Founded on the philosophy that feeling beautiful is a birthright, and not some reductive, externalised goal, but a vital spiritual experience of love, acceptance, and pleasure, Kypris Beauty is one of the leading brands in natural skincare. Whilst not always 100% certified organic, Kypris Beauty includes only the highest quality, most pure and unrefined ingredients in their formulations to ensure the most effective, safest skincare possible. 

Kypris Beauty has a holistic approach to beauty & business - the products not only include certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients, but also source from small farms and co-ops, all are sustainably procured, support women-owned farms, Cruelty Free, Vegan, and all are 100% natural and naturally-derived.  

When we take time to properly care for ourselves, the joy we feel infuses our wellbeing and days, resonates throughout our families and communities, and exponentially enhances our quality of life. I want this for myself, and I want this for you. - Chase Polan, Founder

This is a line that is much talked about, and for good reason. I've been eyeing the line off for some time, and began with the Moonlight Catalyst, and I also received a deluxe sample of the Beauty Elixir 2 Healing Bouquet (I'll be reviewing this separately, although I will say, it is absolute heaven!)  

About the Moonlight Catalyst

The Kypris Beauty Moonlight Catalyst Serum is a chemical exfoliant (vs a manual exfoliant), a gentle herbal alternative to retinoid treatments (if you want to know why retinols are actually bad for your skin in the long term, check out this useful post), increases cell turn over and deeply hydrates.

With 18 active natural ingredients, this serum plumps, hydrates, refines, keeps pores clear, diminishes marks from blemishes and has long-term anti-ageing benefits. 

Fermented Pumpkin Enzyme softens the skin, increases cellular renewal, and decreases the appearance of environmental overexposure and inflammatory lifestyle. 

Vigna Acontifolia is a potent plant extract that mimics the effects of cosmetic retinoid preparations without irritation, peeling or redness. 

Sea Algae extracts, with their unique abilities to hydrate and calm the skin without overwhelming pores, leave skin soothed, glowing and firmed. 

Xylitylglucoside is the precursor to the natural production of hyaluronic acid. Xylitylglucoside supports the skin's ability to deeply hydrate.

Neroli is a sweet flower water to soothe the skin.

 Application Consistency 

The Kypris Beauty Moonlight Catalyst is to be applied only in the evening (after sunset), and the applied-to area must be cleansed in the morning. Aside from the gentle exfoliation this serum offers, it also contains a small amount of Bitter Orange extract - citrus can increase sensitivity to the sun when worn on the skin, so this is best removed and sunlight avoided whilst wearing the serum. (If you've seen my post on the Captain Blankenship Ray of Light Sea Salt Spray, the citrus in the spray, combined with sunlight, is what lightens your hair) 

I've seen that Chase suggests using a whole dropper full of the Moonlight Catalyst. However, I've been using just 2 (generous) drops on my entire face each evening, for around 6 weeks. 

The consistency is a clear, thick gel-like serum. I was expecting something much thinner, so the jelly-like consistency was a bit of a surprise (but not an unpleasant one!). 

It is very lightweight, and it is cooling to apply. The Moonlight Catalyst spreads easily over the skin, and sinks in very quickly, although I can't imagine using more than the 2 drops on my skin. Perhaps if you're skin was very congested or in need of urgent help, but I think if I used a whole dropper, it would just feel excessive.

I always apply this after I've applied a facial mist and the Earthwise Beauty Green Leaves & Co Oil. You can do it in whichever order you prefer, (I don't know if it matters), but I prefer to apply the Green Leaves & Co as the very first step (after cleansing & toning), as it sinks in better, and everything else spreads more easily. 

As this is a serum, there is no oiliness, greasiness or heaviness after application. Once I've massaged it in, I wouldn't even know I had it on. 


As mentioned above, I've been using the Moonlight Catalyst for 6wks. 

I should also mention my skin type is balanced/normal, and I do have the occasional/hormonal breakout. 

I saw almost immediate results with this serum, and that isn't something that happens very often, and I certainly don't expect. It wasn't drastic (don't expect a face lift overnight!), but rather subtle, but there was definitely an immediate difference. 

Texture - My skin is much smoother and softer, it's clearer (it was fairly clear congestion-wise prior to this, due to the aforementioned Earthwise Beauty Oil, although on more troubled areas like the nose, I noticed quite a difference), and more evenly toned. It is also more hydrated - I'm not needing as much of my other products and considering it is the middle of winter, that's quite a feat! 

Blemish-wise - any redness or marks from those fade much faster, they disappear much quicker when the odd one does pop up and the usual dryness you can get around blemishes doesn't seem to be as obvious, if there at all. 

The Moonlight Catalyst is also supposed to assist with fine lines and wrinkles - while I can't speak for it's abilities there, I do feel my skin looks fresher overall. 

Detox - As I said above, my skin was fairly clear prior to incorporating this serum, although I did want something to assist with the occasional/hormonal breakouts. That said, if your skin is quite congested, it can and probably will go through a detox/purge period when you first begin using something like this. It is designed to refine the texture of your skin, clear the pores and promote skin cell renewal. If you have any congestion, it may be brought to the surface and result in skin that breakouts/looks more congested to begin with. Be gentle with your skin and let it go through this detox stage.

Consistent use is key (don't give up after a week or two, give all skincare a good 4wks min.), and pair it with a good detox mask to aid your skin through it's detox period. 


Whist what's on the inside is what is most important, I'm always heavily swayed by the packaging, too. Most of it comes down to practicality (is it easy to use/apply/dispense/store), but I love it when a product looks stunning. 

All of the Kypris Beauty products come packaged in a glass bottle, with a glass dropper (with the exception of the Body Elixir). They are also packaged in simply delightful white boxes with metallic gold details. The gorgeous white and gold botanical illustrations are carried through on the labels, and the bottles are not only easy, but beautiful to use. 


I'm hooked by Kypris Beauty and the results. I'm planning to try the Clearing Serum or Antioxidant Dew next. Although at a higher price point, I believe Kypris Beauty products are well worth it, and I've needed so little, the one bottle will last me at least 6-8mths. 

You can find Kypris at Beautiful Because in Australia, and code MEGSY10 will save you 10% off your first order. 

You can also find Kypris Beauty here - 

- I Am Natural Store (AU) - Eco Diva Beauty (CA)
- Integrity Botanicals
- (The) Detox Market
- Spirit Beauty Lounge

Kelsey xx
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