If you haven't yet heard of Alima Pure or experienced the brand, I have two words - you should. Alima Pure is an incredible brand, setting the pace for eco-luxe cosmetics. The line started out with pure, mineral cosmetics, and has more recently launched a range of lipsticks, their new Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer.

The thing that has always really impressed me about Alima Pure is their range of shades. They go beyond the standard handful of shades, and offer a huge range of shades based on undertone (cool, warm or neutral), catering for the very fairest to deepest skin tones. 

The quality of their products is also beautiful, and the ingredients are as safe and healthy as you could wish for. Each full ingredient list is available with the product description. 

I recently received the Liquid Silk Foundation in Dew, Cream Concealer in Dew, Satin Matte Blush in Pink, Satin Matte Eye Shadows in Bone, Fleur and Bramble, Luminous Shimmer Eye Shadow in Chai and Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black from Emporio Organico. Alongside the online shop, Emporio Organico also have a flagship store in Sydney, so if you're local (or visiting), make sure to pop in and say hello!

My thoughts on each product is below. I've also swatched the eye shadows, eyeliner and blush, which are at the end of this post for you.


I'm just going to start off with the packaging for the entire range. Alima Pure rebranded fairly recently (last 12mths), and with the rebrand, released refillable compacts. I cannot emphasise how much I love refillable packaging. It not only saves on a heck of a lot of waste, but it also gives you a nice little saving with each refill. 

Out of the products I chose, only the Cream Concealer is in a compact, but they also have a pressed foundation and pressed eyeshadows which are packaged in the refillable, magnetic compacts. If you have your own magnetic palette, you could also skip on purchasing the compacts and opt for the refills instead!

All of the products are incredibly sleek, and the branding on the boxes is gorgeous. Whilst what is inside ultimately matters more, the packaging plays a big role for me. The way the packaging looks and feels is a huge part of the experience of using and applying your make-up and skincare. The entire process is one of self-expression, and a moment to focus on you. I feel the packaging should reflect this, and it can transform the experience from something mediocre to magnificent. 

The loose eyeshadows and eyeliner (as you can see below), contain a sifter, but are also capped (alongside the screw-top lid). I fell a little bit in love with them the instant I opened the jar based solely on that added cap. Anyone that has ever used loose mineral eyeshadows knows how messy it can get, and it can make storage and travelling a nightmare. These babies are safe and secure, and a dream to use. 

The Satin Matte Blush is your standard sifter-jar, with the swivelling lock. It is compact and sleek, and fits beautifully into my make-up bag. 

 Alima Pure Satin Matte & Luminous Shimmer Eye Shadows + Satin Matte Eyeliner

Pigment, pigment, pigment!! These eyeshadows are so, so silky - feathery soft on the skin - and intensely pigmented. They are also very buildable. Some eyeshadows can start to feel crumbly or coarse if you layer them up, but the Alima Pure Eyeshadows remain soft and weightless. The shadows glide like butter across the lid, blend effortlessly and stay put all day long. There is little to no transfer of the product if I happen to forget I'm wearing make-up and touch my eyes throughout the day, the staying power is that good. I usually have some minimal creasing due to having slightly hooded lids, but these eye shadows have little to no creasing.

Also, there is very minimal fall-out with the Satin Matte shadows. I did find I had more fall-out with the Luminous Shimmer shadow and the Eyeliner, but those are easily remedied by removing excess product, or using a dampened brush.

The shades Bone, Fleur and Bramble I would consider good essentials or starter shades. They play beautifully together and work equally as well on their own. I'm going to be creating a few looks with all of these products, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

All of the eyeshadows and eyeliner can be used wet or dry. Use wet for a more intense finish. Unless I'm doing eyeliner, I never use a wet brush. Instead, after applying the dry product to the skin, I will then spritz the brush with water or a face mist, and go back over the shadow to intensify the colour. This makes blending and application much easier, and still gives that intense finish.

Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Bone is a gorgeous matte, creamy colour, the perfect highlight shade. I've been popping this on the inner corner, centre of the lid, and beneath the brow bone. Usually, I find the lighter shades much less pigmented than the darker colours, but this still has the same intense pigment as all the others. It doesn't take much product to build the coverage I want.

Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Fleur is a pretty nude-peach. This colour works beautifully all over the lid on it's own, or as a base colour to other looks.

Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Bramble This colour is described as a muted-mauve. It has a brown undertone and is a brilliant neutral shade. I've been using this shade in the crease to add depth and dimension, without making the eyes too heavy or dark. It is a really, really pretty neutral colour. It doesn't actually show just how pretty it is in the swatch photo below.

Luminous Shimmer Eye Shadow in Chai I usually find shimmer eyeshadows to be coarse, crumbly and rough. This eyeshadow is utterly stunning. Chai is a rose-gold shade, and has the most incredible metallic finish, whilst still feeling so silky and weightless on the lid. The shimmer particles are so finely milled they aren't even detectable - this isn't a glittery eyeshadow, it truly is a luminous shimmer. This colour feels really festive, maybe it's the time of year, but I want to pair it with a red lip for a modern, festive look. I've also used this wet, with an eyeliner brush, to create a fun, metallic rose-gold winged eyeliner (let me know if you want to see that) I have also lightly pressed the excess product from the brush onto my lips for an added dimension and hint of rose-gold luminosity. It is absolutely stunning.

Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black is a gorgeous, inky matte black. I use this wet with an eyeliner brush for an intense black liner, that doesn't drag or pull on the lid and gives beautiful coverage. I always prefer to use a brush to apply eyeliner, as it provides such precision and control, and you can effortlessly tight-line the lashes without any gaps - so it makes more sense to use a potted product. This stays put all day, and doesn't fade or smudge.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Pink

I used to always wear mineral make-up, and even stayed with a powder mineral blush for a long time, until I discovered cream blushes. Powders never just gave the same beautiful finish that creams could, and always seemed so flat in comparision.

The Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush has changed everything. The blush is just as light, and silky to the touch as the eyeshadows, and just as intensely pigmented. The jar is a generous size, and once you see how highly pigmented the blush is, you'll realise just how generous. I only need the tiniest amount of product for both cheeks. Really, really tiny. Make note of that, or you'll look like a clown (unless, of course, you love the clown look, then rock it!).

The finish is precisely satin matte. It looks gorgeous on the skin, not at all flat or lifeless. Because I wear cream or liquid foundation, I do develop a slightly dewy finish throughout the day, but if you prefer a completely matte look, simply set with powder.

The colour is very flattering and natural. A beautiful warm, rose pink shade. I actually think this colour would suit most skin tones. I've used it on very fair, to medium olive skin tones and it looks equally as beautiful on both. On me (light - medium, neutral undertone), it is quite close to my natural blush colour. It also works well with a variety of lip colours, which is always something to consider when it comes to selecting a blush shade.

The staying power of the Satin Matte Blush in Pink is equally as good as that of the eyeshadows, and there is no transfer onto my fingers if I happen to touch my face during the day.

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation in Dew

I'm going to admit, I usually find liquid foundations don't set well enough, or are too oily for my liking. This foundation reminds me of a BB Cream in the sense that although it is liquid, it sets really well, and to an almost powder finish.

Coverage and Finish

The Liquid Silk Foundation has buildable coverage, from sheer to medium. If you are after full coverage, finish with the Alima Pure powder foundation or a tinted powder. I really, really love how this sits and feels on the skin. It is barely detectable as wearing 'product', and gives the skin an air-brushed look. It really does just look like skin, perfected - even on close inspection. It is quite incredible.

It feels weightless, and I easily forget that I am wearing make-up, even in the tropical North Queensland heat where everything usually feels as though it will melt off. The finish is satin, and will develop to a dewy finish throughout the day. I will wear this with or without a powder, but I always prefer to set my foundation.

Most days, the coverage is enough for me to not require a concealer or additional powder, as it blurs imperfections and pores, evens the skin tone and minimises redness.


