Yes, yes they did.

Hair styling products are one of the easiest to replace with an organic or natural alternative, and also probably one that requires a bigger adjustment. 
Whilst I've found several styling products that perform well and hold my 'do all day long, I did have to un-learn any application and usage techniques I'd previously acquired. 
Pomades, mousses, and cremes have the least difference, and you can generally apply them the same as you would their conventional counterparts. Organic and natural hairsprays, on the other hand, are a different story. Organic hairsprays are non-aerosol based, so you can't just grab the bottle and go spray-crazy. Less is more. Trust me, or you'll end up with a flat hairstyle. 
If you're looking for a hold that will last all day, then I've found my hair styling products work best when paired together - a spray, alongside a crème or mousse to do most of the holding. If you're just wanting to tame fly-aways, a hairspray will be enough on it's own. But for me, I don't bother with hair products unless I'm heat styling - either with a hair dryer or curling/straightening iron. 
I've curated a guide below of my top recommendations for organic and natural hairstyling products, along with a few little tips to help you find the right product for you!

Rahua Voluminous Spray & Hair Refresher
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This is my favourite natural hairspray and it works beautifully with the Rahua Cream Wax (below) for adding volume and giving lasting hold to heat-styled curls, without making hair sticky or heavy.
This also helps keep my hair fresh all day long.

Rahua also have a Defining Hairspray which was launched late last year (that I've yet to try).

Josh Rosebrook Lift Texture & Volume Hairspray
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Josh Rosebrook is another brilliant brand with high performance products and 100% natural ingredients. Like the Rahua spray, there is both a Lift Texture & Volume Hairspray, along with the Firm Hold Hairspray.

Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray
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The Yarok Hairspray is a medium-hold spray with a non-sticky formula, again, 100% natural. You can use to refresh during the day, and won't weigh your hair down!

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray
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More of a sea salt hairspray girl than regular hairspray? The Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hairspray is a cult-favourite, giving your hair texture and a just-left-the-beach 'do, minus the sand! Captain Blankenship also has this in a natural hair lightening spray, and a golden shimmer (!!) sea salt hairspray!

Rahua Cream Wax
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As I mentioned above, this paired with the Rahua Voluminous Hairspray are my favourite natural hairstyling products. Don't let the name put you off - it says wax, but the texture really is more of a tacky cream, and it styles curls or waves beautifully. If I'm blow-drying my hair, adding this to damp hair (paying special attention to the roots) and then spraying with the Voluminous Hairspray will give me beautiful bouncy, voluminous hair all day long.

Yarok Feed Your Do Styling Whip
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This is a softer cream than the Rahua Hair Wax, and can be used to give texture, and it lightweight and versatile. You can use this as you would any styling cream, before or after heat styling and to tame fly-aways or style short hair.

 Remember less is more, and do a bit of experimentation with application techniques and different products for your hair type, and you'll be on your way to perfectly styled hair, naturally!
Many of these are available in travel sizes, so if you're not sure what is going to work for you, you can purchase a smaller size first!
I also have a longer list of products available in my Green Beauty Guide - just scroll down to the Hair Styling category!

And if you have any questions, pop them below or ask away on instagram.

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