Have you ever stopped to consider what your pads and tampons are made from? 
I recently wrote a blog post on the topic which you can read here. It's pretty scary. From pesticides and bleach to synthetic fragrances, it's a toxic chemical cocktail. And we're coming into contact with these products every single month.

I shared a number of not only eco-friendly options in that post (did you know that the average woman will use up to 16,000 tampons in her lifetime (or equivalent of pads), more if she goes through hormone-replacement therapy - none of which are biodegradable? That's a huge amount contributed to landfill!) but also you-friendly options. One of the brands I mentioned was Hannahpad.

Hannahpad Australia creates Certified Organic Cotton Clothpads. And something I thought I would never say about pads - they make pretty pads. Just check out the cute floral prints!

Medium & Small

Available in a range of sizes, including Liner, Small (liner-size but with more absorbency), Medium (average pad), Large, Overnight and Super Ultra Overnight (maternity) and fun prints, there is an option for every woman and girl.

The lining and absorbent inner are 100% Certified Organic Cotton, and they feature a printed waterproof backing. The Organic Cotton not only ensures that no harsh or synthetic chemicals are coming into contact with the skin, but is also super soft to the touch. 

The Hannahpad folds up into a very small size, (see a video how-to here), which is perfect for popping into your handbag, taking up less space in the drawer or popping into the Hannahpad Zip Pouch (see below), which features a wipe-clean lining and pretty print exterior. 

The pouch easily holds 5-8 pads of varying sizes - which is brilliant for travel, keeping them tidy in your drawer, in a gym bag or wherever!

Use / Sizes

The Medium Hannahpad has an absorbency of 55ml - 80ml (which is quite a lot) and is the size of an average pad. The snap closures are keep the pad in place without being bulky or scratchy, and the pads themselves (even the Super Overnight) are all very slim. I found the Medium size enough for me without having any issues with leaking etc, but this will of course depend on your period. 

The Small Hannahpad is the same size as the Liner, but with higher absorbency. 
There is also the Large, Overnight & Super Ultra Overnight options available - so all of your bases are covered!

Medium (folded and unfolded)
Overnight, Medium & Small

Cleaning & Care

When I first saw the Hannahpad I must admit to being dubious about the white lining.
It's all good and well to have white on disposable products, but on something you're going to have to wash and reuse? I was pleasantly surprised to see everything as crisp, clean and white coming out of the wash as it was new!

I've been using cloth pads in place of disposable products since my early teens, so I just treated these as I do any other for washing - left in a bucket of cold water with some laundry detergent/soap to soak overnight before throwing in the washing machine (rinse quickly, before washing on a cold cycle). You can find the Hannahpad Care Instructions here. I never even use any stain remover. It's super easy - instead of throwing in the rubbish, I just throw it in a bucket of water.


Hannahpad are a brilliant option for healthier you, and a healthier planet. Reusable menstrual products not only significantly reduce waste, but significantly reduce your synthetic chemical exposure and are healthier for your body.

With the pretty, fun prints and chic eco-friendly packaging, Hannahpad makes switching to an eco-friendly option all the easier!

You can shop Hannahpad Australia & Internationally here.

Kelsey xx
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