Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish in Ambrosia (pink) and Stone (mauve), with the Lightning Top Coat

I will always say that organic nail polish does not exist - but, there are much safer options available. 
Made in Australia, Sienna Byron Bay nail polish is not only 7-free, Cruelty Free and Vegan, but all of their ingredients score just 1-2 (safe) on EWG SkinDeep

Last week I reviewed the Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish in Ambrosia, along with the Sticky Base Coat and Lightening Top Coat.

Today I'm reviewing Stone and the Soy Nail Polish Remover.
Don't forget that I'll also have an exclusive discount for Megsy-Jane readers at the end of my review!

(Wearing) Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish in Stone
Colour and Packaging

As I mentioned in my first review, the colour translates very accurately from the bottle onto the nail.
The colours on the website are also pretty accurate (keeping in mind screen resolution differences and all that) - which you want. I've made a few disastrous purchases due to colour inaccuracies (including smurf-blue nail polish, haha!)

Stone is described as a stony mauve - you could even call it grape. 
It is a really love muted shade of mauve, which like Ambrosia, I think would be very flattering to most skin tones, from very fair to very deep. I don't like deep purples, but shades of lilac or mauve I love, and Stone is no exception.

This colour isn't quite a pastel (it's too muted) - I want to say this almost works as a neutral - despite being a colour. The grey-ness of the shade really tones it down, and it pairs beautifully with almost any other colour. 

Again, the packaging is gorgeous. The timber cap is really comfortable to hold, and it's locally milled in Byron Bay and sustainably sourced. The brush is firm, without being overly so, and applies the polish quickly and smoothly. 

(Wearing) Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish in Stone
Application, Wear and Drying Time

I applied just 2 coats of this colour, along with the Sticky Base Coat, and one coat of the Lightening Top Coat.

I mentioned before this is pretty much self-perfecting - as long as you've painted it on fairly evenly, the colour then self-levels between coats, so don't worry too much about perfection. 

The Lightening Top Coat gives a super glossy finish, and also helps disguise any remaining little imperfections you might have. 

I get a good 4-5 days out of my manicure before it begins to chip around the tips, and after about a weeks' wear, I'll remove it or touch-up (I dislike wearing too heavily chipped nail polish). 

See my first review to read the ingredients list.

Soy Remover

The nail polish remover contains just Soy Ester Blend, Fragrance and Vitamin E Acetate
Its a light pink colour, and feels a bit like a thin oil.

I just simply saturate a cotton wool (hold over bottle mouth and invert quickly), then hold the cotton wool on my nail for a few (5-10) seconds, before massaging into the nail to remove all traces of the nail polish. 

The Soy Nail Polish Remover quickly dissolves the nail polish, without leaving my nails feeling stripped or dry. My nails look as good as new, and you never would have known I'd even been wearing nail polish.

Once I've done both hands, I just wash thoroughly and then apply a few drops of Sweet Almond Oil to my nail beds and massage in (I do this every couple of nights, regardless of wearing nail polish or otherwise to help keep my nails healthy)


I absolutely love Sienna Byron Bay's colour range, (and absolutely everything about the brand) and the fact that they are offering a traditional formula, without any toxic ingredients! 
For special occasions or holidays where I want something more durable than water-based nail polish, I'll be reaching for Sienna Byron Bay
Sienna Byron Bay are offering Megsy-Jane readers 15% off all orders with code megsyjane - so if you've been eyeing off new colours, or would like to discover this delightful brand for yourself, now is the perfect time! (and don't forget to let me know what colours you choose over on instagramSienna Byron Bay also have free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $50, and also offer International shipping!

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