The FitGlow Beauty Eye Bright+ is a concealer meets eye cream.

The yellow base counteracts darkness, brightening the eye area, while wrinkles are smoothed with Evening Primrose Oil, and puffiness is reduced with Coffee Extract and Aloe Juice.

This is quite a dry cream formula, so it stays put once it's in place, and doesn't settle into creases or fine lines. I apply it with my fingertips in patting motions, usually over my moisturiser or eye cream before it's completely absorbed so it's a little easier to blend.

I have been really loving this just to lift and brighten my eyes on days when I'm makeup free, or even under makeup, because it stays in place so well for extra brightening!

The Fitglow Eye Bright is 100% natural, and blends seamlessly with the skin. It is in a non-emollient cream formula, so it goes on light, and stays put without being super creamy or creasing. Due to only being available in a singular shade, it won't work for very dark or very fair skin tones unless you're planning on pairing it with makeup to bring it up to your natural tone.

The Eye Bright+ also works well as an eyeshadow primer, helping powder to stay in place and giving more vibrancy to the shade. 

Fitglow Beauty is available in Australia from I Am Natural Store, with free shipping on orders over $100.

Kelsey xx
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