I would like to introduce you all to the lovely Eve from Eve Organics. Eve Organics is an Australian-based website, with a carefully curated collection of only the most natural and organic products in skincare and beauty. This is the first post in a series, where Eve will be joining Megsy-Jane as a monthly Guest Author, to chat about organic skincare, beauty, and share her skincare tips! Today I'm chatting to Eve about the inspiration behind Eve Organics, her skincare must-haves and when you should start incorporating anti-ageing products into your skincare ritual. So, make yourself a cup of tea, and join me as I get to know a little more about Eve!

Q: Tell me a little about Eve Organics - why did you start?

It's a funny time to be answering this question because just the other day I was clearing out a section of my office & I found my notebook from when I very first started the business. Notes on which exotic ingredients were best for acne; what the research said, how they could be combined – etcetera!

I started Eve Organics when I was a university student in my early 20's, with persistent hormonal acne. I had tried everything (everything!) to clear my skin and I was at a real low point with it - nothing was working. So, I figured that if the commercial, anti-acne brands weren't fixing my skin anyway; then I should be a bit kinder to it, and think of the long-term - and I made the switch to natural skin care.

Once I did that, I fell in love a little bit and began a lengthy learning process. I spent my time researching the industry and discovering what was available, and I found myself increasingly drawn to the niche, handmade brands. I also love to travel and did a lot of this in university, so I was trying quirky products and ingredients from all over the place. I learnt a great deal (and my skin started to improve.)

At the time there was no green beauty store online in Australia (imagine that!), and I had some web design experience from university - so I built my own website, starting with the brands I'd tried and loved. It's come a long way since then, but the philosophy remains the same - 100% natural, effective skin care by niche, handmade brands from across the globe.

Q: If you were to recommend one skincare product women should switch out to an organic or natural option today, what would it be, and why?

Wow, that's such a tough one. Two products immediately come to mind - deodorant, and moisturiser. Deodorant, because our underarms are such an important area (they contain a collection of lymph nodes, which are part of our immune system and carry nutrients and waste material between tissues and the bloodstream), and the jury is still out as to just how much influence synthetic deodorants have in terms of toxicity levels - so it's a good idea to be on the safe side and go natural here. 

Moisturiser, because it stays on our skin all - day (and night!), and using the right one can quite literally transform the complexion.

That said, I think it's different for everyone - and depending on what your skin care concerns are, there will be a perfect match for you. It might be a cleanser, a mask or a healing body scrub - I think the "perfect natural product" would be different for different people according to their needs. So this is a tough question! But overall - deodorant and moisturiser would be my picks.

Q: What mistake do you think many women are making when it comes to skincare?

Not using a mask or scrub regularly. The skin benefits so much from having some help renewing itself and getting rid of impurities - and dead skin is one of the number one culprits that clogs pores and causes congestion; so no matter what your skin type, a weekly mask or scrub is a must in my opinion. Even if you have dry skin, there's one for you (in fact, using a gentle scrub if you have dry skin is one of the best things you can do - as long as you're moisturising properly afterwards.)

Another thing I would say is that skin care should be a ritual. This is especially hard if you're not happy with your skin (believe me, I've been there!), and it takes effort to relax into it and not 'rush through' your routine - but it's so rare that as women we get a chance to have even 15 or 20 minutes just doing something for ourselves, with ourselves. If you're anything like me then every day is a race to get things done - so let your morning and night-time skin care regimes be a time to unwind, relax, and treat yourself lovingly.

Take a bath once a week with a deep-cleansing mask. When you cleanse your face, do it gently and consciously. Take your time. When you use a body scrub, do it all over, properly - and be aware of your body and all of the bits that make up you. Have some ‘me time’ and enjoy yourself!

Q: I dislike the industry term anti-ageing, as we all age, it is a natural process and not something you can technically reverse. I prefer to think of "anti-ageing" products as skin maintenance. However, at what age do you recommend women begin incorporating a preventive skincare routine?

"Skin maintenance". I really like that!

This is also a timely question, because I just started using an anti-aging regime (literally a few weeks ago..!), and I'm in my late 20's. In the late 20’s to early 30’s, our skin enters what dermatologists call a ‘pre-aging’ phase – in other words, fine lines and other signs of aging begin to appear. It’s also around the time that, for most of us, younger-skin issues (such as oiliness or acne) tend to drop away, and skin becomes a bit more balanced. So, it’s the perfect time to start using richer, age-corrective skin care. The ingredients that help to promote collagen and reduce the signs of damage are, essentially, antioxidants. This includes antioxidant-rich Vitamins like A, E and C, as well as ingredients like resveratrol (from grape skin) and green tea. Antioxidants combat the free-radical damage responsible for the signs of aging, and promote cellular repair.

It’s also worth mentioning that, whilst anti-aging creams are most definitely beneficial, the number one thing you can do to protect your skin from the signs of aging (preferably before you enter the ‘pre-aging’ phase!) is to shield your skin from the sun. It’s so important! This doesn’t mean never going in the sun – but be sensible, and protect areas such as the hands, face and decolletage in particular (these are usually the first areas to show visible signs of aging.)

So, my answer to this is: start using sunscreen (natural sunscreen!) now; no matter what age you are – and start thinking about switching to anti-aging products in your mid-to-late twenties or whenever you feel that your skin needs some extra nourishment and protection.

Q: What are your top five shipwrecked-on-a-desert-island items, and why?

Oooh. Great question!!

If we're talking about beauty products, then I would say, sunscreen (for the aforementioned reasons!), a comb to prevent my hair from going too wild and to keep me occupied (I find combing my hair really therapeutic!), lip balm, toothpaste and a toothbrush. (It's important to look after your teeth, for overall health - and I might be able to use the toothbrush for catching fish or prying open coconuts. ☺)

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