Taking a long, relaxing soak in the tub is one of the best ways to soothe tired muscles, calm your mind and just completely zone out. Adding a bath bomb, some salts or oil can add to the relaxation and soothing benefits, but as you'll probably be soaking in the tub for a good 20mins, you'll want to make sure that it's 100% natural and non-toxic.

I recently received the No.2 Tranquil Nights Bath Tea from Botica Bliss to try. This Bath Tea is an exquisite blend of calendula flowers, jasmine buds, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers and bicarbonate soda to soothe, relax and ready you for sleep.

Botica Bliss is an Australian-owned and made range of 100% natural bath teas, designed to give you back that much-needed me-time in a day. 

The Botica Bliss Bath Tea comes with everything you need - the beautiful tea, reusable cloth drawstring bag and wooden spoon for measuring. I love that this Bath Tea came packaged with a drawstring bag, as it could get messy pretty quickly with loose flowers and herbs in the bath!

After filling the bag with a few spoons of the tea, I left it to steep while I ran the water.
There is a light herbal, floral kind of scent from the tea, not at all overwhelming. This Bath Tea is incredibly soothing and relaxing, and I'm ready to drop off to sleep the instant I'm out of the tub! Calendula has powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst the Lavender and Chamomile soothe and provide a pleasant aroma. Apart from the soothing, relaxing properties of the bath tea, I also noticed that my skin was incredibly soft after use - which I'm crediting to the bicarbonate soda, which not only detoxifies and alkalizes, but goes almost silky in water.


Don't use this unless you are headed to bed shortly afterwards, haha! It really is that relaxing. I really have been loving this tea, and look forward to using it each time, It adds a little bit of luxury and pampering!

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Valid until August 31st.

Kelsey xx

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