Mascaras are one of the trickiest things to make the switch over to in green beauty. I think it's such a personal thing, and different mascaras work differently on different faces. I know some who swear by certain brands, that were just "meh" for me, and vice versa. 

I have my favourite, but I'll never say no to trying something new. Hynt Beauty has finally launched in Australia, and I was very excited to try out their Nocturne Mascara.

If you're not familiar, Hynt Beauty is a beautiful natural cosmetic line from the USA (formerly known as Christopher Drummond Beauty).
Hynt was born through Co-Founder Meryl Marshall's need and passion to find makeup and skincare products that offered her the assurance and confidence that whatever she was putting on her skin was safe, non-irritable and carcinogen-free. Having recently conquered breast cancer, she took great care in educating herself on the product labels and on each of the ingredients formulated into her everyday beauty products. Quickly, her search for skin-healthy but still luxurious beauty essentials turned into an elusive hunt.
The entire line is free of anything: questioned or known to be harmful to the skin or to our environment. Hynt is FREE of Parabens, Nano Particles, Artificial Preservatives, Gluten, and all products are PETA-certified Vegan (except for the mascara, which is clearly identified).

As a matter of fact, their DUET Perfecting Concealer is probably the best I've ever tried.

Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara / Use code LIBERTYGREEN15 to save 15% off your order

This mascara is 100% natural & non-toxic, Cruelty Free but not vegan due to the beeswax. 
It claims to be a: multi-tasking true-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes and lifts lashes to bring eyes center stage! 

Packaging: I love all of the Hynt Beauty packaging. Pink boxes, and gold and black tubes/containers for the product. It feels very glamorous, and has a vintage vibe. The mascara tube is longer than any of the others I have, which I quite like as it means the handle is also slightly longer. The brush is big and fluffy (a volumising brush) which applies easily. I also find the neck the perfect firmness - I don't have to worry about scraping off excess product before application.

My first impression when trying this mascara was WOW. The length it gives to my lashes is crazy.  It also does quite a good job at defining the eyelashes, and you can build the volume with multiple layers.

The texture is quite a soft, flexible feel. Some mascaras make my eyelashes feel stiff and crunchy, but they stay soft with the Nocturne Mascara. Because of the softness, it also make it easy to run a spoolie through my lashes to separate them or layer without it becoming heavy and clumpy. This does also make it great for that more feathery lash effect!

Some mascaras completely take any curl out of my eyelashes. The Hynt Beauty Mascara doesn't kill a curl (yay!!).

Application: I can apply this lightly if I just want to darken my lashes a touch, or go all-out with the length and build up the volume if I want a more dramatic look. To really build volume, apply a couple of coats, letting it dry for 30-45secs between each layer. It doesn't clump or become flaky with multiple layers. 

Wear: This mascara actually takes a bit of time to dry completely. Not long, but a few minutes. It's not overly "wet" or thin, it just seems to take time to "set" as in the colour won't transfer to your skin if you touch the lashes. I haven't had any issues with it running or flaking as yet. I did get a tiny bit of smudging under my eyes (just at the outer corners) when I wore it during a workout after having it on all day. It isn't waterproof, but so far I've been pretty pleased with how it wears. 

Removal: Removal is super easy. The majority of it actually comes off with just water and a gentle massage, but I always use an oil cleanser or at least cleanse twice if I'm wearing makeup. I don't find I ever have to break out the cotton pads and cotton buds after cleansing though, to remove any leftover bits. A cleanser gets it all off. 

Something else also worth mentioning is I haven't experienced any stinging from this mascara (when trying to remove or if I slip etc)

Overall & Discount

I really like this mascara. I love the effect it gives my eyelashes, and the fact that I can apply it lightly or more dramatically, depending on the look I'm after. I think it would suit most needs, but especially if you want length, it's amazing. My tip for length and volume is to actually mix your mascaras - choose one for length and another for volume. It gives better results! 

You can shop Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara and use code LIBERTYGREEN15 to save 15% off your order.

Kelsey xx
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