Sienna Byron Bay "Courage"

I've talked about nail polish often on the blog, and there are only two brands I use. Nail polish is never going to be organic or even natural. I wrote a post a while back about nail polish, the ingredients you need to be avoiding and included a fairly comprehensive list of the main "non toxic" brands out there, along with why I do only use water-based brand Little Ondine, and Sienna Byron Bay for 'regular' nail polish. 

I've also written numerous reviews on Sienna Byron Bay, so if you'd like to have a read (and see some other shades in action), pop over here.

The A/W17 Collection features warm, autumnal tones, muted neutrals, and their most recent charity collaboration, which is a vibrant, glittering pink/red (Dorothy-shoes style).

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My favourite shade from the collection is undoubtedly 'Courage' (pictured wearing it in both photographs in this post). It's the prettiest paprika / terracotta / orange / red shade that has a retro vibe and look amazing with anything. I do like wearing different colours, but more often than not I end up going for a classic red, or a mid - light shade of pink. Courage is a really lovely option for something different than your classic red and I'm quite obsessed with it. 

The other shades from the collection are:

  • Shadow a deep, muted blue with slight purple undertones
  • Artisan a rich golden mustard yellow
  • Calm a stoney clay tone, works beautifully as an alternative nude
  • Nurture more richly pigmented than Stone, and with less grey, this is a soft, dusty mauve tone

There is then also Sienna Byron Bay's Charity Collaborations.

This stunning raspberry red glitter-bomb polish is for Heartfelt Homes, with 100% of proceeds going to the charity.

Heartfelt Homes is an Australian charity providing support to families in need, while their loved ones are in hospital undergoing medical treatment. Heartfelt Homes provides accommodation close by to hospitals, so family members can properly rest after long days spent in the hospital. All the funds raised by Heartfelt Homes goes directly into providing rooms for as many nights as possible for families. Read more about Heartfelt Homes here.

You can shop Sienna Byron Bay with code LIBERTYGREEN to save 15% off your order any time.

Kelsey xx
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