With the cold winter months quickly setting in, today's post from Guest Author Eve of Eve Organics is all about taking caring of one of the most delicate parts of our body in winter - our lips! It's often something we forget about, and Eve has shared some useful for tips for keeping your pout in pristine condition!

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Winter time is rough on your skin – but it’s especially rough on your lips. Lips don’t contain oil glands like the skin on other areas of the body; so they’re particularly susceptible to becoming dry and chapped in the cool, dry air. Like any dry skin, the solution is a combination of gentle exfoliation and moisture.


Exfoliating the lips might seem like overkill – but the skin on your lips renews itself just like skin elsewhere; and a lip scrub like Black Robin’s Lucky Lips Scrub will give them a helping hand in this process and help to remove dead skin cells. Use it once a week for smoother, softer lips (and more flawless lipstick application!).


Anyone who’s tried licking their dry lips will know that saliva is not the solution! Licking your lips can actually cause them to become drier, as the moisture quickly evaporates and doesn’t leave any hydration behind. It’s especially important in the cooler months to make sure you have a natural, deep-conditioning lip balm on hand. Mokosh’s lip balms are made with a nourishing combination of shea butter and plant oils, for deep moisture and long-lasting sheen. If you prefer a stick application, Tata Harper’s Be True Lip Treatment moisturises and delivers an anti-aging hit in one, for a youthful pout!


I always like to apply a light layer of lip balm before I go to bed, so that I don’t wake up with dry lips during the night. (Is this a girl thing?!). I use Captain Blankenship’s Anchor Balm for this purpose, because it also works as a hand & cuticle balm AND it delivers a beautiful & calming scent from the addition of lavender oil. But, any clear/untinted lip balm would be fine for bedtime (you don’t want to wake up with rosy-stained sheets!). Keep it next to the bed and give yourself a dose of lip-love before you go to sleep.


Finally, treat your lips with care! As hard as it can be, try not to pick or pull at them, and be gentle - the skin on the lips is very thin. Exfoliating weekly & moisturising every day will help to reduce chapping, so this should make you less tempted to play with them! As with every other part of your body; be kind. :)

Kelsey xx
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