Choosing the right highlighter - especially online - can be tricky, so today I'm going to give a short review of some of my favourite organic highlighters I've tried, as well as show you a swatch comparison!

rms beauty Living Luminiser

This was the first organic highlighter I ever purchased, and it will hold a special place in my heart (and my make-up bag!) forever because of this. But, for products to find a permanent place in my kit, that have to perform. The rms beauty Living Luminiser is glowing skin in a pot. This white highlighter blends beautifully onto the skin to give a stunning dewy, lit-from-within look.

The shimmer particles are incredibly fine, so there is no glitter whatsoever, making this perfect for a natural look, and mature skin.

If you have darker skin, don't fear it's white appearance. With a coconut oil base, it's more clear than white and just provides a pretty glow.

Best for: Dewy fresh finish, all ages and skin tones.
Favourite Application: Fingertips, just pat into cheekbones & go!

W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick (formerly Moonstone) // International

This is very similar to the rms beauty Living Luminiser in finish, it's just a little drier in texture. It also is packaged in a bullet, rather than the pot, so you can apply straight from the stick, if you prefer.

Best for: Those with a coconut-oil sensitivty. Dewy skin.
Favourite Application: From the stick for a full-on strobing effect, or fingertips for a more subtle look

Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter (Falling Star)

With it's golden vanilla tone, I love this for when I want a more golden or bronzed look, and it's heavier texture makes it brilliant for highlighting the collar bone. It blends easily and also comes in a more bronze tone (Sun Halo) for darker skin tones.

Best for: A golden glow, bronzed finish or darker complexions (Sun Halo shade)
Favourite Application: Collarbone and brow bone w/fingertips

The rms beauty Master Mixer isn't just a highlighter. This rose-gold little wonder can also be mixed with any other product, or applied anywhere on the face to add warmth (cheeks, bridge of nose, eyelids) or a rose gold tone and added dimension (lips). 

The Master Mixer is slightly drier in texture than the Living Luminiser, yet just as blendable and one of my favourite products.

Best for: Multi-tasking. Warmth. Dewy all-over glow.
Favourite Application: All over. 

Radiance has a slightly lilac tone in the pan, but it blends absolutely beautifully on the skin. You can really build this up for an incredibly glam effect, or keep it light for a more natural look. 

The shimmer particles are probably most obvious in this highlighter out of them all, but they are still fine enough that you certainly don't look like you're wearing glitter on your face. 

Best for: Strobing, or a glamorous highlight.
Favourite Application: Cheekbones, cupid's bow, inner corner of eye. 

This pressed powder highlighter is a soft vanilla tone and it blends beautifully over the skin. 
The Lily Lolo Highlighter is flat (no shimmer particles), and in finish, it is almost the powder version of the rms beauty Living Luminiser. It gives a gorgeous glow, and can be used in a full contour and highlight application, on all areas of the face, due to the finish and tones. 

It builds up well, so for a really defined cheekbone you can simply layer it up!

Best for: Highlight & Contour, those that prefer powders.
Favourite Application: Cheekbones, and sparingly in the triangle between the apple of the cheek and nose (under the eye area)

All of the powders in this palette are so silky and finely milled, they just glide beautifully onto the skin, are ultra-lightweight and are feather-soft. This highlight is absolutely stunning and probably one of my favourites. With a light peach undertone, it blends so beautifully with the skin and gives glamorous glow. 

As with all 100% Pure make-up, this palette contains on ingredients safe enough to EAT and is pigmented with fruit!

Best for: Candlelit-glow. Sensitive skin. Glamorous highlight.
Favourite Application: Brow bone highlight, cupids bow. 

(in same order as above) L-R: 100% Pure, Lily Lolo, Kjaer Weis, RMS Master Mixer, Ere Perez, W3LL People, RMS Living Luminiser
If I had to choose a favourite....I couldn't, haha! If I could only have one, it probably would be the rms beauty Living Luminiser for a cream, and the  100% Pure Sex Kitten Palette Highlighter (Sexy) for a powder. These are probably the two that would be the most useful for most women, but I honestly love them all!
Do you have a favourite highlighter, or any that aren't on this list? Let me know below and don't forget you can always ask any questions by emailing me, or via instagram!

Kelsey xx
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