Making the switch to an organic beauty, skincare and personal care routine can be an overwhelming - not to mention expensive - task. You've probably already spent years growing your collection of items, products you love, brands you're familiar with and know what does and doesn't work for your skin and body. 

Green or organic products are a different ball game. You need to think about them differently than you previously have, and it will take a little more effort in learning what does and doesn't work for you. Whilst you might be tempted to toss everything you own after discovering just how toxic most mainstream make-up, skincare and personal care products are, I'd actually advise you not to. (want to know what's lurking in your bathroom cupboard? Download the ThinkDirty App and start scanning!)
Apart from being a mammoth task to replace everything you own all at once, you'd also probably cause your skin to freak out. The skin is our largest organ and while we throw a lot at it, it's a sensitive, delicate creature and likes to be treated with care. 

Unless you've been advised by your healthcare or skincare professional in special circumstances, changing your entire make-up and skincare routine overnight is never a good idea. Even as a beauty blogger, where I'm trialling many different products frequently, I never introduce too many new products at once, and give my skin time to adjust each time.

So, you've decided to switch everything to organic, natural and non-toxic alternatives. What's next? 

Sort and Prioritise 

Pull out your make-up bag and begin by tossing anything past its' expiry date, or products you're just never going to use. Make a list of what needs replacing now or soon (ie nearly empty). Do the same for your skincare, hair care and body care. 

Products like soap, handwash, shampoo etc we tend to use up and go through much faster, so those are some of the first items you can replace.

I've also curated shopping guides to help make finding specific products easier, or check out my shop by product recommendations.


Now you've got your list of items that need replacing now or soon, you can begin hunting for what you'd like to replace those products with.

I find the easiest place to start is with a shop that carries only the highest quality, most non-toxic and natural products available. It narrows your search and makes the task that bit less overwhelming, and so much more fun! I have a full list of shops I love here, which includes both Australia, USA and Canada. 
Nourished Life is one of the best places in Australia for everything from fake tans to cleaning products, soap and pet shampoo! They also carry a great range of make-up and skincare. 

For make-up, hair styling and skincare, Beautiful Because and I Am Natural Store carry my most favourite brands and have everything you could possibly want. 
For skincare, I adore Eve Organics. I personally find skincare one of the trickier products to find (there seems to be so many different options!), so I love that Eve Organics focusses mainly on skincare, which makes the experience much easier! Eve also carries Captain Blankenship - I love their sea salt hair spray! 

I also love Beautylish in the US for brands like RMS Beauty and ILIA Beauty. Mecca Cosmetica is the exclusive stockist of both these in Australia, however new releases take months, and even with the exchange rate, it works out more cost-effective to buy from the US. 

Replace as you go 

To save yourself a whole lot of stress and make it easier on the budget, my number 1 tip when going green is to simply replace as you finish each product. It's also much easier on your skin by making the change gradual. 

If you've been using conventional make-up or skincare - particularly those with silicones - be aware that when you stop and change to organic make-up, your skin may go through a purge period. Going cold-turkey on your beauty routine is a bit like suddenly altering your diet drastically. In the same way that your body might have withdrawals, your skin will go through an adjustment period. 

Try samples in the mean time, so you're prepared and know what you want when it does come time to buy, but take things slowly. 


Make-up and skincare can be more difficult to purchase sight-unseen and without at least trialling a product for texture or colour matching, you can end up with a disaster. That's where sample programs will become your new best friend! I've ordered a lot of samples over the years - and unless I'm ordering a new foundation, I generally can make a purchase now with confidence. 
They might cost you $15 - $25 for half a dozen samples but it can save you a lot of cash in the long run, and you might even discover a new can't-live-without product. Just make sure you order well ahead of (replacement) time, so you can trial and compare different products before you need to order a full-size. 

Most websites offer samples, and I have a list of those that do here. EcoDiva Beauty (CA) and Spirit Beauty Lounge (USA) are two of the best sample programs available. 

Know Your Ingredients 

I say this often - not all products are created equal

I recommend avoiding having too many products that contain essential oils - even if they are certified organic. Essential Oils can be harsh on the skin, and if they are in 80% of the products you are using, that small amount builds up pretty quickly and becomes a much larger application. Guest author Eve of Eve Organics touched on Essential Oils and using them safely in her April post.

Quality matters - particularly with oils and botanicals. Always ensure any oils are cold-pressed, have been stored correctly, and are preferably certified organic. When it comes to botanical ingredients you want to ensure they haven't been heat-treated or processed, as this destroys much of the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so beneficial to the skin.

Do you have any tips for switching to organic beauty? Share them below or join the conversation over on instagram. If you've got any questions feel free to email me!

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