Ask any make-up artist, and they'll tell you that what tools and techniques you use will make all the difference to your make-up application.

Depending on the tool and application method, you can apply the same foundation with a sheer coverage (a damp sponge will do the trick!), or build it up to full coverage with the right brush.

Until I discovered M.O.T.D Cosmetics Brushes, I was never full "sold" on any one brand of brushes and hesitated to spend more on a set, as I'd tried several brands and none had really 'wowed' me. Yes, they worked, and they worked well. But were they great? Not really. 

I'm all about quality over quantity. So I was intrigued when I found M.O.T.D Cosmetics
With their clever names (that tell you precisely what each brush is for - no silly numbers here!) and sleek, luxe rose-gold finish, these brushes are not only practical, yet beautiful, they are also wonderfully affordable. 

Individual brushes start at a sweet $9 (USD) and sets are $50 - $120 (the entire kit).

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, M.O.T.D Cosmetics Brushes are Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Certified by PETA and made in the USA. They are also incredibly dense, baby soft, non-shedding and crafted from the highest quality synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres are not only cruelty free, but last longer as they do not break down like natural hair, and also will not trap and harbour bacteria in the same way natural hair brushes can, giving you a smoother, more hygienic application and longer-lasting brush.  
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I haven't actually purchased a set of brushes since my first set - I've just picked up random brushes as I've needed them (either through replacement or needing a new brush for a different product type), so apart from having the nice look of a matching set, these brushes are actually saving me space (and cash!)

How? Well, the main reason I've had to purchase new brushes over the years is due to one thing - I've switched product formula. From powder to liquid to cream, back to powder and around again. Not only has that meant switching brush each time, but it also means I have duplicates, when I'd rather not. The M.O.T.D Cosmetics brushes can be used to apply any product - cream, powder or liquid, they flawlessly apply them all. I'm in brush heaven!

I was a bit sceptical of that claim, so I was seriously surprised to see how beautifully the Beauty & The Base (Foundation) Brush applied all formulas. When I first tried it with my beloved Kjaer Weis Foundation, I may have gushed a bit about it on instagram

These brushes have taken my foundation application time alone from 10mins to under 2mins

The Beauty & The Base Brush is my new best friend (she'll be yours too!) and it seriously does provide the best finish I've ever had with all of my products. It blends all products flawlessly and for such a large, dense (but oh-so soft) brush, it manages all the contours of the face remarkably well (inc. tricky areas like under the eyes and around the nose).

Miss Shady Lady is not only the perfect eye shadow blender, but she also works really well for applying powder highlight to the cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupids bow. And there is none of that prickliness I usually experience (even with super-soft brushes)!

Eye Catching Crease is just as the name suggests - created for the crease of the eye! This dense little number sweeps colour into the crease beautifully, and due to the density, I also use this to apply cream highlighters and my cream eye shadows when I want a more intense pigment (than applying with my fingertips delivers)

These brushes are a must for any woman or girl - whether you're just starting out with make-up or a pro. The quality alone is unbelievably and I can't believe how well they work with all products! 

I have more on their way to me, so I'll be reviewing them soon! In the mean time, if you have any questions, pop them below or ask me on instagram


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Kelsey xx
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