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This week's Toss It Tuesday is all about eye shadow palettes.
They're convenient, space-saving, and usually budget-saving when you compare the price of individual eye shadows. But, have you ever considered what exactly goes into your favourite eye palettes? From Urban Decay's popular Naked Palettes, to Too Faced, Tarte (often touted as natural by certain retailers when in reality, it's not) and Anastasia Beverly Hills to Dior, Lancome, and Hourglass, here's what you'll find - 
  • Phenoxyethanol - a common cosmetic preservative. Endocrine (hormone) disruptor. Linked to skin irritation, contact dermatitis, also linked to adverse brain and nervous system affects in animal studies. 

  • Parabens - one of the most common cosmetic preservatives. Strong evidence of endocrine (hormone) disruption. Carcinogen concerns. Found in breast tumours in some studies.

  • Talc - Possible carcinogen. Respiratory and skin irritation. 

  • Aluminium Powder - colourant. Neurotoxin. Possible organ system toxicity.

  • Parfum/Fragrance - Synthetic fragrances can contain up to 3000 different synthetic chemicals, many of which have been proven to cause endocrine disruption, whilst many others contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.

  • FD&C and D&C dyes - synthetic dyes and colorants believed to be carcinogens. Many have been banned or restricted by the FDA in the USA. FD&C dyes are approved for food, drug and cosmetic use. D&C dyes are approved for drug and cosmetic use. I avoid these wherever possible.

The good news is, the synthetic toxin-filled palettes are not your only option. There are dozens of amazing eye shadow palettes available that are natural, organic and safe - that still perform equally as well. 

100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette 2
Vegan, 100% Natural (using only fruit & vegetable-based dyes)

If you're a fan of the natural look, or have been an UD-Naked devotee, the 100% Pure Palettes are a beautiful alternative. Silky, soft and lighter than air, each palette contains 5 complimentary lightly pressed powders - three eye shadows plus a highlighter and blush. 

The Naked Palettes aren't your only option, either. If you prefer more colour, there are several other options to choose from. 

Available from:
Australia / ships worldwide

Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Palettes
Vegan friendly, natural

Want all your bases covered? From nude and natural to a smokey or glamorous, metallic eye, the Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes cover it all. Highly pigmented, yet ultra smooth, these pressed powders are silky, smooth and glide effortlessly onto the lid. All of the palettes include a mix of matte, demi matte and shimmer shadows (with the exception of the Pedal to the Metal Palette which is primarily metallic) in a sleek, mirrored compact.
You'll be recreating your favourite looks in no time. 
Available from:
Australia / Use discount code: LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off your 1st order.
USA / International shipping available

Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Palettes / Kits
Natural, Vegan (may contain carmine)

For glitz & glam, the Jane Iredale Eyeshadow palettes are another of my absolute favourites. All packaged in beautiful rose-gold mirrored compacts, the Jane Iredale shadows are highly pigmented, incredibly smooth and blend effortlessly. The Naturally Matte palette is an everyday part of my routine, but there is a wide range of options, with new palettes being released yearly. 

Available from:

ILIA Beauty Essentials Eyeshadow Palette

Their first foray into powder products, ILIA Beauty's newly launched Essentials palettes are the perfect size for those who like to keep a minimalist kit. 

Both colours include four complementing shades, that can be used to create the most basic of looks, or a more dramatic evening eye. 

Available from:
For those of us in AU, I always order from here (it's a very new release so they will have stock soon!) as it's cheaper than in Australia.

Natural, Certified Organic, Vegan friendly

For those who like to keep it simple, the Antonym Cosmetics palettes are a good little option. With just four shades and a dual ended applicator, packaged in a mirrored bamboo compact, they are perfect for travel and excellent for a compact/minimal make-up kit. 

Natural, Vegan Friendly

Whilst not really in the eye palette category, I thought these worth a mention. If you like to keep things unfussy and streamlined, the Fitglow Beauty Mineral Eye Trio offer a selection of shades, whilst keeping things down to a minimum in the make-up bag.

Silky, pressed powders, in one gorgeous compact.

With so many beautiful, natural and healthy options available, there's no need (or excuse!) to continue to use toxic palettes. Make the switch - and let me know which you choose!
Kelsey xx
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  1. I have the Lily Lolo palette and I love it! I really want to try the Antonym and the Jane Iredale ones :)

    1. The Lily Lolo shadows are wonderful, aren't they? If you haven't, you should also check out the 100% Pure shadows. THE most silky, pressed shadows I've come across. Palettes are def a fave option!

  2. Right now I have three eyeshadow palettes, essentially brand new, Stila, Becca and Bare Minerals. I love their color options, but I am not sure if I should sell them all off just to replace them with cleaner options?

    1. Hello! If they are nowhere near expiry - my advice is to just use them until finished or expired, then replace - unless you really want to get rid of them now.

      Items like lipstick (which you are much more likely to ingest and are applying multiple times a day) and foundation (which covers a greater area of your skin) are those I recommend replacing ASAP, but even then, just switch out as you finish up each product. It can be a hugely expensive and overwhelming task to try to replace everything at once! Just start making a wishlist of products you'd like to replace, then when the time comes, replace with cleaner options.

      I have some tips here for Cleaning up Your Make-up Kit:

      Kelsey xx

  3. I love my Antonym palettes - they are such fab formulas and are definitely one of my favourites! Super excited about those ILIA palettes, the colours look beautiful!

    Sarah Lilly | The Lilly Mint Blog

    1. I knoooowwww right?! Insanely gorgeous. I'm also really excited about their eye primer. And I adore the bamboo packaging of Antonym. I've a few bamboo products and they feel so beautiful to the touch! xx

  4. Hi Kesley,

    Beautylish have just launced the Ilia palette and i am keen to get my hands on, but would really love to see some swatches if you have them?

    1. I've replied to your message on Instagram! xx - Kels


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