Ere Perez was the very first brand I reviewed on Liberty Green almost two years ago. It's a beautiful 100% natural and non-toxic Australian cosmetics brand, Cruelty-Free and also with some vegan products in the line. I've made no secret of the fact that their Waterproof Mascara has been a long-standing favourite. 

With recently updated packaging, new shades and a new cream formula, I was excited to get my hands on the new Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealers.

I've swatched the shades Honey, Chai and Caramel for you below. These are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shades in the line, with a shade lighter and two darker. 

I wear the shade Honey

The new packaging features a glass pot and a plastic lid. I love this type of packaging for concealers especially, as it's compact, easy to apply the product quickly and small enough to carry in your handbag, without fearing spills/leaks.  

The concealer promises full coverage, and at first use, I thought I'd be lucky to get it to medium coverage.  I'm not sure if I wasn't picking up enough product on the brush, or the top layer had formed a 'seal', but whatever the reason, it's definitely buildable to full coverage for me now.  

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer Honey

Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer Swatches L-R: Honey, Chai and Caramel

I have applied the concealer using the new Lip & Concealer Brush, my fingers and also a foundation brush (code libertygreen saves you!).

I find this concealer works best by applying it after foundation.

It's actually something I do with nearly all concealers for a couple of reasons. Often, foundation is enough to even out a lot of unevenness, redness or blemishes on the skin, and it leaves less concealing work to do. This means I end up with less product on the skin, a more flawless result and also saves times. If you apply concealer everywhere you need it first, adding foundation over the top often disrupts where you've carefully placed the concealer, and you can end up with a cakey, flaky mound of concealer trying to cover up something that is probably a tiny little blemish (and it's even more important to concealer afterwards if you are trying to cover a huge mountainous pimple)

For those interested, I use the Lisa Eldridge method to conceal, which works with pretty much any foundation and concealer.

This concealer layers extremely well and has a non-emollient texture with an almost cream-to-powder satin finish. If you need more coverage, simply apply another layer either with a concealer brush or your fingers, then blend out the edges with a small, fluffy brush.

The Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer works well under the eyes, due to the non-emollient texture, and doesn't crease like crazy or slip around settling into fine lines etc. With a little powder it stays in place under the eyes all day. I will note that this concealer does sting if you get it in your eyes, so be careful when applying it not to get it into your waterline. 

Aside from using it as a full coverage concealer, the Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer works beautifully as a foundation. As I mentioned before, the coverage is buildable, so I can apply just a light layer to even out my skin tone and give my complexion a radiant look, and then apply it more precisely over any blemishes with a concealer brush. Even after a whole 10 hour day, in warm, sweaty weather, this concealer still looks amazing all-over as a foundation.

If you're interested, this is the foundation brush I use, and you can use my discount code libertygreen to save 10% off your order.

Overall & discount

I'm really impressed with Ere Perez's new concealers, the full coverage and finish.
You can shop Ere Perez here in Australia and code LIBERTYGREEN will save 10% off your 1st order + free shipping over $50 (no code required).
Kelsey xx
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