Masks are an important step in your skincare, and once you've found one that suits your skin type, it can do wonders for it. I like to use a combination of masks, with different uses and results, but I believe every woman should have a good detox mask. 

I've been using The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Face Glow Mask weekly, for a few months, and I love the results each time. Masks work as a support to your other skincare, and offer a weekly deep-cleanse, withdrawing impurities from the skin, cleansing pores and delivering a dose of antioxidants and nutrients (depending on the kind you choose). 

The Cacao & Banana Face Glow is a dry mask, with a blend of super fruits and raw cacao that delivers powerful anti-aging nourishment & antioxidant-rich hydration to improve skin’s vitality, radiance & luminosity. The zeolites and clay deeply cleanse, exfoliate and remove toxins. 

How to Use

I use this mask weekly, and the jar holds enough for 8-10 or more masks. 
I usually just mix a tsp of this with enough rainwater to make a paste, but you can also mix your dry masks with any other liquid of your choice - your favourite facial mist, rosewater, greek yogurt, honey, coconut oil, or whatever you prefer. 

I use a flat brush to apply all my masks as they spread a much more even, thin layer, and it is waaaay less mess.

The instructions recommend a treatment time of 10mins, but I always leave this mask on for 30-40mins (or at least until dry), as it is much more effective for my skin. The mask is relatively easy to remove with just warm water and a face cloth (some masks can be notoriously difficult to remove, not this one)

Also, due to the raw Cacao, this smells like chocolate!!


If it's your first time using a detox mask in a while or your skin is very congested, you may experience some redness, and even heat under the skin (not topical irritation) after you've removed the mask. Don't panic. This is simply the circulation/blood flowing into your skin as the clays draw everything up and out. 
I still get a pink flush after removing a clay mask that lasts 30mins or so, but not as red as the first few initial uses. 
Afterwards, my skin is so smooth, deeply cleansed, fresh and with regular use, my skin really is glowing for days afterwards! If you have deeply congested skin, or any blemishes, this will really help to draw out those impurities, and I find it helps heal/fade blemishes faster. I can also use this twice a week if my skin is going through a really fussy period, and have it back to it's happy self. 
The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Face Glow Mask contains Certified Organic ingredients (where possible), and is Australian made, 100% Natural and Non-Toxic. 

I absolutely LOVE this mask and will certainly be repurchasing once it's all used up. It may seem a little pricier than some others, but the amount you get lasts me 8-10 weeks or more so it's actually pretty decently priced, and for the results, it is certainly worth it.

I purchase this from Eve Organics in Australia, and she ships Worldwide for those wanting to get this amazing little mask in your hot little hands!
Kelsey xx
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