Adorn Cosmetics is an Australian make-up and skincare brand that doesn't compromise on ethics, quality or luxury. Their products are cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan and Australia made & owned. I've created a look using the Style Icons Lipstick in Grace, Chubbi Eyeliner in Onyx and Chubbi Lipstix Pencil in Dusty Pink, and I'm going to review each of these below also!

This look was a little 60's inspired, with a classic winged eye-liner and lip. 
I love adding a winged eye to a look, as it can transform it so effortlessly, and transitions seamlessly from day to night. 

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I prepared my skin using the Vapour Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecter
This evens out the skin tone and provides a luminous, soft-focus glow to the skin, as well as hydrating the skin and giving it some slip for the foundation to follow. 

Brighten & Conceal

Using my ring fingers, I applied a pin-head size amount of the W3LL People Bio-Correct Multi-Action Concealer in Light underneath both eyes, patting it out gently. I used the excess on my fingertips to also brighten and prime my lids and up to my brow bone. 


RMS Beauty Un Coverup in #11, applied in in strokes to the skin with the fingertips, then blended out to a flawless finish using the MOTD Cosmetics Beauty & The Base Brush (code mesgyjane saves 10% off). 

For areas where I need extra coverage/concealing, I use the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Silken, and gently blend/pat out with the Beauty & The Base Brush.


I set my foundation and W3LL People Concealer lightly using the La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation SPF15 in the shade Light - Medium and Ere Perez Blush & Bronzer Brush. For the smaller areas (like under the eyes), I pinch the brush in. Make sure to tap off excess powder before lightly dusting it over the face, in a press and roll motion. I find these two products paired together give an almost airbrushed finish to the skin.

Blush & Bronze / Contour

Using my fingertips, I lightly contoured my cheekbones with the Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer
Starting at the hairline, I sweep the colour underneath my cheekbones towards the centre of my face, then blend lightly upwards. (If you want to see how I contour, see here - there's a graphic!)

Using the MOTD Cosmetics Blush Brush, I applied the Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Blossoming to the apples of my cheeks, and blended out. 


Eyebrows are the EcoBrow Defining Wax in Marilyn, applied using the EcoBrow Defining Brush.

I used the two lightest shades from the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette to create a nude, highlighted eye. I also placed the Lily Lolo Pressed Eye Shadow in Ivory Tower in the centre of the lid, corner of my eye and beneath my brow bone to highlight and brighten. I used the MOTD Cosmetics Miss Shady Lady and Eye Catching Crease brushes for my eyes.

Eyeliner + Mascara

I opted for the Adorn Cosmetics Chubbi Eyeliner in Onyx as I find crayons / chubby pencils are usually much creamier than regular pencils, and as I prefer to use a brush to apply my eyeliner, a creamier formula is much easier to work with. It also prevents dragging on the delicate skin of your lids.

Using the MOTD Cosmetics Eyeliner Brush, I tight-lined my upper lash line with the Adorn Cosmetics Chubbi Eyeliner in Onyx, and then created the wings.

I'm going to try to get a video demo up later this week, but here's a quick run-down -

Try to find your angle with the brush handle first - in the general direction towards the tail of the brow, but not too severe an angle (less than 45°). I use a gentle tape (either Washi or Scotch tape) to get the perfect line on both eyes. Make sure to apply/remove the tape to the back of your hand several times before positioning it around the eye. This removes most of the adhesive and ensures it won't tug on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Using the brush, draw your wings, and fill in. I then remove the tape, and slowly build up the liner from the outer tip of the wing towards the centre of my eyelid, until I've achieved the desired shape. 

Now, this sounds like it will take far more time than it actually does. I have my eyeliner routine down to about 2-3mins. A brush and creamy eyeliner really make all the difference!

Curl the lashes and finish with a coat of the Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara.

Taking the Chubbi Lipstix Pencil in Dusty Pink, I lined my lips, making sure to to accentuate the bow. The thing I love about using a liner or firmer crayon-style lipstick like this, is it allows you to properly fill in the lips and take the colour right to the edge, giving a gorgeously full pout and crisp edge. I then also filled in the rest of my lips with the Chubbi Lipstix Pencil in Dusty Pink

I then topped off with the Style Icons Lipstick in Grace (which is a perfect shade match for the chubbi pencil), for a glossy (and moisturising!) finish. 


