I recently wrote a post on what is really in your tampons & pads (why you need to switch, and my Eco-friendly recommendations). In that post, I mentioned Modi Bodi.

ModiBodi is an Australian underwear brand, revolutionising feminine hygiene. With underwear that looks, feels and wears just like regular underwear - with one big difference. The ModiBodi underwear feature a built-in liner - able to be used as a back-up with a tampon, cup or liner (leak-proof), or even in place of, depending on the absorbency option selected and your flow. They are available in Air (moisture-wicking), Super Light Absorbency, Light and Medium absorbency, with a Heavy option coming later this year.

When ModiBodi reached out to me, I was instantly hooked by the idea behind the product (what woman or girl doesn't want a more practical, fail-safe - not to mention pretty - solution to periods, LBL or moisture?) While I'm mostly speaking about these as use for your period, ModiBodi underwear is also perfect for keeping you fresh and comfortable through sweat, odour, discharge, light bladder spots/leaks, menstrual onset/spotting, menstrual flow, or breast milk leaks.

Available in a range of styles and sizes - which start from girls size 10 and go up to a women's size 22.

I received the Classic Boyleg (Light Absorbency), Sensual Boyleg in Rose Pink (Light Absorbency) & Sensual High-Waist Bikini in Black (Moderate Absorbency).

You can shop ModiBodi here

My Thoughts

My first impression of the ModiBodi knickers was how soft they were. They feel SO soft and lovely.
The main fabric is a bamboo and spandex blend, with the liner being Merino and Microfibre, with a waterproof lining. (you can read more about the technology here).

The lace on the Sensual styles is also a really lovely soft lace, and feels really good quality. 
I've also found all of the styles to be very comfortable and the fit good - there's no riding up, tight spots etc. These are actually so comfortable, I can see why some reviewers are saying they've replaced ALL of their underwear to ModiBodi's. The lining is also very thin (3mm!!) and extremely comfortable. 

I also love how pretty the Sensual styles are - you can still feel sexy and have something a bit chic without compromising on comfort or practicality. My only negative - I wish that there was more options in the Moderate Absorbency, because I love the Rose Pink (isn't it pretty?).

Sizing: I was recommended to select a size up from my regular dress size, and found this to be a good fit.


This will obviously depend on your individual flow, as to how you can use / wear the ModiBodi underwear. 

I tested these out without a pad, liner or tampon in the Moderate Absorbency, and I had no issues whatsoever. I can wear them all day or night without having to worry about leaks etc, and they are super comfortable. I think unless you have a heavy flow, you will be able to replace all other products with these. I wore them alone with no problems at all.

I do hear, however, that the Heavy Absorbency option will be better suited to those with a heavier flow, or overnight use, so stay tuned for release details! (UPDATE: Just launched for pre-order here!!)

Due to the position of the lining in the Light Absorbency (it sits quite low at the front), they would be good for using with a liner, cup or tampon as a back-up, or for light spotting etc. They wouldn't be good on their own during your period because of the lining placement.

Washing is super easy, just rinse or soak over night in cold water, then cold wash as per usual (I use a lingerie bag to protect anything delicate or with lace or trims) and line dry. 


I think ModiBodi is a great brand with a brilliant product. Anything that can make that time of the month not only healthier for your body and the environment, but also more convenient, comfortable and stress-free is a winner in my opinion. These are the best thing out when it comes to periods IMO, and wish I'd discovered them years ago. I've already ordered myself more!! I seriously cannot recommend them enough.

I also love that they offer girls sizes - because they DO look and feel just like regular underwear, but with the protection of a pad or tampon, it is going to make a time that is awkward for most young girls less so!

Leave any questions you have in the comments below or over on instagram!

Kelsey xx
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*product provided for review. all thoughts and opinions are my own