I know mascara is one of the items that you struggle with most when ditching all of the toxic synthetic products you own. The Lily Lolo Mascara is possibly the most recommended and popular green mascara on the market. 

My long-time favourite mascara has been the Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara, and as an Australian brand, it doesn't get quite as much as love it should internationally (I'm starting to see more International stockists pop up though!). So, in order to make your purchasing decisions easier, I've compared both mascaras for you below. I've also written a complete review on the Ere Perez Mascara, which you can find here. (I haven't gotten around to the Lily Lolo yet)

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Lily Lolo: 20% off until March 12th, use code GUTHEALTH
Ere Perez: 10% off your 1st order, use code LIBERTYGREEN

The Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is truly, 100% waterproof. I've worked out (sweaty!), been in the rain, and cried (thoroughly) whilst wearing it. About the only thing I haven't tested it on is swimming. Because I don't have a pool and live away from the coast, and I don't wear make-up when I do plan to take a trip somewhere to swim. But I'm pretty certain it would handle that, too. 

My lashes are very long, so I need something that isn't going to smudge or flake - and no one wants racoon eyes. It also adds serious volume, layers well and also lengthens. (you can see a photo of it in action here

It also holds a curl. Yep, that's right. A lot of mascaras I've used take a curl right out, but not (either of) the Ere Perez Mascara. 

The Lily Lolo Mascara

This mascara adds length and definition, separating the lashes well. 
It also doesn't smudge or flake or give me those racoon eyes underneath the lower lash (note: I never wear mascara on my lower lash line, so any smudging I get is from the upper lashes, onto the under eye)

The Lily Lolo Mascara also holds a curl well, but not to the extent that the Ere Perez does. I do notice a slight drop in the 'lift' with the Lily Lolo Mascara. This is also a very soft mascara - meaning my lashes feel soft and flexible still. A light coat is all that is required for good length and definition, and even volume. More does not necessarily equal better. If I apply this with a heavy hand, it does take the curl out, and I don't really notice much difference in the overall effect. If you want to layer, let it dry then go back in. Because it is a softer mascara, I can curl again after application if necessary (once dry) with no issues. 

The overall effect/result is gorgeous soft, fluttery lashes with length and definition. 

My overall thoughts on the two

Ere Perez: I really, really love my Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara.
It gives my lashes amazing volume and is 100% waterproof. It never clumps, but if I need to layer, I will have to use a lash comb to separate my lashes back out again.

Lily Lolo: I also adore this for a softer look (the Waterproof mascara is much more intense on the volume), but it definitely isn't a super 'natural' look. I love how fluttery and soft my lashes look (almost like a light set of faux lashes) and defined, yet full this mascara leaves them.

The Verdict:

I'm going to be keeping both in my repertoire for different looks/occasions, and think I will probably be reaching for the Lily Lolo mascara for everyday from now on.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite out of these two, or one you plan to try?

To shop:
Lily Lolo: 20% off until March 12th, use code GUTHEALTH
Ere Perez: 10% off your 1st order, use code LIBERTYGREEN

Kelsey xx
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