Surviving the cold winter months without your skin drying out, or your hair turning to frizz from all the heating and dry weather can seem an impossible feat at times. Eve from Eve Organics shares her tried-and-tested methods below to transitioning into the cold winter weather.

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The cooler months are definitely setting in here in Australia – and is it just me, or did the weather get cold all of a sudden?! It seemed to creep up without warning this year.

Sudden changes in temperature like these can wreak havoc on our hair and skin – but there are things you can do to ease the transition. Here are my top tips for easing your body into the woolly weather!

1. Oil up!

Our skin, particularly the skin on our face, can get particularly dry in winter – and there’s a reason for this. There is less moisture in the air when the weather is colder, and our hands and faces are the parts of our bodies that are exposed the most during the colder months.

You can prepare for this by upping your moisturising routine, particularly at night. If you’re not a fan of oils or serums during the day (some people find them too greasy or don’t like to switch up their daily moisturiser because it fits in with their makeup routine), consider keeping a moisture-rich serum next to your bed and applying it before you go to sleep.

2. Get your sunshine in capsule-form

One of the best things about living in a warm climate like Australia is that there’s no shortage of vitamin D. While it is important to be sun-safe, it’s also important to make sure you work some sun exposure into your days to top up your vitamin D levels. This can be a challenge in winter, so consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your health & wellness routine. Vitamin D deficiency causes a plethora of issues, both inside and out (for example, it’s one of the leading causes of dandruff.) Keep your skin, hair and body healthy by making sure you get enough of this all-important vitamin year-round.

3. Boost your circulation

Have you ever noticed that the skin on your body tends to become ‘flaky’ and lose tone in winter? This is for a few reasons – firstly, it’s not seeing the sun (or getting fresh air) nearly as much as it does in the summer – but we also tend to cover our legs and arms with tight clothing; which can restrict circulation and cause a number of secondary issues, both inside and out (think lower energy levels and cellulite). Not good news!

To help your body’s natural detoxification process and encourage healthy circulation, make a habit of dry body brushing every day. It has a huge number of benefits (read more about them here!) and is such a quick and easy thing to do. My favourite body brush (and the one I use) is this one by Eco Max.

4. Keep your summer glow

Few things look healthier and can accentuate your features more than a (safe) golden tan. Get your glow on naturally with Eco Tan’s Firming Cacao Mousse. It contains coffee extract to help boost circulation and orange peel to combat cellulite – so it’s a win-win!

Kelsey xx
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