FitGlow Beauty EyeBright+ Review

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The FitGlow Beauty Eye Bright+ is a concealer meets eye cream.

The yellow base counteracts darkness, brightening the eye area, while wrinkles are smoothed with Evening Primrose Oil, and puffiness is reduced with Coffee Extract and Aloe Juice.

This is quite a dry cream formula, so it stays put once it's in place, and doesn't settle into creases or fine lines. I apply it with my fingertips in patting motions, usually over my moisturiser or eye cream before it's completely absorbed so it's a little easier to blend.

I have been really loving this just to lift and brighten my eyes on days when I'm makeup free, or even under makeup, because it stays in place so well for extra brightening!

The Fitglow Eye Bright is 100% natural, and blends seamlessly with the skin. It is in a non-emollient cream formula, so it goes on light, and stays put without being super creamy or creasing. Due to only being available in a singular shade, it won't work for very dark or very fair skin tones unless you're planning on pairing it with makeup to bring it up to your natural tone.

The Eye Bright+ also works well as an eyeshadow primer, helping powder to stay in place and giving more vibrancy to the shade. 

Fitglow Beauty is available in Australia from I Am Natural Store, with free shipping on orders over $100.

Kelsey xx
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New in Green Beauty 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It feels like there have been a lot of new product launches, releases and announcements this year, with a good majority having happened in the last month or so. Some I'm really excited about as it's something I've been waiting ages for - like all the new lip pencils (which green beauty was seriously lacking!). 

I wanted to put together a list of all the new releases or new-to-me products I'm going to be reviewing over the next few weeks and months.

Ere Perez Cosmetics
SHOP: AU use code libertygreen to save

The entire Ere Perez brand has had an overhaul in the last few months, with gorgeous new packaging (still in their chic silver and white minimalist style, but with more glass, less plastic). 
The Arnica Concealers have been revamped and reformulated, now in a layerable, full-coverage cream consistency. The Carrot Colour Pots are now also in the same glass pot as the concealers, but with a mirrored lid, and new shades. Harmony pictured above is the most gorgeous colour, which I'll be featuring in a post soon.

They have also released new eye pencil shades (I've been wearing the brown to do winged liner for ages) which include a black, gold, copper, stunning green and purple shades. (I'll be reviewing these soon)

Ere Perez are also one of the brands to have released new lip pencil shades. With a gorgeous creamy consistency and universally flattering shades, these are a brilliant new addition to green beauty. (again, reviewing them soon!)

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis released their lip and eye pencils at the beginning of September. The caps are the "refill" part of the pencils, so only the pencil is 'waste' (which is only what encapsulates the product, the rest is used). They've started off with four lip shades and two eye colours (black + brown) with more promised. They are also going to be releasing a powder sometime in the next few months. 

Plume Science
SHOP: AU use code libertygreen / USA (use code libertygreen15 or libertygreen15CAD if you're in Canada to save)

The long awaited release of Plume's Brow Pomade is FINALLY here. 
Not only does it fill, define and sculpt your brows - allowing you to acheive either natural or Instagram-style brows, but the product is formulated to help encourage brow growth over time. 
I'll take a whole bucket, please. 

Also, review coming soon.

Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation
SHOP: AU free shipping over $50+ and code liberty green saves 10% off your 1st order 

By no means a new release —and having arrived in Australia several months ago, not that new here either. But I've finally gotten my hands on it and will soon be reviewing this foundation. 
Let me just say though, first impressions are very, very good. 

Au Naturale

This has only just been released days before I published this post, so they've not yet landed in Australia, but Au Naturale have launched new brow pencils! The entire brand also underwent an overhaul earlier this year, launching entirely new-look packaging. 

Edible Beauty
SHOP: AU (ships to USA + CA) use code libertygreen20 to save 20% off

I recently reviewed this one - it's the Edible Beauty Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse. 
So, SO luscious and a brilliant addition to the line. It's also a great product if you have more dry skin and can't do clay masks, but still need something to help withdraw impurities and clear the skin. 

RMS Beauty
SHOP ships worldwide, free over $50+

New multi-use palettes, lipsticks (in an actual tube!!), highlighters and an entirely new collection of eye polish and lip2cheek shades. They've also recently expanded the shade range of the "Un" Coverup!

Karen Murrell
SHOP: AU use code libertygreen to save

One of the brands to launch an entire line of Lip Pencils —all in shades to match perfectly with their lipsticks —was Karen Murrell. These are again perfectly creamy, with a matte finish, you can even wear them alone with a touch of lip balm. One end it the pencil, the other, a built-in brush —a genius feature in my eyes.

