Cleaning your make-up brushes should be a regular part of your beauty ritual. 

Over time, not only does the make-up build up and dry out in the bristles, but your skins' natural oils, and dead skin cells can gather on your brushes, increasing the chances of bacterial growth, alongside decreasing the quality of your make-up application and lifespan of your brushes.

What you use to clean your brushes with is as equally as important as what you are putting on your skin, so you want to make sure it is natural, non-toxic or organic. 

You also need to make sure that your make-up brush cleanser is going to condition the brushes - not strip them squeaky-clean. 

I used to use my regular shampoo on my make-up brushes. It was a long, messy process that I dreaded - and I always seemed to use so much shampoo. 

Enter: The Prism Brush Bar.

These gorgeous little hexagons are your make-up brushes' new best friend. Shimmering, beautiful, solid bars that make cleaning your brushes pretty and fun! 

I received the Prism Brush Bar in both Aqua Aura and Opal, each packaged in a beautiful, recyclable box. 

How To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes with the Prism Brush Bar

I recommend cleaning your brushes once a week.
- I simply started by dampening my brush with (cold) water
-  Wet the Prism Brush Bar
- Swirl your make-up brush over the surface of the bar until it is thoroughly coated throughout the bristles
- I then massaged the lather throughout the bristles
- Rinse and repeat 
(until clean - which was only 2-3 times for the fullest kabuki-style brushes)
- Brush a few times back and forth on a clean, dry towel, then leave flat to air dry fully before use/storing

Prism also have quick how-to video on YouTube.

When finished, I dried the bars and am currently storing them in the fridge, due to the hot, humid days we experience in Queensland in summer, and the coconut oil base of the bars.
Those that use cream cosmetics with a coconut oil base will know how it can soften in hot weather!

Each brush was cleaned far more quickly and thoroughly than with anything I've ever used before, and my brushes feel like new!


This is a wonderful product that exceeded my expectations, and made the process so much easier and faster. 
I didn't think cleaning my brushes could be so simple (and pretty!)

Will I re-purchase?

Prism has only just launched, and is based in Canada, so they don't yet have any Australian stockists, however, once international shipping or stockists become available, yes, I will be purchasing!
They are affordable (plus I think the bars will last ages), all-natural, and my brushes feel great!

Check them out, and don't forget to give Prism some love on instagram and facebook to stay up-to-date with their news!

Kelsey xx
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