Hynt Beauty is a brand that was one my radar for a long time. With an impressive list of ingredients not found in Hynt Beauty products, absolutely beautiful packaging (it's all in pink and gold boxes!!) and high-performing products, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. 

Hynt Beauty is not yet currently available in Australia - but before you sigh and pass - you might just want to take note that they do offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on orders over $99. Yes, you read that correctly. (shop here). For those in Canada, you can also purchase Hynt Beauty here

Hynt Beauty also offers generous sample sizes, so if you're still unsure by the time you're through reading this, you can test out a few products for a more affordable sum before making the plunge. 

What I chose

The Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in LIGHT. This was an obvious choice with all of the other rave-reviews I'd read on it, and concealer is one of those products I am constantly on the hunt to find the next-best.

Hynt Beauty Encore Fine Pressed Powder in NUDE SAND. 
Hynt Beauty Eyebrow Definer Cream-to-Powder in TAUPE.
Hynt Beauty Aria Pure Lipstick in PASSION PLUM.

I also received sample sizes of the Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder, Alto Radiant Blush in Passion Pink and the Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF30.

Hynt Beauty Eyebrow Definer Cream-to-Powder in Taupe Review

This colour is the perfect match for my brows. My hair is a natural dark blonde, and my brows are a bit darker than this, but also quite sparse after the arch. For reference, I wear Ecobrow in Marilyn, but after comparing the Hynt Beauty shade Taupe to the Ecobrow, I think could probably where Sharon (EB) instead.

The Hynt Beauty Brow Definer is available in 5 shades, so there is a shade for everyone. Taupe is not too ashy, too red, or too dark, which I can find happens with lighter brow product shades. It really is the perfect balance for dark blondes to light - medium brunettes.

I'm used to using a brush, and prefer it over a pencil, and this Cream-to-Powder brow definer applies quickly and easily. The definition can be very natural or built up to a fuller, bolder brow. Cream to powder is the perfect description of this product. It sets very well and doesn't budge throughout the day - even through a sweaty workout. I also love the compact of this, it is very light and slim, and very quick to whip out and do my brows.

Hynt Beauty Encore Fine Pressed Powder in Nude Sand Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know my preference for cream or liquid products, and distaste for most powder foundations.

This foundation / powder is absolutely divine. Not only did I maybe squeal a little bit when I opened the package, and found it within a gorgeous black velvet draw-string bag (inside the pink box), and then open up a mirrored compact, complete with sponge and an added cap to keep the sponge and powder separate, but I also fell almost instantly in love with the powder itself.

This foundation is so, so beautiful. It's feather-soft, silky on the skin, never dry, or powdery or cakey. It just looks flawless.

I wear this on bare (but moisturised) skin, and then conceal where necessary on days when I want light coverage and my skin to shine (not as in oily shine - as in star!), over concealer, over a BB Cream or use it as a setting powder over a cream foundation. It is very multi-purpose and looks beautiful applied which ever way. The coverage builds very evenly, and can be worn sheer or built up to a medium coverage. It really does give the skin an air-brushed finish (especially paired with the concealer..more on that in moment).

I also love that this powder is pressed. It means I can throw it in my purse for quick touch-ups on the go, and the fact that it includes a brilliant mirror and sponge only adds to this.

Verdict: IN LOVE.

Hynt Beauty Aria Pure Lipstick in Passion Plum Review

This lipstick really surprised me. The texture of it is so creamy, so hydrating - it is like the loveliest, most moisturising lip balm, but the colour is still SO opaque. It builds really quickly, meaning I can just apply a light layer for colour and hydration, or really layer it on for a full-impact lip.

Again the clever packaging of Hynt comes in to play here - the lipstick itself contains a mirror in the top of the lid, with a plain lip balm concealed beneath! I really loved this - the mirror is actually useful for touching-up if you don't have a mirror on hand, and the balm makes the perfect base to prep your lips.

The colour Passion Plum is a pretty plum with brown undertones. Hynt describe it as a Rosey Brown Nude, which is pretty accurate. I really love this shade for something a little more muted and darker than my regular pink tones, but still a very wearable, all-occasions shade. I've applied it lightly in the photo below, and you can see how pigmented it is already. Layered up, and the colour becomes deeper and more intense.