Review on this coming soon.

And finally, I can't not mention my own Green Beauty Starter Kits. If you missed the post on those with all the details about what they are, head here to read the post.
What have been some of your favourite releases for this year or can't wait to get your hands on?

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Ere Perez Arnica Concealer in Honey, Chai & Caramel Review & Swatches

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ere Perez was the very first brand I reviewed on Liberty Green almost two years ago. It's a beautiful 100% natural and non-toxic Australian cosmetics brand, Cruelty-Free and also with some vegan products in the line. I've made no secret of the fact that their Waterproof Mascara has been a long-standing favourite. 

With recently updated packaging, new shades and a new cream formula, I was excited to get my hands on the new Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealers.

I've swatched the shades Honey, Chai and Caramel for you below. These are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shades in the line, with a shade lighter and two darker. 

I wear the shade Honey

The new packaging features a glass pot and a plastic lid. I love this type of packaging for concealers especially, as it's compact, easy to apply the product quickly and small enough to carry in your handbag, without fearing spills/leaks.  

The concealer promises full coverage, and at first use, I thought I'd be lucky to get it to medium coverage.  I'm not sure if I wasn't picking up enough product on the brush, or the top layer had formed a 'seal', but whatever the reason, it's definitely buildable to full coverage for me now.  

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer Honey

Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer Swatches L-R: Honey, Chai and Caramel

I have applied the concealer using the new Lip & Concealer Brush, my fingers and also a foundation brush (code libertygreen saves you!).

I find this concealer works best by applying it after foundation.

It's actually something I do with nearly all concealers for a couple of reasons. Often, foundation is enough to even out a lot of unevenness, redness or blemishes on the skin, and it leaves less concealing work to do. This means I end up with less product on the skin, a more flawless result and also saves times. If you apply concealer everywhere you need it first, adding foundation over the top often disrupts where you've carefully placed the concealer, and you can end up with a cakey, flaky mound of concealer trying to cover up something that is probably a tiny little blemish (and it's even more important to concealer afterwards if you are trying to cover a huge mountainous pimple)

For those interested, I use the Lisa Eldridge method to conceal, which works with pretty much any foundation and concealer.

This concealer layers extremely well and has a non-emollient texture with an almost cream-to-powder satin finish. If you need more coverage, simply apply another layer either with a concealer brush or your fingers, then blend out the edges with a small, fluffy brush.

The Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer works well under the eyes, due to the non-emollient texture, and doesn't crease like crazy or slip around settling into fine lines etc. With a little powder it stays in place under the eyes all day. I will note that this concealer does sting if you get it in your eyes, so be careful when applying it not to get it into your waterline. 

Aside from using it as a full coverage concealer, the Ere Perez Arnica Cream Concealer works beautifully as a foundation. As I mentioned before, the coverage is buildable, so I can apply just a light layer to even out my skin tone and give my complexion a radiant look, and then apply it more precisely over any blemishes with a concealer brush. Even after a whole 10 hour day, in warm, sweaty weather, this concealer still looks amazing all-over as a foundation.

If you're interested, this is the foundation brush I use, and you can use my discount code libertygreen to save 10% off your order.

Overall & discount

I'm really impressed with Ere Perez's new concealers, the full coverage and finish.
You can shop Ere Perez here in Australia and code LIBERTYGREEN will save 10% off your 1st order + free shipping over $50 (no code required).
Kelsey xx
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Sheryl Crow

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.
― Sheryl Crow

Toss it Tuesday / Setting Powders

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Toss it Tuesday series by Liberty Green features a product each week, highlighting the ingredients you'll most commonly find in that product and why you should avoid them. I then share with you my list of the best clean, natural and/or organic versions available!

Today's Toss it Tuesday is all about setting powders. For years I never even knew what difference a setting powder could make. Considering I wore only mineral foundation through that time and I don't have oily skin, it probably wasn't all that necessary anyway. If you wear liquid or cream foundation, regardless of your skin type, a setting powder can do wonders for helping keep your makeup in place and shine-free throughout the day, even adding extra coverage if you choose a tinted product. A translucent setting powder can also still come in handy if you like mineral foundation - a quick dust focusing on the centre of the face (forehead, nose and chin) or anywhere prone to shine, can help prolong your makeup.

Take a look at your setting powder, and here's what you'll find in most brands:

Tip: Use the apps listed here to check the ingredients in your own products!


