In the cooler months, I will gladly wear a full-face of make-up, but come Summer, I want everything as minimal as possible. The 14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation meets that need. It offers medium to full coverage (not really full, but buildable), but feels incredibly light on the skin. In the past, I've found most liquid foundations to be oil-based. These are fine, and there are some really beautiful ones available that I've tried, but I can find them too creamy for the hot, humid weather we experience during the North QLD Summer. 

The 14e Cosmetics Foundation SPF23 is aloe-based. It does still contain Certified Organic Argan and Jojoba Oils, but these are further down the list. The entire formula is 100% natural, with Certified Organic Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract to nourish the skin, helping to improve breakouts and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This foundation also has an SPF23 - not something often found in a natural foundation.


As you can see, it is absolutely beautiful. I love the slightly frosted look of the packaging, and the fact that it is transparent, so I know precisely how much product is left. 

Both the Foundation and Sheer Tint have the same pump-dispenser, with a protective cap. This has an airless pump (where the base rises as the product content lessens), helping to extend the shelf-life of the product and also keeping it sanitary.


I've been experimenting with a few different techniques with this foundation, and I've found the following to work best - 

I dispense the product directly onto my face, and use my fingertips to blend it out (a bit like you would a BB Cream). Once pretty much fully blended and set, I finish blending with the MOTD Cosmetics Foundation Brush to flawlessly blend the product with my skin. 

I have also tried this with a damp Beauty Blender (sponge), but I find I end up with much lighter coverage, and I wasn't a fan of the finish. Fingertips + finishing with a brush is the way to go.

Wearing 14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation in Sand for I Am Natural Store

 Coverage, Consistency & Finish

As I mentioned above, the Aloe Nourish Foundation is a buildable medium coverage. My skin is pretty good these days, and I scarcely ever need to use a concealer with this foundation. It covers redness and imperfections well. This also sits so beautifully on the skin, almost like a second skin. It never looks cake-y or even like I'm wearing foundation.

The finish is semi-satin.
I say 'semi', because I do end up with a more dewy finish by the end of the day, as it kind of settles with my skin, but it isn't full-on dewy. I always set with a powder, so a little touch-up later in the day will take away any extra shine if you are especially oily. I also always prime my skin with an oil.

Now, you might be surprised to find the consistency slightly grainy on first contact. You can see that a little bit in the swatch photo below. I found it very unusual when I first received it, but don't worry, it dissipates as soon as you blend the product out.

It is a thinner liquid foundation, and I use about 1-2 pumps for my whole face.
I also mentioned earlier that this foundation is light on the skin - almost weightless. I easily forget that I'm wearing it and it is SO breathable.

14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation SPF23 Swatches, L-R: Seashell, Sand, Bamboo, Sunkissed, Coconut

I wear the shade SAND.

Initially, I thought there may not actually be a shade for me. The lightest three shades all seemed to have a very...ashy base. It doesn't show in the product photos above, but you can see it in the swatches above. More on that in a moment.

The shades are described as follows:
  • Seashell 01 - Fair with pink undertones
  • Sand 02 - Fair/ medium with yellow undertones
  • Bamboo 03 - Medium with neutral undertones 
  • Sunkissed 04 - Medium/ tan with subtle warm undertones
  • Coconut 05 - Deep with golden, caramel undertones

My skin tone is light - medium (on the fairer side), with neutral undertones.

SAND appeared very ashy-toned when I first looked at it, and then began applying it to my skin. I even thought it may be a tad too dark for me. But after applying it all over, it seemed to settle into my skin and the shade adjusted to flawlessly melt with my skin tone. 

BAMBOO also looked the same, and I feared it would be too ashy when I tested it out on my sister (who has medium skin, olive undertones), but again it adjusted to her own skin tone. 

The shades are the same for the Sheer Tint (which is equally as incredible and lightweight on the skin)

If you don't see a shade here that suits you, don't be disappointed. New shades are being released soon! (I'm actually thinking the half-shade, Birch 1.5 would be good for me in the cooler months!)

14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourish Sheer Tint SPF10 Swatches, L-R: Coconut, Sunkissed, Sand, Seashell

Both the foundation and sheer tint are beautiful on the skin, and I really love how lightweight and breathable they both are. The Foundation is long-lasting and provides amazing coverage - and only takes me about 2mins to apply for an easy, fresh-faced look!
You can find 14e Cosmetics at I Am Natural Store in Australia.
Kelsey xx
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