My only negative with this lipstick - which is actually really annoying to me (but I'm not entirely certain it wasn't the weather) - is that after 2-3 uses, the bullet of the lipstick became loose within the tube, so that it moved and would scrape against the side as I wound it up/down if I didn't move the bullet back after application.

As I said, we were experiencing some very warm weather when I received the product, so I don't know if that was a factor at play, or if it is a packaging issue, or due to the creaminess of the product. I did speak to another girl that owns quite a few shades and she's never had an issue, so it could just be this particular tube. That said, whilst irritating, it isn't a massive issue for me. The product still performs beautifully on the lips, and I love it.

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in Light Review

I have said this every time I've mentioned this concealer on Instagram - I cannot emphasis enough how pigmented this product is. It absolutely amazed me when I first tried it out. Being impatient to try something the minute I opened the package, it was the concealer. Taking a small amount off the lid and proceeding to apply it to my skin, I was astounded by how far it went. 
I am talking a pea-sized amount will be TOO MUCH to use on your whole face. Quite literally, very seriously. I've actually taken half of the product out and re-potted it for my sister, because even with daily use, I highly doubt I will go through it within 12mths.

This concealer is insanely concentrated, highly pigmented and so, so creamy, but sets to a satin finish. It is truly full-coverage. 

For use on blemishes, I just spot-conceal with a small brush, feather out the edges with a small, fluffy brush and set with powder (the Encore Powder). I also use this under the eyes, applying with a concealer brush, then patting out with my fingertips. I use the excess to prime / brighten the eye lids. I then set immediately with the Encore Pressed Powder (or any powder) and I have full coverage, no creasing and no settling into fine lines.

You can also use this concealer all over as a foundation. As it is so thick and concentrated, I recommend mixing it with an oil, or moisturiser before applying and to help sheer it out. You can then go back in and cover any remaining blemishes with the concealer.

Tip: Barely tap your brush into the concealer, and always generously remove excess on the lid. If you need to go back in for more, grab product from what you have in the lid, rather than the pot. It will prevent you getting too much at once.

This concealer really is amazing - love, love, love it.

Hynt Beauty Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder (sample size)

I haven't yet figured out if I like this powder or not. I only have a sample size, so I've been playing around with it. I think it may be my application method, but the jury is still out. 

It has a very yellow tint to it, and a pretty shimmer. It can be used as a highlighter, finishing powder, setting under the eyes or mixed with moisturiser or primer for a luminous finish. It is meant to add a luminous glow to the skin, but so far, I just end up with odd texture and a yellow tint. I am going to mix it with a primer or moisturiser next and see how I go, because after how great all the other products are, I really think it's my application letting it down.

Hynt Beauty Alto Radiant Blush in Passion Pink (sample size)

This is a super pretty, natural rose-toned blush. It has a slight shimmer in the pot, but just a fresh, radiant finish on the skin. The powder is very finely milled, very pigmented and very light. I really loved this blush.

Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF30 This is not only an incredibly moisturising sunscreen, but can also be used as a primer under make-up. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and no white cast, and feels very light and silky on the skin.

Get the Look

  1. Apply a light layer of the Duet Perfecting Concealer over well-moisturised skin. I use an oil, and applied it immediately after the oil, not giving it much time to sink in, for a more sheer finish.
  2. Apply the Duet Perfecting Concealer under the eyes and spot-conceal any blemishes.
  3. Set under eye area and concealing work immediately with the Encore Fine Pressed Powder.
  4. Apply a light layer of the Encore Fine Pressed Powder all over the face - including eyelids -  avoiding the high points (where you usually highlight) of the face. You can build up the layers if you want more coverage.
  5. Define and fill brows using the Eyebrow Definer Cream-to-Powder
  6. Apply the Alto Radiant Blush to the apples of the cheeks
  7. Use a wet brush to line the upper lashes with the Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black, creating a small flick at the outer corner. As the brush dries, apply a light amount under the lower lash line, fading towards the centre. 
  8. Curl lashes and finish with a coat of mascara. I'm wearing the Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara.
  9. Finish with a coat of the Aria Pure Lipstick in Passion Plum.

Voila! That's a super quick, light and easy look (takes all of 10mins), and also my thoughts on Hynt Beauty. Have you ever tried any of the Hynt products? I'd love to know if you've any favourites - I've heard great things about the Hynt Mascara!

Kelsey xx
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