There are so many great natural concealers available now, it can be tricky finding the one that's right for you. With most promising good coverage and a flawless finish, deciding between them and trialling 300 different concealers can be a tedious, if not expensive, exercise. 

These are my five favourite green concealers, which includes blemish coverage, under eye brightening & correction and (truly) full coverage options. 

RMS Beauty "Un" Coverup
SHOP: Australia / UKUSA (I purchase from the USA as it works out cheaper)

Creamy, colour-correcting and naturally beautiful on the skin, the RMS Beauty "Un" Coverup had me at hello. This little gem melts into the skin, hydrates with a dewy finish and doesn't give you that flaky, cakey look on blemishes or dry spots. The other thing I love about this is the ease of use - it blends so seamlessly with the skin, you can simply use it for spot-coverage, or as a foundation. 

The coverage on this is only medium, although I would say I can build it up to fullish paired with a tinted powder. However, it corrects and balances redness beautifully, and even if you can still see some blemishes through it, it looks so gorgeous on the skin, it will never make your skin look bad. Just youthful, glowing and fresh. 

Coverage: Buildable medium
My Favourite way to use: ALL. Spot-concealing, blemishes, as a foundation, or keeping it in my handbag for touch-ups. 

W3LL People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer
SHOP: Australia use code LIBERTYGREEN / UK / USA 

This has a mousse-like texture, not quite cream, but not quite liquid, either. I love this concealer particularly for under the eyes. It sets like a dream, brightens, corrects darkness, helps to combat puffiness and dark circles and never looks cakey or dry. 

And such a TINY amount is required (talking pin-sized) for both eyes, it isn't creasy, either.
Whilst I mainly keep this for use under the eyes, it also covers redness and blemishes well.

Coverage: Medium to full
My Favourite way to use: Under the eyes.

Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer
SHOP: USA (free international shipping over $99) / USA / CA

The Hynt Beauty DUET Concealer is ultra creamy, insanely concentrated (do not underestimate this), and has a satin finish. It provides full coverage and works beautifully for blemishes, redness, dark eyes, and also as a foundation if you mix with an oil or moisturiser. 

I use a brush to apply this, as it is so, so concentrated, it allows you to remove the excess, and also target blemishes, and then blend lightly area the problem area. Barely tap the brush into the product, then use the underside of the lid to remove almost all of the concealer before applying to the face.
It sits flawlessly on the skin, and doesn't flake or become cakey. I cannot emphasise enough how concentrated this product is. A pea-sized amount is more product than you could possibly need to use as a foundation all over the face. I've actually taken half of my jar out and potted it up for my sister because I won't go through it - even with daily use - before the product expires. 

If you want a good, multi-purpose, full coverage concealer, the Hynt Beauty DUET Concealer will cover everything.

Coverage: Full
My Favourite way to use: ALL. Under eye, blemishes, as a foundation (mix with an oil or moisturiser) 

Alima Pure Cream Concealer
SHOP: Australia / USA

I must admit, it was not love at first sight for me with the Alima Pure Cream Concealer. However, after working with it a few times, I discovered just how much I do love this concealer! It is quite firm and dry for a cream concealer, but not drying, and it never makes blemishes look flakey or dry. The coverage is full.

It brightens, conceals and balances redness and darkness, and has a semi-satin finish. My favourite way to use this is running my finger around the pan in a circle a few times to warm, then using that product under my eyes. As the formula is more on the dry side, it doesn't crease everywhere or settle into fine lines. It is also long-lasting and won't slip around on the skin. I will then use a brush to apply to blemishes, any redness or other imperfections. I also love using this to brighten the face, by applying in the 'triangle' under the eyes, between the nose and apples of cheeks. 

The chic mirrored compact (they feel so beautiful) is also refillable, which means saving $$, waste and the environment. This is another brilliant all-round concealer.

Coverage: Full
My Favourite way to use: Blemishes, redness, under eyes.

Lily Lolo Eye Primer Duo
SHOP: Australia (use code LIBERTYGREEN) / USA

Not technically a concealer, but I wanted to include this because it is good at correcting and brightening the eyes! The Lily Lolo Eye Primer includes two shades - a buff shade to brighten, and a lemon shade to correct/balance darkness. 

Not only does it prime the lid for eyeshadow application and give shadow a smooth, silky base, this creamy primer also brightens the eyes and corrects darkness. The finish is fresh and semi-dewy, and doesn't settle into fine lines or crease. 

Coverage: Medium
My Favourite way to use: Under eyes and lids.

I hope this has helped clarify the differences between some of these concealers, and make deciding a bit easier for you! Of course if you have any questions do ask in the comments below or over on Instagram (check out my new Q&A feature). Do you have any favourites amongst these, or one you've had your eye on?

Kelsey xx
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