This I found a little tricky. I've tried a few different application methods, and here's how everything went:


This gave me much better results than using a regular brush. Similar to a BB Cream, I just dispense a little product at a time, blending each area thoroughly before adding more. As I mentioned above, the foundation sets, and it sets pretty quickly, so just concentrate on one area at a time. This gives a good medium coverage and skin-like finish.

Foundation Brush or Beauty Blender

The brush I used initially left me with a streaky finish, and the product settling strangely into pores (which I've never had an issue with before). A damp Beauty Blender (sponge) gives a more sheer finish, but applies the product evenly enough. I actually dislike using a Beauty Blender for most products (I just don't find it gives the best finish possible), and prefer the fingertip method above.

Kjaer Weis Foundation Brush

This brush gives the best finish, and uses the least amount of product. It is simply a flat, cream foundation brush. I apply a small amount directly onto the brush, apply and blend that out, before adding more product and moving onto the next area. This still gives that really lovely perfected, air-brush skin finish, and everything is beautifully blended. If you have a flat, cream foundation brush, definitely use that, or your fingertips. I will note that the Kjaer Weis Foundation Brush is actually more of a concealer brush size, so if you're looking at purchasing something to apply this with, opt for the Kjaer Weis 'Blush' Brush instead. It is pretty much the same brush, just bigger, so you'll get the job done faster.

Using either my fingertips or the flat foundation brush are pretty quick, effortless methods. I can have my foundation on and blended out to perfection in just a few minutes.


I chose the shade DEW. It is a really good match for my light to medium skin w/neutral undertone. I wear the cream foundation from Kjaer Weis in the shade Silken, so I asked Kitsa from Emporio Organico if she could match that to the best shade. Silken from Kjaer Weis is in between Dew and Echo, so I could probably wear either. Alima Pure has a good description of each shade, but if you are having trouble, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help!

Alima Pure Cream Concealer in Dew

For a cream concealer, this has a really dry consistency. Please note - that is not a negative comment. It is almost a cream-to-powder finish. The thing I really like about the more dry formula, is that it works really well for under the eyes, without the intense creasing creamier formulas can do (I'm looking at you, RMS "Un" Coverup)

I usually apply concealer after foundation, as foundation can minimise the need for concealer. With the Cream Concealer in Dew, I find it works best applied before. 

I initially thought the shade too light for me - despite being the matching shade for the foundation -, but it works really well and blends seamlessly when applied prior to foundation. I think I still might opt for the shade Echo in the concealer when I purchase a refill (yes, I'm already planning to refill!), as I think it will be a better match.

I use the Kjaer Weis Foundation Brush (any concealer brush will do) to apply it to any blemishes or redness, and to correct and conceal darkness around the eyes. You can also warm it and apply with the fingertips. The coverage of the Cream Concealer is medium to full coverage, something I've struggled to find in a concealer. I don't find it is easily disturbed or moved by the foundation, but if it is, touching up with a concealer brush after applying foundation is easily done, and it blends seamlessly.

Under the eyes, it works really well to cover and brighten, correct colour or darkness. Due to the drier formula, it doesn't settle or crease, and with a little dusting of powder it lasts all day. I also use it on my lids to prime, and correct discolouration. 

This is actually one of the best multi-tasking concealers I've come across in ages, and I love the mirrored compact. It is the perfect size to slip into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups. 

Alima Pure Eye Shadow Swatches, applied dry (above)

Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Pink Swatch (above)


I really adore the eyeshadows. I think these are an absolute must for anyone. I haven't come across a product so well matched in quality, performance and feel. They blend beautifully, and the pigment and colours are just incredible.
The concealer and foundation are also two amazing new additions to green beauty, and I love the finish of the foundation. The concealer is also excellent for covering both blemishes and correct darkness under the eyes. 
The blush is an ultra-flattering shade and finish, and I think it is going to become a new favourite!
You can explore the Alima Pure range at Emporio Organico in Australia, and get FREE SHIPPING with all AU orders over $100. 
Kelsey xx
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