mask for the past several weeks, and my review of each is below.

La Bella Figura Modern Radiance Concentrate / Buy now

A gorgeous light gel-like serum, the Modern Radiance Concentrate has no sticky or tacky texture and absorbs fully and weightlessly into the skin.

The Modern Radiance Concentrate is a High-Performance Complete Vitamin C Gel Cream. The Vitamin C is sourced from Australian Kakadu Plums - the highest natural source of vitamin C in the world. This serum is designed to: increase luminosity and refines skin texture for a more even skin tone and a visible reduction in discolouration in 4-6 weeks. Powerful antioxidants help to strengthen the lipid layer and stimulate new collagen growth while also protecting and repairing skin from oxidative damage. Live enzymes from coconut water, antioxidants and vitamins support skin’s natural defence system with ferulic acid delivering these active ingredients deeper into the skin for serious dermis repair. Bioactive ingredients work together to restore volume and increase skin elasticity while also toning and strengthening thinning skin. An overall radiant and glowing appearance is instantly visible with daily use of this concentrated blend of reparative botanical actives.

I never expect immediate results from skincare - you always need to try something for at least 3-4 weeks to really get a feel for the results, but my skin was looking so good within 2 weeks of beginning use of this serum.

I use just 2-3 pumps all over my face, neck and decolletage morning and evening as a first step over damp skin (either from a toner or wash cloth).

My skin tone is even, bright and luminous. My skin looks and feels very plump, clear and hydrated - and I'm even completely foundation free today with just a little blush, highlighter and under eye concealer - and you wouldn't know the difference!

I believe the combination of this with the Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment has really done wonders, but other than that, I've cut almost all other skincare (more details below) - so I know how well La Bella Figura works!!

La Bella Figura Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment  / Buy now

Packaged in the same opaque white glass bottle as the Modern Radiance Concentrate, with a sleek silver cap and pump dispenser, I adore the packaging of La Bella Figura as much as I do the product! It feels very luxurious and indulgent. 

The Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment is a rich, light oil. Deep, olive green in colour, this elixir absorbs into the skin to leave it soft and supple. I use just 3 pumps every night for my face, neck and decolletage. 

This oil is designed to be a: regenerative elixir which transforms lacklustre skin while you sleep. The potent blend of exquisite phytonutrients and protein-packed ingredients provides deep cellular recovery to plump up thinning skin for an overall energized, youthful complexion. Aging skin is more vulnerable to skin injury due to the loss of subcutaneous fat in the connective tissue and can appear thin and fragile. Aria provides nutritional support to ageing skin as well as accelerates healthy renewal from unique healing compounds found in saffron, helichrysum and arnica flower oils. Vital antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids in the purest form are highly active in this complex formula to complete a beneficial nutritional boost. Beneficial for strengthening, cellular repair, collagen support, and nourishing mature skin.

I mentioned above how good my skin was looking within just two weeks, and this elixir has also been incredible for that. At the time I began using La Bella Figura, my skin was not having a good time. We are moving interstate this week and with the stress that inevitably comes with moving house (and moving so far!), it was certainly showing in my skin.

I usually cut just about everything when I am trying new skincare anyway, but when I began La Bella Figura I kept my routine almost solely to this plus a cleanser and toner. Some nights I would finish with a hydrating cream, but that's it. 

La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Mask / Buy Now
I have really been into pre-mixed masks lately. I love how easy they are just to pop on - without any mess or trying to adjust the water-to-powder ratio. I mentioned that I am moving this week, and I'll be travelling for a few weeks, so this is the mask that I have decided will be coming with me. 
A, it's pre-mixed so super convenient, and B, it treats any issue my skin has and leaves it glowing every time!!
This mask contains -

+ Organic Turmeric powder: Aids as a potent anti-inflammatory.
+ Gotu Kola extract: Helps to increase blood supply to affected areas and speed healing time, while also promoting collagen production.
+ Australian Sandalwood: contains beta-santalol, with powerful antimicrobial activity to help clear blackheads and bacteria.
+ Amazonian White Clay, Rhassoul Clay, White Willow Bark powder: A unique blend that helps draw out toxins and impurities while exfoliating dead skin that contributes to buildup and acne.

Because of the Manuka Honey base (which is amazingly powerful at healing the skin and is anti-microbial), this mask is incredibly hydrating as well as detoxing. The honey is also soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory. This mask also contains Carrot Seed Oil, which is brilliant for any pigmentation and blemishes!

This mask really helps to clear my skin and leave it glowing whether it is feeling congested and breakout-prone or sensitive and dehydrated or a combination of both! I leave it on for at least 30mins, then use a pat-and-roll motion with my fingertips all over for 2-3mins before removing to exfoliate the skin, give it a thorough massage and really get the circulation going. I also find the tackiness from the honey at this stage really helps to clear out the pores, but gently and kindly to the skin.


I am utterly in love with this entire line, and can't believe I haven't tried it sooner. 
This is definitely one line that is highly effective, beautiful and worth the price. With the holidays just around the corner, it would also be a beautiful gift for any woman!!

Explore the range or purchase it here.
Kelsey xx
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