3+ Free & Non-Toxic Nail Polish: What You Need to Know

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - organic nail polish does not exist. Due to the nature of the product (paint for your nails), it is impossible to create an organic nail colour - and if you want be truly safe, go naked.

However, when you purchase a 3, 5, 7+ Free Nail Polish, labelled "non-toxic", one generally assumes that it is simply that. Unfortunately, it isn't. 
Nearly every nail polish, commonly marketed or sold as non-toxic, still contains an ingredient (Benzophenone-1 or other variations, Oxybenzone) that has health concerns or links to cancer, endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, irritation and eco-toxicity. Yikes.

I prefer to use water-based nail polish on a frequent basis, as I prefer to limit my (synthetic) chemical exposure as much as possible, but even then I don't wear it every week (your nails need to breathe, too) If you want something in a more traditional formula, that's completely fine (*updated - I recently discovered Sienna Byron Bay and will be reviewing them shortly!)

I honestly do not care if you want to use a product that contains certain ingredients - everyone has a right to use what they are comfortable with

However, I believe you have the right to be informed about what those ingredients are, and what effects they may have - not be fooled into believing that a 5 Free "non-toxic" nail polish is free of carcinogens or other toxic synthetic chemicals. 
In saying that, I have compiled a list of the most common brands found on your favourite green beauty websites, or marketed as "non-toxic", that contain this nasty ingredient.
Along with two of the best water-based nail polish brands, I have only found a small handful of "traditional" formula nail polish that is FREE of Benzophenone-1. Those brands and links where to buy can also be found below. 

Brands that DO contain Benzophenone-1

- 100% Pure
- Aila 
- Sheswai 

Brands that DON'T contain Benzophenone-1 

- Acquarella (WB) 
- Little Ondine (WB) - use discount code MJ10 on your order
- Sienna Byron Bay or shop US & Canada / Europe (updated* read my review, or shop with discount code megsyjane via SBB)
- Zoya*

If you feel I've missed a brand or would like to know about the current brand you are using, leave a comment below, on instagram or email me

Click to read more about Benzophenone-1, along with studies and references. 

*A note on RMS Beauty & 100% Pure: only their nail polishes are products that I would not use. Their cosmetics are otherwise as safe as you can get and RMS beauty is one of my favourite brands. 100% Pure created the nail polish to offer an alternative (10 free), but don't pretend that it IS toxin-free - the only product in the line that deviates from their "100% Pure" ethics. 

Zoya has confirmed their ingredient deck with me - their nail polish is B-1 Free, however, the Anchor Base Coat and Top Coat DO CONTAIN B-1. The Get Even Base Coat does notYou can see Beautiful Because (linked above) or email me for further details. 

I also did not find B-1 listed on Trust Fund Beauty's website, however, it was listed on several stockists. Trust Fund Beauty have confirmed that the ingredient deck listed on their website is the correct version (its free of B-1) Yay! 

there are many more 3+ free brands that contain this ingredient, but for relevance' (and space) sake I've only included those most commonly found among the green beauty community. 

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  1. I love this post, since I am a lover of nail Polish and hate to have bare nails specially bare toes. I went to the trustful beauty website and read their ingredient list and didn't see benzophenone 1 or oxybenzo or others. I would love to try little ondine.To my surprise I was blind and didn't know about these extra ingredients that are harmful so I'm nail Polish free until I get my hands on a water base nail polish. Thanks for this post.

    1. You are correct - the TFB website itself does not mention B-1 in the ingredient deck, however, I did find it listed within the "may contain" of the ingredient deck on multiple stockists - perhaps they've reformulated? I will contact TFB directly and alter the list if so :)

      Little Ondine currently have 20% off - so if you want to try now is a great time. Otherwise, you can always get 10% off with my code - MJ10
      Its a great brand - I love it! x

    2. Bella - see the update on my post above. TFB has confirmed with me their ingredient deck - its clean! x

  2. Hi, In a recent email conversation with Zoya customer support on 3/28/2018 I was told B-1 is in ALL Zoya polishes. Here is the message I received::

    Benzophenone-1 is an ingredient that is in all of Zoya polishes. This is listed on the boxes but not on the bottles. The bottles are in the process of being updated. I am so sorry.

    Have a great day!

    I am very disappointed in finding this out since I was led to believe by the bottle labels that the Zoya nail polishes I were buying were free from B-1.

    1. Hi Debi,

      Oh wow. That is disappointing and also very misleading. They must have changed the formulas since this post as the information I was given by Zoya at the time was that the colours are B-1 free.

      Thanks for the information - I'll update the post x


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