Using my fingertips, I applied the Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter to the high points of my cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupids bow.


When doing a winged liner and full lip, you can really make it pop by making sure you have a crisp, clean line. Don't worry about getting everything perfect first up - this is where concealer comes in!

Taking the RMS Beauty Un Coverup in #11 and Kjaer Weis Foundation Brush (or other concealer brush), line around the lips, cleaning up the lines, and underneath the winged liner. 

Style Icons Lipstick in Grace / Review

With a minimum of 85% Certified Organic ingredients, the Adorn Cosmetics Style Icons Lipsticks are rich and creamy, luscious on the lips and highly pigmented.

I chose the shade Grace which is a warm, rosy pink with coral undertones. 
I usually avoid coral shades as I find them very unflattering on my, but as this only has a gentle hint of coral, I find Grace an extremely wearable, flattering shade. It is still definitely within the shades of pink, with a touch of spring!

For how creamy the lipstick is, I wasn't entirely too sure how long the colour would last, but I was quite surprised by the staying power of these. With just one coat (which I didn't even bother to blot), the colour lasted several hours through eating and drinking, and even at the end of the day the colour was still holding up fairly well. The Style Icons lipsticks are incredibly moisturising, yet the colour fades evenly, and doesn't bleed or feather. 

The sleek black packaging has a matte finish and feels beautiful to use. 

You can find the full ingredients here.

Luxe Lipstix Chubbi Pencil in Dusty Rose / Review

I love lipstick, but I think I love this chubbi pencil even more! Whilst not as creamy as the Style Icons Lispticks, the Adorn Lipstix Chubbi Pencils are still quite moisturising, and keep my lips from drying out throughout the day. 

These are a 2-in-1, lipstick meets lip liner pencil. Again highly pigmented, the Chubbi Pencils have a semi-matte finish, and incredible staying powder. These can be used to line the lips and accentuate your pout, yet are creamy enough to still wear alone. I love using this both ways, and due to the pencil style and firmer crayon, are a breeze to touch-up, even without a mirror. 

The Adorn Lipstix Chubbi Pencil in Dusty Rose is accurately named - a warm, dusty rose shade. Super flattering, and a half shade or so darker than the Grace Lipstick (and without the coral tone), it pairs beautifully with Grace as a liner. 

Again the packaging is super sleek, with a black pencil and clear cap (fits better in a compact purse than a lipstick, too), which fits nice and firmly (no need to fear it coming off). The only downside is this is not a wind-up pencil. All of the product is what you can see, so as it wears down, I'll probably use a lip brush to continue to line (for the sharper edge), or if I sharpened it, keep the lipstick shavings in a lip balm tub.

Mineral & Organic Chubbi Eye Liner in Onyx / Review

As I mentioned above, I love a creamy eyeliner, but it still has to have staying powder. The Adorn Chubbi Eyeliner is creamy enough to apply without dragging on the skin, yet doesn't smudge easily or fade throughout the day. 

This is in the same style of packaging as the Chubbi Lipstix Pencils, with a clear cap and non-wind up pencil. As the chubbi pencil is quite creamy, it is recommended to place it in the refrigerator for 15mins or so before sharpening, but as I use a brush, this isn't an issue. I actually really love that I won't have to sharpen this for use, just uncap, get my brush and apply!

The other problem I usually have with eyeliner is finding one that is truly black - highly pigmented once applied and not just a faded-looking liner. This applies beautifully rich and black as black, and it is easy to build up your liner. 


I really love all of these products - 100% Cruelty Free, free from Palm & Mineral Oil, Parabens & Petrochemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Gluten free, Nano particles, fillers such as Talc, Rice Powder, Clay or Bismuth Oxychloride, synthetic fragrance and colours.
Most importantly, they perform.

The  Grace Style Icons Lipstick has become my favourite new shade and I want to try the others!

You can purchase Adorn Cosmetics from -
Adorn Cosmetics in Australia
The Organic Project in AU + USA

Kelsey xx
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