This is often the main or one of the main ingredients in setting powders. Talc is believed to be a carcinogen and causes respiratory and skin irritation. The issue with talc is that it can be contaminated with asbestos or asbestos-like fibres, which are carcinogenic. There can be clean sources of talc, which is EcoCert, but only a handful of green beauty brands use this, and you won't find it in 'mainstream' products. 

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and/or Dimethicone Crosspolymer

Cyclopentasiloxane (cyclomethicone) is a silicon-based cyclic compound; may be associated with environmental toxicity. It's a synthetic silicone, has shown endocrine (hormone) disruption in moderate doses in animal studies and is non-biodegradable, suspected to be bioaccumulative and is a suspected environmental toxin.

Dimethicone (also called polymethylsiloxane) is a silicon-based polymer used as a lubricant and conditioning agent. It can be naturally derived, but is more often than not from a synthetic source. Dimethicone is classified as expected to be toxic or harmful to the organ system. It is also non-biodegradable, bioaccumulative and is a suspected environmental toxin.

The other issues with silicone concern the skin. Some people can wear it with no issues, whilst for others, it can lead to clogged pores and acne. This is due to the fact that silicone covers the skin a bit like plastic wrap - preventing the skin from being able to function as it normally would, preventing anything from getting in or out.


A common cosmetic preservative. Phenoxyethanol is becoming more prevalent since consumers are looking for "Paraben Free" products. It's also quite a common preservative even for many more naturally focused or green beauty products. Phenoxyethanol is an endocrine (hormone) disruptor. Linked to skin irritation, contact dermatitis, also linked to adverse brain and nervous system effects in animal studies.

Aluminium Chlorohydrate

An inorganic (meaning naturally occurring) aluminium salt. This is the same type of aluminium used in antiperspirants and deodorants. It's use is restricted in Canada, and is classified as expected to be harmful or toxic. Aluminium Chlorohydrate is also classified as an environmental toxin and expected to be bioaccumulative.

Tetrasodium EDTA

A "penetration enhancer", Tetrasodium EDTA allows other ingredients in a product to be more easily absorbed into the body. This ingredient is also classified as expected to be toxic or harmful to the organ system. It is also made from Formaldehyde.

Read on for my 100% natural and non-toxic recommendations + discount codes below!

Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder Keiko

Alima Pure Finishing Powder 

The Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder is lighter-than-air, never irritating, powdery or cakey and looks beautiful over creams, liquids or bare skin. It reduces shine and sets concealer, the light tint providing a little extra coverage. 

Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder
SHOP: AU use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off / USA + CA

Completely translucent, the Lily Lolo Flawless Matte powder gives a matte finish, absorbing oil and shine throughout the day. Perfect for those who like a really matte finish or have more oily skin or humid weather when you want everything to stay put! Again this powder is ultra light and non-irritating. 
Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder & Kabuki Brush
Ere Perez Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder SPF15
SHOP: AU use code libertygreen to save 10% off your 1st order / USA

This powder is super handy for touch-ups on the go, in its sleek mirrored compact, with a softly pressed powder and included puff to apply. A big fluffy brush or the included puff is perfect for dusting this powder where needed to absorb shine, blur imperfections for a flawless finish. I keep this in my handbag along with a concealer (Vapour's Illusionist, in case you're wondering) so I'm always prepared. 

The SPF15 is an added bonus!
rms beauty Tinted "Un" Powder 0-1

RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder
SHOP: USA free shipping to AU over $50+ (works out better than ordering online in Australia)

The RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder (also available in a translucent option) is the lightest, silkiest powder. It provides a flawless second-skin finish, offering a little extra coverage, reducing shine but still leaving you with a glowing, radiant complexion. 
It is never cakey, dry or powdery, even if you layer it, and also looks good on bare skin with just a touch of concealer. 

ILIA Fade Into You product smear.

ILIA Beauty Fade Into You Powder

Another translucent option, the ILIA Beauty Fade Into You Soft Focus Powder does just that! It will give you a soft-focus finish, blurring pores and imperfections, help set your makeup in place with a satin - matte finish. 

Kelsey xx
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Edible Beauty Sleeping Beauty Purifiying Mousse Review (and a discount)

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Edible Beauty & Sleeping Beauty Purifiying Mousse intensely hydrates, plumps and firms the skin. It's designed to purify, balance oil production and brighten the skin for a radiant and rested complexion the next morning. I use this overnight mask at least once a week, although I do try to use it 2-3 times a week as recommended. 

