Copper Spark and Lava
*UPDATE 18/01/16

I've since realised that both Kure Bazaar and RMS Beauty nail polishes contain an ingredient (Benzophenone-1) that has been shown to be hazardous to organs when tested on animals. It is also a known hormone disruptor and has been carcinogenic in lab studies. Whilst I've never personally used either of these brands' nail polishes, I can no longer recommend them as "safe" or "non-toxic". I will be posting a more in-depth lists of brands that do/do not contain this ingredient, along links to articles and studies on Benzophenone-1.

When I first discovered water-based nail polish, I was sceptical.
I mean, would it even work?
I fully expected it to be like the wash-off nail polish you'd have as a child.
My second thought was - what's wrong with "normal" nail polish?

A few hours of research later and I discovered my pretty nail colours were nothing more than chemical cocktails, with ingredients linked to skin allergens, birth defects, organ toxicity, neurological toxicity, and cancer.

Whilst most nail polishes these days are labelled as 3, 5, 7 & 9 free, (the usual ingredients are DPB, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen - and Formaldehyde Resin), those 3, 5, 7 or 9 ingredients that have been removed are usually replaced by something new, that is equally as harmful.

There are some brands whose ingredients' score between 1-4 on EWG Skindeep or the ThinkDirty App that don't contain Formaldehyde, DPB or Toluene replacements - RMS Beauty and Kure Bazaar both have gorgeous colour ranges and almost identical ingredients lists.*

As we are exposed to so many synthetic chemicals on a daily basis, I prefer to keep what I am putting on and into my body to a minimum.
"Organic" nail polish doesn't exist, however, water-based polish has much fewer ingredients and fewer chemicals. I've been using water-based polish for several years now, and I was so excited when I discovered the gorgeous new brand, Little Ondine. Their colour range is beautiful, (and they have glitter colours!), and LO customer service was above and beyond my expectations.

I chose the colours Lava (L062), Fusion (L001), Copper Spark (L025) and Golden Rain (L031).

My thoughts on Little Ondine are below, and I also have a discount code for you to save $$ on your order!


First impressions count, and packaging for me - especially when it comes to beauty products - is usually quite a large percentage towards my love/like/dislike of a product.

The nail colours arrived in the most adorable black box, each polish boxed individually and included application tips, as well as a loyalty card. I also received a free set of twins!
The individual boxes unfold origami-style to reveal the polish inside, along with tips printed inside the box. 
The bottles are also very chic, and the extra length of the bottle cap makes for a very comfortable handle. The brush is firmer than what I've previously experienced, but it makes application a breeze.


I'm usually either a pastels or a classics (red) girl.
I still had some of my Scotch Naturals nail polish left over, so I opted for two shades of red and two of the glitter colours.

Lava is a rich, sophisticated red that feels immediately chic and pulled-together.
It also has a somewhat festive air - perfect for this time of year!

Fusion is a brighter, bold, classic red. As it is a lighter shade, it has a more summery feel and would be a gorgeous pedi colour, too!

I couldn't resist the glitters, so I chose Copper Spark, over New Year's (Gold), as the Copper didn't appear to be too red, just lovely and warm (its almost a warm gold) and I felt the warmer shade would suit my skin tone better. I applied 3 coats for a full glitter nail.

Golden Rain is glitter particles suspended in a clear polish, so I have simply scattered the polish lightly over my bare nails or colour for a confetti effect. You can also build it up for the full glitter-bomb.

All of the polishes applied smoothly - the colours were fully opaque after just 2 coats, and the glitter colours take only as many coats as the coverage you want. All colours I finished with 2 clear top coats for extra gloss and wear-time (use this as a base coat, too).

Formula, Application & Wear-Time

As mentioned above I use the Secret as a base coat & top-coat to help make my manicure last.

Little Ondine is formulated to peel-off, removing the need for harsh removers, and also making switching up your colour so much easier! Little Ondine also has no odour! Yay for being able to apply anywhere without bothering everyone else with a chemical odour.

The unique peel-off formula also means no chipping.

I always apply nail polish just before bed so that my nails have the longest time possible to dry and cure. Otherwise, Little Ondine recommend keeping nails dry for the first hour, ideally avoiding activities for 3 hours (ie washing hands, showering). The colour is touch-dry under 2mins.

I get at least four days before any signs of wear start to show - as I work with my hands, the tips might starting lifting - usually a quick touch up with an emery board removes the lifting edge and they look as good as new. The wear time does depend on the health of my nails, and if you wear conventional nail polish frequently, allow your nails time to recover and adjust.

If I happen to have a whole nail start to lift/peel (can happen if I'm being particularly rough on my hands), I either just remove and re-paint, or "glue" it back down with a base coat and voilà! You couldn't tell the difference.

Four days without signs of wear is brilliant for me - it was usually three when I wore "conventional" nail polish before the edges would start to chip. I'm usually wanting to change up my colour after a week - Little Ondine's peel-off formula makes it so much easier and faster!


Little Ondine is also Cruelty Free, Vegan, Preservative Free, Fragrance-Free & Pregnancy Friendly.

Aqua (Water) - (Water 55-80% - USED AS A Solvent), Polyurethane-35 - (Resin 20-28% - BINDING), Acrylic Acid/Vp Crosspolymer - (Resin 15-20% - BINDING), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose - (Resin 5% OR LESS - BINDING), Triethanolamine - (LESS THAN 2% - BUFFERING), Glycerine - (LESS THAN 2% - HUMECTANT & MOISTURISER), Laureth-21 - (1% OR LESS - EMULSIFIER)

And May Contain [+/-]: - (0-4% - VARY PER COLOUR SHADE)

Polyethylene Terephthalate (Glitter), Mica, Ci 11710 (Yellow PIGMENT), Ci 77266 (Black PIGMENT), Ci 74160 (Blue PIGMENT), Ci 77000 (Aluminum POWDER), Ci 77891 (Titanium WHITE)

Golden Rain over Scotch Naturals Morning Glory Fizz

On my wishlist is Zamm, Ripple, and Lilac (its so hard to choose!)
What colours are you dying to try? Have you used water-based polish before?

If you want to try out Little Ondine, use discount code MJ10 at checkout to save 10% off your entire order! The discount code is valid on any order (placed on the UK site) and doesn't expire so you can use it again and again!

Let me know if you try Little Ondine out - I'd love to know your thoughts.

Kelsey xx

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