Effective 100% Natural or Certified Organic hair care and styling products can be difficult to find (believe me, I KNOW!). There's a lot of buzz around Innersense Organic Beauty, so I was thrilled when Eve Organics announced they'd be carrying the line in Australia!

Innersense Organic Beauty hair care & styling products are 100% non-toxic, and free from Artifical Colors and Fragrance, DEA, MEA, TEA, or MIPA Compounds, Formaldehyde, Imidazolidinyl and Diazolidinyl Urea, PEGS and PEG Compounds, Petrochemicals, Phthalates (thay-lates), Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol and Parabens. Whew. That's quite a list.

Apart from the impressive ingredient list, Innersense Organic Beauty is also professional-quality hair care, and has several products specifically designed for curly hair. 

I've been trialling the Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Harmony Hair Bath (Shampoo - travel size shown), Inner Reflection Finishing Polish and I Create Volume Lotion for several weeks now. Continue on to read my thoughts!

To create the look below:

  1. After washing my hair with the Pure Harmony Hair Bath, I applied the I Create Volume Lotion to the roots of my damp hair
  2. I then blow-dried my hair
  3. Styled with hot rollers (or curling iron)
  4. Tousle, and apply a small amount of the Inner Reflection Finishing Polish to the ends
  5. Enjoy your volume!

Review / Pure Harmony Hair Bath

The first thing I noticed about this was how little I needed. You can see the length of my hair below (which isn't that long), and I'll usually use 3-5 pumps of my regular shampoo just to get it all through my hair, whereas I only use about 2 with this. The second was how thoroughly it cleaned my hair. My hair felt cleaner than it had in ages immediately after the first wash. 

I wash my hair every single night (I could never get on the wash-it-once-or-twice-a-week bandwagon), and I also haven't used a conditioner in years. I find it too heavy for my hair, and it just weighs it down. With the Innersense Pure Harmony Hair Bath, however, I think in the cooler months (I live in tropical North Queensland, so Spring/Summer are sweltering), I could probably get away with every second wash, because it leaves my hair that clean and fresh.

My hair feels so silky, soft and shiny - but not dry - and after using the Pure Harmony Hair Bath consistently for 2wks, my hair feels better than ever. 

If there's one thing I'm always looking for in a hair styling product, it's VOLUME. I've managed to find a few brilliant hair sprays over the years, but until recently, I'd yet to find anything that could give my hair serious volume, without using a tonne of product. 

Enter: The Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Volume Lotion

Again, I found I only need the smallest amount of this (around a 50c piece for my hair length) to give my hair some serious volume. I apply it to the roots of damp, freshly washed hair, then blow-dry as per usual. The I Create Volume Lotion gives the hair such a silky feel (not the dry, knotty mess some styling products can create) whilst still damp making styling much easier, and a gorgeous shine once dry. It will depend on your hair type and the style you're after as to how much product you'll need, so just experiment with different amounts, but start small. If you're just after a soft glossiness, use less, and add more for more volume. 

My favourite feature of the Volume Lotion? Weightless. It really is absolutely lovely in the hair, and doesn't leave me with that heavy, product-y feel that I usually get (from having to go overboard with the amount of product)

It also lasts a good 24hrs. If I wash my hair, style and blow-dry the evening before, it will still be fresh and voluminous the next afternoon! Some products can end up with my hair feeling limp and greasy after wearing for 12hrs, but this certainly doesn't. Even for something as simple as a pony tail, this product is quickly becoming a fast favourite for amping up any style!

Review / Inner Reflection Finishing Polish

This is a slightly tacky, thick gel-like styling product. 
Again, I only need the smallest amount. Less is more. 

I'll apply this to just the ends of my hair after heat-styling to add flexible hold and shine. The tackiness disappears once it is applied to the hair, so there is no stickiness or stiffness to worry about!

I also apply this to the ends of damp hair, then style/blow-dry. If I'm using this method, it is best to apply to one section at a time, style, then move onto the next.

When applying to dry hair, I just massage a small amount through my palms, then using a scrunch-type method, apply to the ends of my hair. The Inner Reflection Finishing Polish provides lightweight, brushable, flexible and long-lasting hold, keeping my style perfect all day long. I really love how easy this is to use and the effect it gives. The Finishing Polish can also be used to tame fly-aways or to sculpt short styles. I need so little product, I can't see myself going through this very quickly at all!


I really love absolutely everything about this line. The shampoo is amazing and the styling products are absolutely brilliant. Further proof you don't need toxic chemicals to have fabulously glamorous hair! You can shop Innersense Organic Beauty here in Australia, and find all of the ingredients here on each individual product.

Kelsey xx
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