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The Healthy Glow - Beauty without Compromise for the Organically Minded Girl is the ultimate guide to natural & organic beauty.

It will open your eyes to a wider world of natural beauty, point out what you need to avoid & why, what to look for on the label and more. This book also contains a comprehensive shopping guide (for Australia & International), my Green Beauty Starter Kit - a carefully curated collection of high quality, high-performance products that are universally flattering, readily available and everything you need to completely detox your make-up bag - all with live links for easy shopping! Alongside the Green Beauty Starter Kit, I have also created the Teen Beauty Guide, an early introduction to natural makeup and skincare that will be gentle and healthy on young skin.
The Healthy Glow is here to ensure that it is easy, simple & FUN to switch to natural & organic beauty, and prove that you don't have to sacrifice your health for beauty - or sacrifice the performance of your products for your health!

We come into contact with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of individual synthetic chemicals each and every day - many of which we are applying directly to the skin ourselves. Many of these chemicals have serious health concerns, with issues ranging from skin irritation, allergies, dermatitis, nausea and dizziness to reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, cancer, neurological disorders, development disorders, infertility and endocrine disruption. 


Why does natural & organic beauty matter?

Did you know that there is NO pre-market safety testing required by law in Australia for cosmetic products? If a product contains more than the recommended or restricted amount of a certain chemical, no-one knows until some poor consumer is affected by it and reports the incident to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

Even then, it would have to be an immediate effect, easily linked to that product for the consumer to make the connection in the first place. We are talking about ingredients that are known or considered highly likely to cause cancer (oh yes, they're on the market, just restricted to certain percentages), endocrine disruption (which can lead to reproductive issues, affect unborn babies, infertility, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, organ system toxicity, skin reactions, allergies and sensitivity, nausea, headaches and dermatitis.

But what is the use in the restricted amounts when there is no mandatory compliance testing?


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