Q & A: Carmine-Free Pink Blush

I've recently launched a new feature on Liberty Green, a weekly q & a to answer any and all of your questions! This will be happening every Monday on Instagram (make sure you pop over for this week's!) or you can leave your questions below if you're not on Instagram. 

I'm then going to feature one of your questions here on the blog, along with my answer, so everyone can benefit! I'm always getting emails and messages asking about product recommendations, specific brands, if X is clean or Y is safe, so this is a great way for you to ask anything you like, and for everyone else to benefit from the answer!

This week's featured question is from misspinkcoco:
I'm having trouble finding pink blushes that don't contain any carmine and have only found a Lily LoLo one which I'm currently using. If you would be able to recommend some other brands that would be so helpful, many thanks 😊@libertygreenau


There are several amazing blushes available - both cream, pressed and loose minerals - that are carmine free and all natural. My top recommendations: (includes ALL shades)

Au Naturale Lip & Cheek Tint use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off your 1st order
RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek (free shipping to AU over $50)

Inika Mineral Powder Blush (loose or puff pot)
Alima Pure Shimmer or Satin Matte Mineral Blush (use code WBM10 to save 10% off until Jan 31st)

Kelsey xx
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  1. Does this mean vapour beauty's blushes aren't top picks? Thanks.

    1. Vapour Beauty is absolutely fine, and I LOVE their range. The blushes aren't on *this* list specifically because some shades do contain Carmine xx

  2. So if we are trying to do our own research do we just check to see if products are classed as vegan & natural? Would we then be able to quickly exclude the ones that include carmine? And do any of the above still include other FD&C pigments?
    Did vapour beauty and Jane iredale not make the cut for your list of top blushes? And you recently posted about kjaer Weiss blushes on Instagram but do they also not make the cut?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi honey! See above re Vapour.
      If Carmine is an issue for you, yes checking for a vegan certification or just 'vegan friendly' in the description is an easy way to avoid.

      I highly recommend using the websites/apps listed here to get you kick-started in the research department:

      I also have more 100% natural/non-toxic blushes listed here:

      FD & C Pigments:
      Only so*some* shades of the ILIA Beauty Multi-Stick contain a small percentage of synthetic pigment. The rest are 100% mineral or fruit + vege in the case of 100% Pure.

      Jane Iredale:
      Can still contain some FD&C pigments, and also a clean, naturally sourced Dimethicone, so I don't tend to include it in my blog posts. They are very transparent about what they use, however, and for a "non natural" brand, are VERY clean and pretty safe. In short, if you're fine with some synthetic pigment and your skin handles silicones, it's fine.

      Kelsey xx


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