It feels like there have been a lot of new product launches, releases and announcements this year, with a good majority having happened in the last month or so. Some I'm really excited about as it's something I've been waiting ages for - like all the new lip pencils (which green beauty was seriously lacking!). 

I wanted to put together a list of all the new releases or new-to-me products I'm going to be reviewing over the next few weeks and months.

Ere Perez Cosmetics
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The entire Ere Perez brand has had an overhaul in the last few months, with gorgeous new packaging (still in their chic silver and white minimalist style, but with more glass, less plastic). 
The Arnica Concealers have been revamped and reformulated, now in a layerable, full-coverage cream consistency. The Carrot Colour Pots are now also in the same glass pot as the concealers, but with a mirrored lid, and new shades. Harmony pictured above is the most gorgeous colour, which I'll be featuring in a post soon.

They have also released new eye pencil shades (I've been wearing the brown to do winged liner for ages) which include a black, gold, copper, stunning green and purple shades. (I'll be reviewing these soon)

Ere Perez are also one of the brands to have released new lip pencil shades. With a gorgeous creamy consistency and universally flattering shades, these are a brilliant new addition to green beauty. (again, reviewing them soon!)

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis released their lip and eye pencils at the beginning of September. The caps are the "refill" part of the pencils, so only the pencil is 'waste' (which is only what encapsulates the product, the rest is used). They've started off with four lip shades and two eye colours (black + brown) with more promised. They are also going to be releasing a powder sometime in the next few months. 

Plume Science
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The long awaited release of Plume's Brow Pomade is FINALLY here. 
Not only does it fill, define and sculpt your brows - allowing you to acheive either natural or Instagram-style brows, but the product is formulated to help encourage brow growth over time. 
I'll take a whole bucket, please. 

Also, review coming soon.

Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation
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By no means a new release —and having arrived in Australia several months ago, not that new here either. But I've finally gotten my hands on it and will soon be reviewing this foundation. 
Let me just say though, first impressions are very, very good. 

Au Naturale

This has only just been released days before I published this post, so they've not yet landed in Australia, but Au Naturale have launched new brow pencils! The entire brand also underwent an overhaul earlier this year, launching entirely new-look packaging. 

Edible Beauty
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I recently reviewed this one - it's the Edible Beauty Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse. 
So, SO luscious and a brilliant addition to the line. It's also a great product if you have more dry skin and can't do clay masks, but still need something to help withdraw impurities and clear the skin. 

RMS Beauty
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New multi-use palettes, lipsticks (in an actual tube!!), highlighters and an entirely new collection of eye polish and lip2cheek shades. They've also recently expanded the shade range of the "Un" Coverup!

Karen Murrell
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One of the brands to launch an entire line of Lip Pencils —all in shades to match perfectly with their lipsticks —was Karen Murrell. These are again perfectly creamy, with a matte finish, you can even wear them alone with a touch of lip balm. One end it the pencil, the other, a built-in brush —a genius feature in my eyes.

Review on this coming soon.

And finally, I can't not mention my own Green Beauty Starter Kits. If you missed the post on those with all the details about what they are, head here to read the post.
What have been some of your favourite releases for this year or can't wait to get your hands on?

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