Indagare Beauty is a gorgeous Australian skincare brand, currently with just two oils - mostly Certified Organic - currently in the range. (Indagare meaning ‘to investigate’ or ‘explore.)

Despite how many products that I have tried (and constantly having to expand storage for) as a beauty blogger, I do actually like a really simple routine. I don’t think you need a hundred steps and products in order to have good skin - it is simply a matter of quality, and finding what works for you.

The Signature Night Recovery Oil and Illumino Youth Serum could easily be the foundation to your skincare (I’d add in a toner and water-based serum or moisturiser). Both oils include organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil is:

  • ❤ Remarkably lightweight oil that is easily absorbed 
  • ❤ Brightening serum that with regular use gives skin a gorgeous glow 
  • ❤ Incredible amounts of skin-softening vitamin E - more than any other beauty oil 
  • ❤ Boasting high amounts, 60.5 %, of Linoleic Acid (an essential fatty acid) which is proven to lighten sun-induced hyper-pigmentation 
  • ❤ Soothes inflammation 
  • ❤ Boosts cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production 
  • ❤ Rich in vitamin K which helps even skin tone and reduce dark circles under eyes 

The Illumino Youth Serum (designed for morning use) has a high amount of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, along with Organic Neroli and Geranium essential oils.

The Signature Night Recovery Oil contains Prickly Pear Seed oil alongside 18 other botanicals, such as Tamanu oil (regenerating, promotes new, healthy cell growth), Evening Primrose (heals and reduces inflammation), Sea Buckthorn oil (regenerating, skin strengthening) and Carrot Seed essential oil (rich in carotenoids that help decrease damage from ultraviolet exposure, aids in fading sun spots and pigmentation).

Both oils are incredibly lightweight and absorb rapidly into the skin. I use 4-6 drops of each, morning and night.

You can really swap either oil around and use them morning, night or both. I was actually looking forward to trying these in the warmer weather, as they are so light, but October has been rather much cooler than it usually is at this time of year (I’m still wearing slippers in the mornings!), so I’m afraid I can’t report there. That said, knowing how light they feel, and how soft, supple and non-greasy my skin is left feeling, I know that when Summer eventually rolls around, I’ll still be able to enjoy them both as much.

I'm also completely in love with the packaging. Both oils are in glass, the Signature Night Recovery Oil in Miron glass, and the outer packaging is a cardboard tube  (they're stunning!) - so extremely minimal plastic (the caps).


Within the first week of use, my skin was looking very clear, evenly toned and radiant. I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or not, but after several more weeks use I’m really happy with how well it helped to heal some breakouts I had and also fade the red marks left behind.

My skin is left feeling ultra-soft afterwards, and the Illumino Youth Serum is beautiful under makeup. As it absorbs so well, if you have dry skin you may still want a primer or moisturiser over the top. Because it absorbs really thoroughly, I also don't mind pressing a few drops into my neck and decolletage, whereas I usually avoid oils altogether below the jaw. 

The high amounts of fatty acids and antioxidants also make these amazing for helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protect against free radicals and also help with sun and age spots.

Overall, I really love both of these oils. They work beautifully in harmony together, as stand-alone products in an incredibly simple skincare routine, or part of a more complex routine. 

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