Since I first began using the new Erica Brooke Emerald Elixir, I've been dying to share it with you. As I trial all skincare for a minimum of 4-6wks however, I've had to sit tight! Erica Brooke Skincare is an Australian-made-and-owned 100% natural skincare brand. The line is free from parabens, sls, slse, propylene glycol, phthalates, fragrance, harsh alcohols and GMO's, along with any other toxic or harmful ingredients. The products are well-formulated, with the highest quality of ingredients and not wasting space with cheaper, 'filler' ingredients.

You might be more familiar with her natural deodorant cremes, but Erica Brooke Skincare also offers a range of skincare for the face and body.

You can shop the full range here, and International Shipping is also available.

Erica Brooke Skincare Emerald Elixir Review

It may seem like there are a dozen different serums, elixirs and oils on the market, but few I've seen cover as wide a range of issues/concerns as the Emerald Elixir. This hylauronic acid based serum will firm, repair fine lines, hydrate, even skin tone, help fight blemishes, heal scars and reduce redness. 

The Emerald Elixir contains - (find the full list of ingredients here)

  • Blue Spirulina aka Blue Majik™ the world's most pure and strongest form of spirulina. A powerful antioxidant which has the ability to quench free radicals and is a potent natural anti inflammatory. It is seriously high in vitamins and minerals.
  • Australian natural caffeine which is fantastic at waking up and plumping up the skin whilst helping to energise and revitalise. It has superior hydrating and anti ageing results compared to most other caffeine extracts on the market because they tend to be synthetic. Not to mention it's full of amazing antioxidants.
  • Niacinamide or B3 is a serious multitasker that is proven to tackle wrinkles, reduce uneven skin tone, help with acne and acne scaring, melasma and hyperpigmentation also improving the surface structure of skin.
  • Tamanu Oil can help with acne and acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, age spots, general scarring, anti aging and is a great oil for oily skin. It has the "anti army" septic, bacterial, fungal, acne, viral, biotic! 
  • Kakadu Plum contains the highest levels of vitamin C found in any natural ingredient, it's incredibly stable and a must have in skincare as it boosts collagen production leading to firmer skin, reduces age spots and scaring, is an anti inflammatory and anti oxidant. The power of vitamin C in skincare becomes even more so when it is used in conjunction with ingredients like B3, green tea and other powerful antioxidants like spirulina and caffeine, they are basically linking arms and creating a stronger and harder working product.
  • Co Enzyme Q10 is the perfect addition because it jump starts energy production within all cells and our skin needs it and we all have this in our bodies but as we age it decreases, so by adding it to our skincare regime is really good thing. Secondly it's a powerful antioxidant, to kick the free radicals butts!

The consistency of this is similar to a thin serum. It is lightweight, silky, pale grey-green in colour, cooling to apply and absorbs quickly. I apply this onto freshly cleansed skin, after dampening the skin with a toner/mist. I always use a facial mist as it helps the product to spread more easily and be more readily absorbed by the skin. I use 1-2 pumps, which is sufficient for my face and neck. 

I've been using this serum in the evenings only, alongside an oil (for moisturising, morning + night) still, and a herbal exfoliant (chemical, not manual) every 3-4 nights. Other than that, I've cut everything else from my skincare. 

The packaging is really lovely, sleek (takes up so little space!) and lightweight. I like that it has a pump dispenser - due to the consistency I think this works best, and it dispenses the correct amount of product easily. It also looks pretty on the shelf!

The Results

Let me start off by saying that at present, I don't really have any fine lines to worry about. My eyes and the smile lines under those are the only area that I have any lines. That said, I did notice that my eye area feels much more hydrated, and I do believe that the smile lines were lessened a few weeks after I began using this serum. 

My skin overall feels plumper, and I do think it feels firmer, although I have experienced more firming from other serums. The Emerald Elixir is has also kept my skin incredibly clear during the time that I've been using it (I was even waiting to have a blemish or something pop up the other week when I was trialling a concealer, haha!). My skin is probably clear 80% of the time due to other skincare that I'm using, but I dropped off just about everything whilst using this. Skin is still clear and radiant - and probably the most even in tone that it has ever been. 


I'm really impressed by the the Emerald Elixir. My skin looks and feels amazing, and this elixir is so silky and lovely! If you are looking for a good, powerful multi-tasker, I highly recommend looking into this elixir. 

If you've tried the Erica Brooke Emerald Elixir I'd love to know your thoughts! Have any questions? Leave them below, shoot me an email or get in touch via Instagram. 
Kelsey xx
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