Little Ondine Water-Based Nail Polish in the colour Fusion

Painting my nails is a calming ritual I enjoy; quiet moments spent just slowly, taking a few minutes to relax and focus on something small, and finishing with a pretty new manicure when you're done!

Being natural doesn't mean you have to go without completely, and this is a quick little DIY for a natural manicure. 

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What you'll need:

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream
- Weleda Nail Care Pen
- Cotton Buds (Q-tip)
- Cuticle Pusher/ Orange Stick
- Emery Board/Nail File
- Your choice of nail polish (my recommendations below)

My favourite nail polish -

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The healthier your nails are, the better your nail polish will adhere and the longer your manicure will last overall. Prior to doing your manicure, you want to make sure your hands and nails are well hydrated - you don't want any rough edges! In the same way that good skincare is the foundation for smooth make-up application, the same applies to nail care.
The Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream and Weleda Nail Care Pen will prep your hands, but also keep them in tip-top shape even when your nails are bare!
I always make sure to massage an oil into my nail beds and cuticles for at least a week prior to doing a DIY natural manicure, but the Weleda Nail Care Pen makes it so much easier. I keep this on my bedside to apply at night, massage in and wake to shiny, smooth and healthy nails. 
The Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream will take care of any dryness around the nail bed, and also keeps your hands smooth and hydrated (I'll be reviewing this more in-depth soon). You can still apply this to your hands every night with painted nails, but skip on the nail pen, of course.

Buff and shape your nails with the emery board (nail file), then wash and dry hands thoroughly. 

Apply a base coat, and then 2-3 colour coats of your chosen nail polish. 

I don't use a cuticle pusher on my nail beds as it can be quite damaging to the nail (and I don't have overly prominent cuticles), however, an orange stick is a handy little tool to keep on hand for cleaning up any mistakes! 

The cotton buds (q-tips) work well for bigger messes, but if you've just made a small mistake, the fine, firm point of an orange stick is excellent for tidying up the edges - particularly with water-based nail polish (which I usually do after it's dried overnight)

If you're into nail art, you can use a double-ended ball stylus to create dots or patterns, which you can pick up from just about any craft store or online from sites like ebay or amazon. 

Finish with 1-2 top coats and enjoy!

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