The results are literally - in every sense of the word - overnight. My skin always feels incredibly firm, plump and supple after use. I also feel that my complexion is more radiant - always a bonus of being very hydrated! 

As well as an overnight mask-meets-moisturiser, I have also used the Sleeping Beauty Purifiying Mousse as an overnight spot-treatment. I've only done this a couple of times so far, so it could be coincidence (I doubt it), but it has helped to zap blemishes or a blemish I can feel coming overnight, never to actually form. Yay for that!

To use: Apply a thick layer after cleansing, toning and serum application, prior to sleep. Do not remove. Use two to three times weekly. Use your moisturiser as normal on non-Sleeping Beauty Mousse days.

I rinse my skin in the morning with a warm wash cloth, as usual. There is always some residue left on my skin - it never absorbs fully so keep that in mind for your hair! 

The mousse contains -

Australian Pink Clay and the volcanic mineral Zeolite purify the skin, removing impurities to prevent breakouts whilst at the same time support skin cell renewal and rejuvenation. Avocado Oil (5 Alpha Avocuta) reduces excess oil production and soothes whilst Acai and Snowflower Seed Oil hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting flawless radiance. This mousse is in a base of soothing Aloe Gel, which is rich in antioxidants (polyphenols) and nutrients that hydrate and nourish, accelerate skin healing and improve collagen and skin elasticity.

The texture is a light, whipped mousse consistency. It's very soothing and cooling on the skin. 
The mask has a light, fresh rose scent. 

I think this mask would actually work for all skin concerns - whether oily, dry, combination or balanced, acne-prone, congestion and/or mature, and also especially good for those looking to firm, plump and even the skin tone. It is certainly going to continue to be a product I use regularly. 

You can purchase Edible Beauty Skincare here, and use code LIBERTYGREEN20 to save 20% off every time you order.

Kelsey xx
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Leahlani Skincare at I Am Natural Store

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Leahlani Skincare has arrived at I Am Natural Store in Australia. The entire line is utterly beautiful and you won't be disappointed with any product you choose. Created by a holistic esthetician in Hawaii, Leahlani Skincare is 100% natural, with many Certified Organic and wildcrafted ingredients sourced from the islands of Hawaii.

I have some long-standing favourites from the line; the Mermaid Mask has quite the fan club. This emerald green gem is hydrating, gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, withdraws impurities, improves circulation, helps clear acne, pigmentation and boosts the skin with antioxidant rich spirulina and chlorella. 

A more recent addition to my routine is the Kokoleka Ritual Dessert Detox Mask
With a decadent blend of mineral rich clays, Molokai black sea salt, invigorating coffee, activated coconut charcoal and a gorgeous chocolate and citrus scent, this really helps to clear my skin, gets the circulation going, and leaves my complexion looking refreshed, clear and radiant. 

The Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner is a beautiful hydrating face mist that calms and soothes inflammation and redness  I love using this mixed in with a mask, over the top of a mask or after removing a mask to help soothe the skin. I also use this after cleansing before following with my other skincare for a deeply hydrated and calm complexion. 

The scent is gentle and has a soft lavender scent to it. 

I also love the Citrus and Citrine Toner equally, which is brilliant for when my skin is acting up with blemishes, congestion or pigmentation. 

You can explore the entire Leahlani Skincare range here, with free shipping on orders $100+ in Australia. 
Kelsey xx
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Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar & Rose Radiance Face Mist Review

Friday, September 01, 2017

Australian owned & made, Alyssum Alchemy is about more than just beautiful skincare. It’s about creating a sacred ritual, moments of self-care and an experience. Each gorgeous product is infused with gem and flower essences, 100% natural and non-toxic and includes Certified Organic ingredients where available.

This is a line I've heard a lot about (mostly from the gorgeous Brigid of Create Love Heal) and I have been intrigued to try. Alyssum Alchemy is available in Australia from Organic Index. Based in Brisbane, Organic Index was created by three sisters to curate the ultimate collection natural, organic and non-toxic skin care & cosmetics sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. (And looking through the website, you'll quickly realise how many amazing brands we have to offer!) Many of the products and brands are created in small batches, ensuring the quality and purity of their products. 

And if you're in the Brisbane area, Organic Index have a showroom in Paddington for you to explore all the goodies in person!

My review of the Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar & Rose Radiance Face Mist is below.

Packaged in Violet Miron Glass, the Alyssum Alchemy products not only look beautiful, but the glass also protects them from all visible UV rays, preserving and even enhancing the potency of the product within.

Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar / SHOP

Infused with gem and flower essences, in a blend of 100% natural oils and botanical extracts including jojoba oil, argan oil, sea buckthorn seed oil and rose otto, the Rose Radiance Facial Nectar is a very light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin to leave it feeling soft and silky. I’ve been using it both day and night - in the evening it’s light enough to layer with another oil, serum and cream without feeling greasy or heavy. In the morning, my routine is much simpler - usually consisting of a singular face oil, and the Rose Radiance Facial Nectar has been hydrating enough used alone during these dry Winter months, but because it’s so light, I know I’ll still love it when Summer rolls around. The oil also performs beautifully under makeup, giving me a soft, supple base to be working with. 

Vanilla infused Jojoba, Calendula infused Macadamia, Grapeseed, Rosehip, Evening Primose, Chia Seed, Raspberry Seed, Australian Sandalwood Seed, Sea Buckthorn, and Pomegranate Seed oils. Delicately scented with exquisite organic essential oils of Rose Otto, Geranium, Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense and Neroli chosen for their high vibrational healing and cell repair, balancing and anti inflammatory properties. 

I find I only need 3-5 drops for my entire face, and one bottle will last months. 
Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins, this facial nectar also helps to protect skin during the day, and keeps it plump and supple.


vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil*, calendula officials (calendula) infused in macadamia intergrifolia (macadamia) nut oil*, vanilla planifolia (vanilla) bean* infused in simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil*, rosa canine (rosehip) oil*, rubus idaeus (raspberry) Co2 seed oil*, punica granatum (pomegranate) Co2 seed oil*, salvia hispanica (chia) seed oil*, oenothera bienna (evening primrose) oil*, cucurbita pepo styriaca (pumpkin) seed oil*, hippophae rhamnoides (seabuckthorn) berry Co2 oil*, tocopherol (natural vitamin E)**, rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*, essential oils of rosa damascena (rose otto)*, citrus aurantium (neroli)*, pelargonium graveolens (geranium)*, santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood)*, boswellia carter (frankincense) resin*, gem and flower essences (purified water, brandy, energetic vibrations).

*certified organic **non GMO source

Contains nut oils.

Handcrafted in Australia with love. 100% Natural. Vegan. Palm Free. Cruelty-Free.

Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Face Mist / SHOP

The Rose Radiance Mist is the perfect step after cleansing before following with the rest of my skincare. It envelopes the skin in a delicate rose scent. Using a mist or toner before following with your other skincare makes it easier for the other products to be absorbed more deeply into the skin and aids in hydration. I have also loved using this mist to refresh my skin throughout the day or set my makeup - some toners can leave a slightly tacky feel to the skin if not followed by an oil, but so far all of the rose-based mists I’ve used have not - and do a beautiful job at hydrating, calming and refreshing the complexion. Extracts of Kakadu Plum and Olive Leaf soothe and protect while oils of Rose and Australian Sandalwood replenish your skin and pure Rosewater calms and hydrates. 

I prefer a very simple routine, and some nights I was using these two products alone - first the mist followed by several drops of oil, and again the oil in the morning. I would wake up to soft, silky skin and a calm, supple complexion.

The Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar and Rose Radiance Mist both have a gentle rose scent (not too overpowering, but definitely there).


rosa damascene (rose) water*, organic herbal extracts (vegetable glycerine (palm free)*, purified water, terminal ferdinandiana (kakadu plum) fruit extract*, plea europaea (olive) leaf extract*, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract*, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit extract*, coffea arabica (green coffee) seed extract*), punica granatum (pomegranate) CO2 seed oil*, phenethyl alcohol (from rose), rosa centifolia (rose) flower oil, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) leaf oil *, santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood) oil*, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, gem and flower essences (purifed water, brandy, energetic vibrations)

*certified organic **plant derived, eco certified

Handcrafted in Australian with love. 100% Natural. Vegan. Palm Free. Cruelty-Free.


I'm in love with both of these products, and the Rose Radiance Facial Nectar is up there on my list of top face oils. I also think both of these products would be good for any skin concern, of any age. Neither is too heavy for acne-prone, oily or problematic skin (and could actually help balance it), nor too light to be ineffective on more mature or dry skin.

This brand is also on the more affordable spectrum of the price scale - especially considering how long the bottle of oil will last me. I've been using both products for over 2mths, and I've just finished the Face Mist (which I always go through so quickly because I'm a pretty generous mister!!), and still have a generous amount of the Facial Nectar left.

Alyssum Alchemy is available in Australia to purchase here.

Kelsey xx
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