Something interesting I've found about green beauty, is the general perception that because it's natural or even Certified Organic, that it is or should be good for your skin. Whilst 'in general' this is true, the matter isn't quite so black and white. Natural and Certified Organic are the safer, healthier option, and unless someone is putting arsenic in their formulas, they are generally 100% non-toxic. 

But that doesn't mean that every product labelled natural or organic is going to work for you.
Sorry, that part doesn't change. 

The point of all this is - quality still matters, and more than ever when it comes to plant-based formulas. There are products labelled natural or certified organic that well and truly are, and I would consider 'safe'. But on closer inspection, I might find that the product has been poorly formulated, or the ingredients highly-processed in order to create a cheaper product. 

Our perception around beauty and skincare and those products needs to change
The whole industry has been transformed by a thing called marketing - which very cleverly tells you everything and nothing about the product at the same time (with fluffy words and phrases like "inspired by jojoba beads"), convincing us (or allowing us to hope) that it will magically erase wrinkles or blemishes and give you the skin of your dreams. 

I go over this quite frequently, and I can't emphasise it enough. Quality matters.
One example is oils. A cheap, highly-processed oil will most likely make your skin breakout, clog your pores, or cause your skin to become further imbalanced. But take a raw, unrefined, cold-pressed oil and it could transform your skin. 

One woman that articulates this so well, is Ava of Earthwise Beauty. She recently published a blog post on Problem Skin, and her thoughts on the vast differences between the quality of a product, and importance of proper formulation. I highly recommend you give that post a read, before continuing here.

Green Beauty is regulated by the same laws as 'mainstream' beauty products, so don't be deceived into thinking that a product is going to be good, just because it's green. Once you've got your head around the fact what's safe and what's not, it is time to start looking for good quality, well-formulated products. 

I'm not saying all of this to frighten you off green beauty, or overwhelm you. 
I want you to know that if you've had skin issues before, or after "going green", that is very well COULD be the natural products you are using - but going back to mainstream products is not the answer.

There are many, many brands committed to creating effective, 100% natural and non-toxic products, without irritating your skin or exacerbating issues. If you are overwhelmed for choice, try starting with my Shop by Brand pages. I cover a good selection of brands at all price points and all product types.

Today, however, I'm going to be sharing my thoughts a little further on Earthwise Beauty skincare.
I also have a discount code, so make sure you scroll to the bottom for that!

Pumpkin & Papaya Seed Face Mask & Scrub (sample size shown) Shop here

This product is one of the newer ones (to me), and I've only used it a handful of times so far. I've been using it as a scrub, by scooping out a small amount and applying to dry skin. I then splash enough water on my hands to moisten and massage the product into the skin. It leaves my skin really soft and smooth, and the exfoliant isn't at all too harsh, but it is fine enough to do a thorough job. 

The scrub/mask, contains: firming, detoxifying, glow-inducing wildcrafted Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, triple milled papaya seeds, and a handful of finely ground pumpkin seeds are mixed into a base of highest quality raw organic honey. Healing pracaxi oil from Brazil has been added for skin tissue reparative benefits, including acne reduction, wrinkle reduction, and scar healing.

I really love how it feels on the skin, and how it leaves my skin afterwards. 
I'm going to try it as a mask soon, and will post more about the results and my thoughts once I've had a chance to thoroughly test it out. (It is hard NOT to love everything Earthwise Beauty creates)

I love how Ava goes into detail of where the star ingredients for each product comes from, and you can read more about it here

Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask (sample size shown) Shop here

I really regret not having ordered a full size of this with my last order, and I'm going to pick it up next time I order. This mask is pre-mixed - a 'wet' mask - that dries during the treatment time. 

The Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask is really cooling to apply, and I love the fact that it is pre-mixed. I can just open the jar, scoop out what I need and apply with very little mess! I find this mask SO good for keeping my skin clear, zapping blemishes and helping to reduce redness. It leaves my complexion glowing, and whilst not a concern for me at this stage, I love that it contains anti-wrinkle, ant-ageing Carrot Seed Oil. Carrot Seed Oil also helps to fight acne and brown spots, so it also helps to keep the skin clear and reduce/heal pigmentation. 

Surprisingly, I find this mask gentle enough to use up to twice a week if my skin is having a particularly blah phase. I say surprising, because it is really quite effective. I'll usually only mask once a week, but the Blackstrap Molasses Mask will make an extra appearance if I need it!
I always notice before anything else - if I'm coming down with a bug, my skin and eyes give it away before I actually feel any signs of it. There's something about feeling unwell that always makes my skin feel incredibly dull, and this mask is really soothing to apply in those times, and get my skin back on track!

This one is up there with the Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Glow for me, and I want to make it a regular in my skincare.

Nap in the Meadow Face Serum (sample size shown) Shop here

This is another fairly new launch, and new-to-me product. 

