If I seem to have been talking about masks a lot lately, it's because...well, I have. They are often considered something 'extra' in your skincare ritual, an indulgence, un-essential. I'm here to tell you that no, actually, I consider them very much essential, and they certainly shouldn't be an extra indulgence. I consider a weekly to twice-weekly mask another part of my cleansing ritual. They are incredibly effective at decongesting the skin, withdrawing all dirt and impurities, minimising breakouts or redness and giving you a clear, glowing complexion overall. 

When Siana from Today Is Ours first approached me, I must admit to never having heard of the brand, but I was intrigued by her products, and brand ethics. Today Is Ours is a small-batch, 100% natural Australian skincare line, with a focus on not only taking care of you, but the planet, too. The ingredients are Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade where possible and Cruelty Free. 

I've been using the Super Greens Face Mask and Vanilla Almond Latte Body Scrub for several weeks now, and my review of both is below. 

Vanilla Almond Latte Body Scrub / Review

We often forget about the rest of the body when it comes to exfoliation, and simply focus on the face. Using a body scrub is much like exfoliating the face - it buffs away dead skin, clears pores and prevents bacteria build-up, leaving your skin soft, smooth and clear. A body scrub can be used 2-4 times a week, and will help combat dry skin, and allow for the deeper penetration of your moisturiser.

I love both coffee and sugar scrubs, but for a really good scrub, Coffee Scrubs are my preference. The Today Is Ours Vanilla Almond Latte Body Scrub is as heavenly as it sounds, with Certified Fair Trade & Certified Organic Coffee, Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil and Cinnamon, plus Himilayan Salt and Vitamin E.

Many conventional scrubs (for the body or the face) contain micro-beads as the exfoliant. Not only are they cheap, but they are also made of plastic, and millions of these tiny pieces of plastic are washed down our drains and into the ocean EACH YEAR, harming marine life and the Eco-system.

This scrub is divine to use, with an aroma that smells like you've been brewing coffee in the bathroom. A few teaspoons is all I need for my entire body - legs, arms, feet, shoulders - wherever you like. You can even use it on your chest, neck and face (but be gentle). Coffee is anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and tones and firms the skin. They are amazing to use post-wax or shave to not only smooth the skin and buff away at any particularly dry areas, but also to help calm any inflammation or irritation. I find using a coffee scrub 3-4 times a week can really help with razor burn, too, and keep those legs smooth and soft!

Super Greens Face Mask / Review

For one that is always such a stickler for reading instructions, I still don't know why I decided to completely ignore the "...apply for 10mins maximum.." part on the label. Maybe it was the (self-proclaimed) experienced masker in me? More on that in a moment.

This mask is pretty much what it sounds like - a super green smoothie for your face. It contains a blend of clays, alongside Matcha Green Tea, Maca, Powdered Rose Petals, Powdered Ginger, Powdered Oats, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat and Barley Grass (all certified organic).

This is a dry mask, which is activated with the liquid of your choice (I just use rainwater). The jar is packed, and I also find this goes quite a long way - so don't use a heaped/full teaspoon first up, unless you plan on doing your entire body. You can always add more powder if needed!

Now, about that 10 minute treatment time.

The first time I used this, we were having a bit of a girls night, so I tried it out on my sister, too. I scoffed at the 10min max time (hah!) and said something along the lines of "...let's just leave it until it dries...".

It turns out the (full) drying time with this mask is around 40-50 minutes. So, with our masks on, we left them alone until the thing was completely dry - not a single wet spot left. When fully dry, this mask tightens unbelievably - which isn't all that uncomfortable, I just wouldn't advise stretching the skin that much. It was the removal that was a bit of a...process. Most clay masks melt away fairly easily with a warm, damp cloth, lightly exfoliating the skin in the process. The Today Is Ours Super Greens Face Mask on the other hand, wasn't really budging. I'm sure it took another 15 minutes to get it all off, no exasperation.

Once we had removed the mask, the usual circulation/warmth flooded back into the skin. I seriously underestimated the power of this mask, and whilst my skin was considerably more flushed than usual post-mask, I was in hysterics as my poor sister was turning into a shade of  Pantone Cooked Lobster(I know, I'm evil). 

Don't worry, the redness did subside....after a good hour or so.

So, what about the results? (post lobster)

Needless to say I heeded the instructions more carefully the next time I applied this mask, and even set a timer for the 10 minutes. It removes much more easily at this time, and although it has begun to dry, isn't fully set.

After experimenting with different treatment times, I find this mask most effective when I let it sit for around 20-30 minutes. It is still fairly easy to remove at this stage, not too dry (although not wholly wet), and whilst it does still make my skin much warmer than other masks (I'm thinking that's the ginger), I don't turn a shade of Lobster, (neither does my sister) and the flush fades after about 30mins.

At the 20-30 minute treatment time, this mask is incredibly effective at clearing any congestion, speeding up the healing of any blemishes, reducing the visibility of pores, leaves my skin ultra smooth and with a glow that lasts into the next day.

Overall + Giveaway

Note to self - Read the instructions, and actually follow them. 
Aside from the first-use hiccup, (which left my skin amazing, anyway), this mask is incredible. So much more powerful than other masks I've previously used, and I'd like to alternate between this and another mask I use. If my skin is feeling or looking blah, I reach for this. The jar is also filled to the brim, and there is enough product for about 12-15 masks. 
The body scrub is also heavenly. It leaves my skin ultra smooth and is so useful post-wax or shave to help calm any irritation or inflammation!
You can WIN both the Today Is Ours Supers Greens Face Mask & Vanilla Almond Latte Body Scrub - entry details are over on instagram!

Kelsey xx
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