The Beauty Chef is one of those wonderfully unique brands; there is nothing else quite like it on the market - natural or otherwise. They have a focus on beauty from the inside out, which really is the only place to start. If you aren't healthy on the inside, it is going to show on the outside. Along with their range of (delicious!) Inner Beauty Powders, The Beauty Chef also have a range of skincare. 

Everything in the line is 100% non-toxic, natural and Certified Organic (where available). The Beauty Chef also uses a natural fermentation process with a lot of their ingredients, enhancing the beneficial properties of the ingredients, to their most effective. 

The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing digestive health. Good skincare follows. My organic skincare range blends selected food ingredients with a natural fermentation process to bring out the very best in all of our ingredients and keep the skin’s ecosystem strong and healthy. I have embraced the time-honoured art of fermentation for the clever way that it naturally bio-activates nutrients in ingredients to make them more available for the body and skin to use. By increasing the biological value of already nutrient rich organic ingredients, we offer you supernatural skincare to help keep your skin healthy, radiant and resilient inside and out. We employ a unique and natural fermentation process, backed by twenty years of research to make powerful and active extracts for our bioactive skincare that is truly good for you. - Carla Oates

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner

The Probiotic Skin Refiner is a chemical exfoliant (vs manual), which breaks down dead skin cells, improves cellular turnover, and refines the skin and improves texture. It also boosts collagen production and hydrates the skin, increasing natural moisturising abilities in the skin, strengthens the skins barrier and improves signs of ageing, fine lines and dark spots. 

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner is rich in lactic acid and probiotics. Latic Acid is " efficacious Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), this self-preserving refiner breaks down dead skin cells, helping to improve cellular turnover as it refines the skin and reveals an improved texture. The lactic acid also helps improve the natural moisturising factors within the skin, while helping to stimulate collagen production and promote a more hydrated, moisturised and plump complexion..."

Application & Consistency

This is similar in some ways to the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, but there are several differences. The Probiotic Skin Refiner has a water-like consistency vs a gel/serum, and is applied with a cotton pad. Due to the fermented ingredients, this also has a slight vinegar smell on application, but it dissipates very quickly and does not linger. You also aren't required to cleanse the applied areas in the morning, so I love that!

I really love the look of the packaging (and the fact it's glass), but I would actually prefer if this were in a spray or glass dropper, mostly because I hate the waste of using a cotton pad every evening (not ease of use reasons). I've actually taken to sprinkling a few drops into the palm of my hand, and applying over the top of an oil all over my skin, and this seems to work just as well. 

A little also goes a long way. I've been using it consistently for a few months, and I'm not even half way through the (100ml) bottle. The other thing I will note is that if I over-do it, and have any minor scratches (or broken skin of any kind), this can sting - but only very little (and I'm hyper-sensitive to pain, haha!) and it stops pretty quickly. 


I've been using this for several months, and unlike the Kypris MC, I didn't notice results immediately. I found it took a good 4-6 weeks for me to really notice any changes in my skin (which is standard for most skincare), but this will vary from person to person.  

Since incorporating this into my skincare, my skin is now visibly brighter, clearer and more luminous. It also feels much firmer, and feels so smooth. In comparison to the Kypris MC, I don't find pigmentation or marks from blemishes fade as quickly with the Probiotic Skin Refiner, but my skin is more luminous and firmer. In regards to blemishes, I have found both equally as effective at keeping my skin clear and congestion-free. I've also noticed that my skin feels so soft to the touch when I'm using this!

I'm actually loving how my skin is looking with the Probiotic Skin Refiner in my routine. 

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm
Australia / USA

The Beauty Fix Balm is a wonderful little multi-tasker, created for dry, dehydrated skin and fine lines. I've been using it as a lip balm, on dry patches, nails and cuticles and even as an eye balm. 

If I have any little dry spots, a little dab of this clears it up right away (perfect for under make-up!), and it is also soothing on any inflamed areas. The Beauty Fix Balm is also wonderful under eyes, which always seems to feel so dry on the skin around them when I'm tired! A little of the balm dotted under them helps re-hydrate my skin, and firm any fine lines. I'm really loving this balm - I don't have anything else like it, and it really is a Beauty Fix

Key Ingredients: Organic amino acid peptides, vitamins and minerals in this fermented coconut extract rejuvenates and smooths the skin. Transretionic acid and vitamin C from rosehip oil helps repair the skin and reduces the effects of sun damage. Anti-oxidants, vitamin E and squalene found in Camellia Seed oil helps nourish and protect the skin and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil helps rebalance the skin and has anti-bacterial and protective properties.


Both of these products are incredible, so effective and my skin looks and feels amazing! They are so concentrated, a little goes a long way so it will be several months more before I'm looking to replace them.

I also think the Probiotic Skin Refiner is a great alternative to the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, but I honestly can't choose between them. Perhaps a comparison post in a few months time? Let me know if that's something you'd like to see, either below or on Instagram xx

Kelsey xx
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