Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish in Peace

You all know I'm a sucker for anything pink - from blush, to baby to rose hues.
Sienna Byron Bay nail polish in Peace is the perfect rosewater pink, that can be applied sheer (1 coat) and paired with a white polish to create French-tips, or applied to a pretty translucent finish (2-3 coats) for more depth of colour, that is a beautiful neutral for all occasions.

With most nail polish containing ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, organ toxicity and neurological disorders, there is NO excuse not to the make switch to a healthier alternative. 

Each ingredient in Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish  scores just 1-2 (safe) on EWG, making it one of the best and safest non-toxic nail polishes in a traditional formula (non water-based) I've found. 

From Left: Sienna Byron Bay in Peace, Ambrosia and Bliss

After applying one coat of the Sticky Base Coat, I applied 2 coats of Peace for a finish that is still translucent enough to see the white tips of my nails, but opaque enough for a gorgeous, just-blushing milky baby pink colour.

I finished with a Lightening Top Coat for an extra glossy finish, and longer wear time.

I've reviewed both Ambrosia and Stone before, and Peace has proved to wear just as long. 
I get at least 4 days to a weeks' wear before the edges will start to chip - no different to any other nail polish; simply without the toxic chemicals!

The sustainably sourced and locally milled timber caps are not only super gorgeous and chic, but they make for an extremely comfortable handle. The brushes are firm, and don't shed or streak the polish.

As I mentioned in my first review, the formula is pretty self-perfecting and self-levelling - even if you don't get it on perfectly, between coats it will settle and look flawless. 

All Sienna Byron Bay nail polishes dry very quickly (touch dry within 2-3 mins), and are knock-proof in about 30mins, so I'm always careful within that time. I usually paint my nails in the afternoon on a weekend when I'm sitting down with a cup of tea or catching up on some reading, just to prevent any chipping while it finishes curing. 

Sienna Byron Bay nail polish is also 7-free, cruelty free, vegan and Australian made and owned! You can see the ingredients here.

Overall I'm constantly impressed by Sienna Byron Bay (the bottles are SO pretty!), that hardest part will be choosing from the beautiful array of colours. If you're on the hunt for a truly non-toxic nail polish, your search stops here.

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You can do further reading on non-toxic nail polish here and here.

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