What we put into our mouths is equally as important as what you're putting on your skin. Natural dental care options can be difficult to find, with even those marketed as 'natural' can contain Mineral Oil (a petroleum by-product), PEG's, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Dr Brite dental care products are truly 100% natural, healthy and effective.

For the last few weeks, I've been enjoying the Dr Brite Fluoride Free Whitening Botanical Toothpaste, and Teeth Whitening Pens - both the Peroxide Free and Original in Mint flavours - from Emporio Organico.

The Dr Brite dental care products are not only 100% natural, but also GMO Free, Leaping Bunny Certified and Gluten Free. Many of the ingredients are also Certified Organic.

Dr Brite Teeth Whitening Pen in Mint Peroxide Free

I've seen a lot of teeth whitening products around, and this is probably the only one I've seen that has been created to be so convenient. It is completely mess-free, transportable, and easy to apply. 

The Teeth Whitening Pen has a soft tip, and the gel is easily dispensed by the clicker on the opposite end. Application is easy, and I followed the instructions provided here and on the package. It is kind of like brushing your teeth, but without the toothpaste, and takes just 1-2mins. 

The mint flavour is really pleasant and not overpowering. I noticed my teeth were whiter within a matter of days, and after using the Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen alongside the toothpaste for two weeks, my teeth are noticeably whiter, and brighter - I've even received several comments. My teeth were fairly white to begin with, and I didn't have any stains, but I was surprised at how much whiter they do look! The other thing that I really love (aside from the ease of use and results), is that there is no sensitivity caused from using the pen. 

Dr Brite Original Teeth Whitening Pen in Mint 

The original pen contains food-grade hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended that the pens be used up straight away, and as I'm in tropical North Queensland, and the summer heat has already kicked in, I'm storing it in the fridge.

The consistency of the Dr Brite Original Teeth Whitening Pen in Mint is thinner, and clear (in comparision to the Peroxide Free Pen, which is white, and thicker). I didn't find the flavour of this as pleasant as the Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen, but that is due to the hydrogen peroxide. However, the flavour isn't a huge issue, as you aren't really ingesting the gel (smile while it dries, you don't get much flavour). 

Original Teeth Whitening Pen in Mint is a stronger product, claiming to be able to lift years worth of stains, and whiten the teeth 2 shades in 2 days. As I mentioned above, my teeth were already fairly white to begin with, but if you want faster or more dramatic results, this would be the one to opt for. Another thing to note is that I noticed a dark brown residue forming at the clicker-end (not the part that goes on your teeth) of the Original Pen. Apparently, this is due to oxidisation and happens over time, so not an issue to worry about. Due to this, however, make sure you keep the pen somewhere where it doesn't matter if this occurs. 

Dr Brite Fluoride Free Whitening Botanical Toothpaste

Some natural toothpastes I've tried can have a really strong or unpleasant flavour. The Dr Brite Fluoride Free Whitening Botanical Toothpaste has quite a subtle flavour, and is really pleasant to use. Alongside the pen, this has also been keeping my teeth really white and bright. I trialled both the Teeth Whitening Pen and Toothpaste together for 2 weeks, then just the toothpaste alone for the last 1-2 weeks. The Teeth Whitening Pen is brilliant for that initial whitening of the teeth, but the Botanical Toothpaste alone has also continued to whiten my teeth and keep my smile bright!

Since I began using this toothpaste, my teeth and whole mouth in general feel much fresher and cleaner. The Whitening Botanical Toothpaste uses Activated White Charcoal to naturally whiten your teeth, and Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Green Tea Extract, Menthol and Organic Spearmint Extract to keep your teeth and gums healthy and bright! You can find the full ingredients here.

If you're used to a frothing, foaming toothpaste, you might find it takes some adjustment to this one (or an natural toothpaste) It doesn't froth or foam at all - but don't think that it isn't effective because of this. Many toothpastes contain SLS or other synthetic chemicals which cause them to foam - it does't actually have anything to do with cleaning your teeth.


I'm really impressed with the results of both the Whitening Botanical Toothpaste and Teeth Whitening Pen, my teeth are looking so white and bright, and feel really fresh and healthy. I didn't  think teeth could look so white without professional whitening or chemical whitening products. I'm happy to have been proved wrong!

Out of the two pens, I personally prefer the Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen, and don't find I need anything stronger. There was also no residue issue with this. The Peroxide-Free Pen has whitened my teeth incredibly already!

The ease of use of the pens make them a convenient option, and the results are almost immediate! The toothpaste is also really effective at whitening, and you need such a small amount, one tube will last quite a considerable time. You can explore the Dr Brite range at Emporio Organico in Australia.

Kelsey xx
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