Again, I've only just begun using this, so I will share more on this product once I've had a good chance to test it out, but these are my brief, initial impressions.

The texture is almost a gel, and it is incredibly lightweight. It sinks in really quickly and thoroughly into the skin. I do find it to leave a kind of lightly tacky touch to the skin, before I follow with an oil. (Similar to the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst) I've also found it has a really lovely cooling sensation (beautiful for these warm Spring-heading-into-Summer months). I've been using it in the morning underneath an oil.

It is described as being deeply hydrating, and anti-inflammatory. I have found Nap in the Meadow to be wonderful for reducing any redness and helping to reduce inflammation. I haven't tried it enough yet to comment on the deep hydration benefits, but I will mention that this is not a moisturiser. At least, not for me. It really is a serum, and most will probably still require a moisturiser or oil to follow. It is: recommended to use this serum to be used as the first moisturizing step, before facial oil or oil-based serum.

The days are getting warmer, and drier, so I'm really looking forward to incorporating this into every morning to see how it performs! Stay tuned!

Green Leaves & Co Facial Oil (1.2oz size) Shop here

I've reviewed this oil before, so head here to check that out.

This oil is on my must-have list, and is probably #1 in my skincare routine. It is SO well formulated, and keeps my skin clear 90% of the time. My skin was looking dull, and breaking out more frequently when I first started using this, but now it is clear, smooth, healthy and radiant. A little goes a LONG way, and I'm on my second (or maybe third?) jar. I've been using it for months, and never skip it in my routine - even if it is all I apply. 

If your skin is congested or acne-prone, I strongly recommend getting yourself a sample size of this oil.

Ferns & Moss Face Serum (sample size shown) Shop here

This is my second bottle of the 0.25fl oz 'sample' size of this serum, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the size up next time. The only reason I haven't gone for the biggest size is because I don't use much of this serum at a time, and I don't use it every night. 

The main benefits of the Ferns & Moss Serum are - nourishing, repair, restructuring, moisture retention, healing, cell regeneration, detoxing (a need for detoxing is evident as recurring dark spots or overall unhealthily dark or dull facial appearance, or as water retention and puffy appearance) as well as damage and wrinkle reversal.

The first bottle I was using on a cluster of bumps (flesh-coloured) that had popped up on one side of my jawline. There was no swelling, no redness or inflammation. There was no sign of infection, and it looked/felt like scar tissue, despite there never having been anything there to scar in the first place! It was most peculiar. They were there for several months, and it wasn't until I began using the Ferns & Moss Serum every night that they began to diminish/heal and disappear completely.

This serum is a decadent, rich oil that is surprisinly light and soft on the skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue. If I have any pigmentation, I will apply this to the problem area before my other skincare. I also really like using just 1-2 drops of this around the eye area. It is incredibly light, and I find my skin is so much more hydrated and more refreshed in appearance when applied. 

If fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots were a concern or my skin was drier (it is normal/balanced, for the record), I think I would be reaching for this more frequently. As it is, I only need it maybe 1-2 times a week, or to treat any scars or marks from blemishes etc. and to keep any blemishes that do look like popping up at bay.

This is definitely another must-have.

Marigold Fields Moisturiser (0.95fl oz size) Shop here

This one is a really lightweight, silky cream. Deeply hydrating, it absorbs quickly and leaves no heavy or greasy residue. I usually prefer oils for my face, but I actually don't mind this on my face, although I still prefer (and use) it on my neck and décolletage.

It keeps my skin smooth, hydrated and supple. I find if don't keep my neck and décolletage properly moisturised, my skin can become very dry, and lines show very easily. I really love how lightweight this is on the skin, so there is no residue to interfere with hair or clothing. As with all of Earthwise Beauty products, a little goes a long way. I'm going to be getting my hands on a full size of this soon too!

Other Products Not Shown

I've also sampled several other products from the line, which I have enjoyed equally as much. The Carrot-A-Day Serum is incredible for spot-treating blemishes, and for use under the eyes. Under the eyes, it is firming, hydrating and refreshing. The Tangerine Skies Oil is also AMAZING for any dryness whatsoever. Any flakiness or dry patches? A tiny drop of this massaged into the area will have your skin silky-smooth and soft in no time. If I've got any dry patches at all, this is also a MUST underneath make-up.

The Frightening Green Mask is another brilliant mask, and I plan to get a larger size soon. So good for cleansing the skin without leaving it dry or tight.

Overall & Discount

I cannot impress upon you enough how good Earthwise Beauty skincare truly is. Whether you're "into" green beauty or not, Earthwise is the cream of the crop in my eyes. Each product is SO incredibly effective and potent, and Ava's honesty and knowledge ensures you know precisely what you're getting (which makes selecting the right products for you so much easier).

If you would like to explore the range further, code LIBERTYGREEN will save 15% off your entire order. Enjoy beauties!

Kelsey xx
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