When Beautiful Because launched Plume Science here in Australia I must admit I was intrigued. I'd heard about Plume (formerly NuvaLash), and always wondered how an all-natural serum could possibly grow my lashes and/or brows, so naturally, I was interested to see the results. Was it just placebo? A bit more on that in a moment. 

Plume began when brand founder Lauren Bilon suffered from postpartum hormonal changes causing her eyelashes to fall out. To address her problem, she tried a popular prostaglandin based chemical eyelash serum. While effective in growing back her lashes, the serum had many unwanted side effects including turning her eyelids purple. Now unable to continue using the product, the effects wore off and Lauren was back to square one with short, sparse lashes. Her next alternative was false lashes. While also effective in achieving her look, after an unfortunate incident with lash glue, she got a bad eye infection and was put on antibiotics for a number of weeks. Still not wanting to give up on her lashes, she decided to start exploring more natural avenues. Through heavy research and extensive trial of various natural compounds, Lauren and her circle were starting to see some impressive results in terms of lash growth.


The formula is 100% natural, Cruelty Free and contains Certified Organic ingredients. Plume Lash Serum uses botanicals and natural ingredients to grow your lashes to their full potential, hydrating and nourishing to encourage growth and strengthen your lashes.

Plume say: 
Plume’s proprietary plant-derived formula has a three-part-effect on the appearance of your lashes and brows:

• Hydration: Nourishes follicles to strengthen the root of each hair
• Longevity: Moves hair follicles from a resting phase into a prolonged growth phase
• Protection: Anti-oxidants protect delicate hairs from environmental stress - like the sun

You can find the ingredients listed here.


The Plume Lash Serum is packaged in a sleek mascara-like tube, but in place of the usual wand tip is a short, straight brush. It applies a little like an eyeliner brush or pen tip - firm, but flexible. I apply this in the evening (to clean skin, after all my other skincare). It's as easy as closing one eye, and running the brush tip across the base of my lashes (top side). I then also work the serum from base to tip, to ensure each is thoroughly coated. 

You can also apply in the morning for more dramatic results. I just followed an evening routine, as I often wear make-up (I don't see the point of putting it on underneath make-up - I feel as though I would wipe/wash it away) and I wanted to keep a consistent routine for results purposes. The evening also works well for me. If I wasn't wanting to measure results with consistent use, I would apply it in the morning on days when I wasn't wearing make-up, too. 

My bare lashes, Day 1

I've been using this consistently every evening for 6 full weeks, but I saw results within the first week. My eyelashes already have great natural length, so I wasn't expecting a great deal here (they hit my brow bone and leave mascara smudges if I don't set or let it dry!) Plume says that the formula supports your lashes and follicles to grow your eyelashes to their full potential - so I was assuming due to the length of my eyelashes, they were/are already at their longest. 

Week 6 / (Bare) Natural Eyelashes
I was surprised to see my lashes did grow, and within the first 2 weeks. The most noticeable difference I saw on my eyelashes was the fullness and darkness of my eyelashes. I have so much more thickness/density to my eyelashes now, and they are considerably darker. You can seen in the 6 week photo below the density. 

Week 6 / Bare Eyelashes
Bare Eyelashes Plume Week 6 Results | Left Side - Day 1 / Right Side - Week 6 
See the difference? I was amazed at how much healthier, fuller and darker my eyelashes are, and considering how long they were beforehand, I'm also surprised by the extra length! If you've experienced hair loss, had a mishap with an eyelash curler (yes, some have been known to cut off eyelashes!), are a born shortie or just want va-va-voom lashes without toxic chemicals, then GET YOURSELF PLUME! It really is a super simple, natural solution to beautiful eyelashes, and takes less than 1min each evening. The one tube has also lasted me the 6wks and I still have more to go, so it is also quite reasonably priced once you break it down. 

You can purchase Plume Lash Serum exclusively from Beautiful Because within Australia, or if you're in the US, Safe & Chic carries it. 

PLUS, if you're new to Beautiful Because, you can snag 10% off your first order with code MEGSY10. Enjoy beauties!

Kelsey xx
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